RDP Thursday Prompt: Bark

Trees 27.08 (2)

If you hug a tree, will it bark at you? Up to now they just let me take photos of them, and you find some strange things creeping up those barks. I don’t know what this was, but it looks like something from a Stephen King film, creeping up the tree. There seems to be green leaves growing out of it at the top. Not hearing any barking trees, I examined further.

Mistletoe in a tree

Another tree under attack on its bark. This time the invader is mistletoe. I always thought of that plant as something we hung up somewhere at Christmas and you grabbed the next  best kissable male specimen, but it seems that mistletoe is a sort of parasitical growth embedding itself into the bark (yes again a barking invader) and sharing the benefits of the tree whilst doing it. We have a lot of mistletoe in our area, but the best photos are in Winter when the trees are bare. You see the clumps of mistletoe clinging on the branches.

Mistletoe 27.08.2018

About a week ago I noticed this tree with freshly hatched mistletoe. It is a bit difficult to find it, but it is the brighter green.

Tree Aare Path 18.08.2018

And there are the barkless trees. The silent ones that remain silent and have lost their bark.

RDP Thursday Prompt: Bark

8 thoughts on “RDP Thursday Prompt: Bark

  1. Bark around here on the cottonwoods is like heavy armor. But they go through a lot in the winter so I don’t blame them at all. Bear loves it because all the messages left by other animals soak into it so she can read historical writings.

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    • Our trees suffered a lot because of the bark beetle. Tabby likes to rest under a tree in Summer for the shade. I do not think she is a member of the bark appreciation society.


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