FOWC with Fandango: Stability

Renovation 19.04 (9)

Last year they decided to repair our block
They said it was not stable
I was feeling perfectly safe
The builders had a timetable
They began by building a scaffolding
which was a difficult job
It was finished within a week
I really wanted to sob
We had iron in front and iron behind
Screws were falling like rain
Every day I found another one
It was really becoming a pain
And then they began to chisel
Removing pieces of wall
But I was taking photos
Whilst they were having a ball
Builders came and builders went
they were becoming our daily friends
They told me not to get to near
As my camera might get damaged lens
I photographed it every day
It was something not to forget
They renovated from top to bottom
My sanity was under threat
And then the painters arrived on the scene
the Rembrandts of the trade
They covered our windows with plastic sheets
That they would go I prayed
One fine day they said goodbye
And then removed the cable
At last I could sleep with no drilling noise
My life again was stable

Renovation 24.05 (5)

FOWC with Fandango: Stability

RDP Monday: Grace

Chickens 23.07 (5)

Mabel wanted to be queen of the coup
If only she could fly
Dancing a pirouette with her dainty feet
Was something she could try
The rooster was not very impressed
to see her long bare legs
He only had one interest
To fertilise her eggs
She buried herself in a pile of straw
The farmer was distressed
She was the best laying hen
And now she had left the nest
He threatened the rooster with being replaced
and to remove his feathery head
If he did not apologise to Mabel
And invite her to grace his bed
The rooster crowed “Mabel lay more eggs,
and you will be my queen
And now they live together in bliss
With eggs galore between
The other hens began to moan that Mabel got it all
The rooster worked day and night to ensure his head doesn’t fall
Two hundred hens kept him busy and then he was not so thrilled
He was exhausted when he met the fox
It was then that he got killed
There is a moral to this story, treat all your hens the same
They can get jealous if one is the queen,
Being rooster is not a game.

Chickens 08.09 (7)
RDP Monday: Grace

Good Morning


And the sun rises again on my patio. Since 7,30 a.m. I have been taking steps for the day. Take your diabetes tablet, heat water for tea, slice the bread for its jam and butter and of course put the washing away that dried overnight. In between raise the blinds and open the curtains and the windows and put the laundry stand outside ready for the towels to dry in the sun after showering, although showering comes a little later. I sort out my computer, put it on the porch with my breakfast and now to blog for half an hour or something like that: the normal day in the life of a golden oldie, at least mine,

Sunset 09.09.2018

I did not go anywhere yesterday and stayed at home, mainly on the porch. I got a colourful sunset yesterday evening, but half an hour later night was drawing in so I retired inside. The days are getting shorter. It seems only a few months ago I could sit outside until 9.45 pm, but now 8.15 pm is the limit. The outside days are gradually disappearing. I rediscovered my Apple computer this summer. I have always used it but also have a good  “normal” computer which is a bit heavy to shift around outside and inside and I always have to plug it in. The Macbook pro is so handy. No electricity needed all the time, one battery upload is enough for many hours, I only really need my other computer for photo work.

Hauptgasse, Solothurn

Today is market day in Solothurn, the town along the road and I might just be going. Up to now, as a wheelchair novice, I was avoiding crowds, but made my first experience last week on our Cheese day, where even cows were involved and a market. I discovered it was a success and could move around quite freely. Our local market day is always the second Monday in the month. It is not only grocery, but day to day stuff and even clothing, although mainly traditional. I decided it was time for a camera excursion to see what I could find.

HESO 06.09.2018

Preparations for our Autumn trade fair “HESO” are also progressing. At the entrance they are constructing mouments in natural wood, and I have now discovered that this is all for an entry featuring the local forests. They are now enclosing it all in with various boarding. Entrance to the fair costs nothing and that will be another opportunity for me to see something completely different, although I am not sure how it will be available for wheelchairs. I am lucky to be able to choose my time when to visit and avoid the crowds.

And now it is time to begin preparations for my next excursion. to the local supermarket this morning. First of all I have a few chores at home to deal with and the no holds barred. I am now restricted to my walker when I go shopping with Mr. Swiss. Times are passing, and my abilities to move freely in big spaces with a stick for support are disappearing. I get so very nervous just with he stick and am worried I might trip and fall. If I go shopping alone I can lean on trolly, but when Mr. Swiss is also with me, he needs the trolley for better support: one of the problems when both are handicapped with walking. We discussed it and came to the conclusion that he can have the trolly and I will have my walker. I can understand the men when they do not want to use a walker. I see more and more golden oldies with walkers today. I suppose they replaced the stick for support.

And now to move on. Have a good day (or night) wherever you are and make the most of it to your own abilities.

Alps 08.09 (2)

A view of the alps four days ago, taken from our local castle on a hill.