FOWC with Fandango – Highway

Reflection of me Baselstrasse 25.07.2018

Between Christmas and New Year my electric wheelchair arrived. I had to wait a month until it was constructed according to my needs, although it was my first wheelchair, and who really needs one. I was diagnosed with MS last year, a bit late as it was probably hanging around for at least 20 years before, but you do not think about these things. I could never ride a bicycle and otherwise always had problems about sorting right and left and balance, but this is now all history. I have it and so I have to get on with it.

Now handling a wheelchair, especially electric, is something to be learnt. My first expeditions were in the area where I live, a nice little village in the wilds of Switzerland where the hedgehogs and cows say goodnight to each other. I was travelling the paths that their little feet and big hooves had often trod. Thank goodness the cows are mainly kept behind the electric fence and the hedgehogs only really come out around midnight.

I was surprised that I did not have to pass some sort of driving test with the wheelchair. There is a little knob on the arm rest to move forward and back according to which direction you are going, even right and left. I can even tilt the seat backwards, which is very handy especially when going up and down slopes. We do not want to fall out of the chair. Never attempt to go down a kerb or up on a slant: always do it straight ahead, otherwise you might tip the chair. I took a few photos of various crossings before I actually ventured forth with the wheelchair and marked them as being easy, not so easy and downright */–&** (you know what I mean). I also noticed that I could turn my chair in a circle on the spot – very handy if going in the wrong direction.

It was only last month that I attempted my first ride on the highway to town, actually on the sidewalk. My chair is not permitted for road surfaces, although I often take them in the village and sometimes in town when it is traffic free. Pedestrian laws are to be applied to my mobility, as faster that 10 kilometers per hour is not possible, although when it is fully charged I can even get to the local mountain. I am still thinking about that one.

And so I am on my way on the highway to wherever my wheelchair manages to get me. I am armed with my walking stick in a holder (you never know) and my mobile telephone to call Mr. Swiss if I get in a life threatening situation. I notice everyone is very friendly, say hello to me and sometimes I do get strange looks when I unpack my camera lens. Wheelchairs are ideal if your hobby is photography. I used to have to carry it all with me. Now I sit comfortably in the chair, bag slung around my shoulder with my heavyweight Nikon 7000 camera and two spare lens, one being a zoom. Being footfolk I could never realise such a feat of weightlifting and had to be satisfied with one camera with its lens, anything more was too complicated.

Of course having MS is not exactly what you want, but I say make the most of what you have and those wheelchairs can be quite speed machines. I have 3 gears on my chair and sometimes have to be careful not to get a speeding ticket. I am now a golden oldie with my 71 years, and plan on a few interesting photo safaris for the future.

I am now on the highway to freedom, after being restricted to home life until it arrived and depending on Mr. Swiss and the car. I am still allowed to drive as it is my left leg that has decided to detach itself from my body and who needs a left leg or foot when you have an automatic car. So clear the roads, make way, the Lone Ranger with her wheelchair is on the way, and I do not need a mask: everyone seems to know me.

FOWC with Fandango – Highway

RDP Saturday: Robot

Road cleaning machine

I am the robot and I am steered by the daily routine
Leave your bed, make breakfast and then begin to clean
The computer needs you also to write a word or two,
I can fit it in somewhere, my breakfast I still chew
A quick look at the mobile phone, it used to be a clock
But our robot life is digital, where did I put that sock
In between I try to dress. I really should work faster
Plug in the vacuum cleaner, avoid a domestic disaster
The cat meows she wants her food, there is no time for me
No time to visit the toilet, not even for a quick wee
And now it’s time to prepare the lunch and peel potatoes galore
Save time and cook in the microwave to avoid them being raw
Vegetable comes from the freezer, a packet of carrots and peas
Slice the meat an fry it fast. I have a family to please
“Is the food cooked well enough? No? I forgot the salt?”
I apologize profusely, my brain must be getting wrought
After lunch I switch myself off to let the batteries renew
But soon the duty is calling, it is time to clean windows too
I thought I could allow some “me” time, but I have to bake a cake
I am expecting guests tomorrow, and will do it for their sake
At last the day is over, but there is still the evening to come
No time to watch the television, a robot has no fun
I think someone mentioned ironing a shirt, but from me he got no peep
The armchair had wrapped its arms around me, this robot was now asleep
Housewife robots everywhere, my wise words you should heed
To get the genuine sense of my text, you should read it at warp speed

RDP Saturday: Robot

Good Morning

Clouds 31.08 (5)

Yesterday I did not intend going anywhere. It began to rain in the morning (thank goodness for a covered porch) and continued until my after lunch sleep. At some time it stopped raining and I decided to escape for a wheelie in my chair for an hour I stuck to the local areas and took a trip up to the castle via the cemetery. I could see the clouds from the top of the hill. It was cool but not unpleasant and there was a light breeze: above all no more rain although the clouds were tellng me it would be back.

Chickens 31.08 (23)

I wheeled onto the chickens as I wanted a photo of the new rooster. He is quite a loud one and always has something to say. I got my photo, although he was mainly surrounded by his ladies. I even managed a photo with his beak open as he was doing his cock-a-doodle-doo or whatever it is.

Chickens 31.08 (4)

I also caught this group of chickens who seem to be something a little different to the others. Their feathers are thicker and they have some interesting colours. They were also not closed in with the other chickens, but were running free. Probably something more high class and special. They seemed to be inspecting their new territory. As long as they lay eggs, everything will be fine with them.

Horse 31.08 (10)

I also noticed the horses were back. During the summer months they were staying inside to escape from the heat of the sun, but now they are again in their paddocks and as curious as ever. this one seemed to be interested in me and the camera.

Horse 31.08 (4)

Another horse was discovering the luxury of the fresh green grass again. I could hear it being ripped from the ground. I just love our local animals. It was a bit of a boring time during the summer. They had all disappeared during the day. We had a record summer for temperatures and most of the animals were on the night shift outside.

Cows 31.08 (5)

The cow herds had also disappeared, but there were always 3 cows left outside during the afternoon, three black ones. Perhaps the farmer just wanted to prove that cows were still there. The others were only allowed out at night on the pastures when it was cooler.

At last our weather is normalising and we are now going towards Autum. I am not sorry: the hot nights are now gone. Even our lawn is normalising a little, but it will never be as it was, too much has dried out. Today is Saturday and the cupboards have food for the week-end, which reminds me I have to add a couple of things on our shopping list cloud for Mr. Swiss to fetch this morning. I need chips to eat with the chicken I am cooking this evening and some herb butter to go with the steak tomorrow. As I sit on the porch I hear the pitter patter of raindrops, so it looks like a day at home today, although I said that yesterday.

Chickens 31.08 (1)

I will leave you with another photo of the rooster that I found. He certainly seems to be proud of his job, who would not with about 100 hens to keep happy. I will now keep my family happy by taking a walk with the vacuum cleaner and mop, Mr. Swiss is already doing his duty. Make the most of the day. Even if it is raining you can watch it through the window.

Flowerbed 31.08 (2)