FOWC with Fandango: Guest

The Builders

They were not our guests but they came all the same
Polite invitations did not seem to tame
A letter was sent official and sound
They were told to report and claim all the ground
They brought their instruments, power driven drills
They loved the noise they made, it did not give us a thrill
And then the day arrived when they began to hammer and break
We were in our four walls, but it was a big mistake
Our lunchtime sleep was a thing of the past, this troop was here to wake
We were glad when the evening came along, to stop our eternal shake
One day the chiseling was a finished job because they had to smooth
The eternal scraping of the walls was really not to soothe
But even this came to an end, after grating and filing were done
What could they do to annoy us more, the day was still not won
The painters came but they were still, although messy with the drops
Eventually some window cleaners appeared, but we told them they were flops
We had cleaned our windows every day to keep the dirt at large
How dare they think two men and a bucket could rid us of this charge
Pay heed to what I tell you, if someone says renovation
It is a crime on humans to disturb your peaceful station

FOWC with Fandango – Guest

RDP Thursday: Slippery

4 cool slugs

It has been a super year for snails. Why? because I saw only one snail throughout the summer. They stayed away. I am sure there must be hundreds, if not thousands or more, eggs all waiting in the underground to be immersed in a deluge, if it rains. Yes they will arrive everywhere popping out of their eggs, meet another snail, sit down comfortably together and do what all snails do.

Two slugs mating

They do not even have to go and look for a mate, because they are all their own mates. Male and female? forget it, they have a super system, who needs one when they are all male and female. If you see two together wrapped around each other, no need to get all sloppy and romantic and tell the kids not to look. They can do it just like that, they do not even care, they have their own built-in self preserving system.

But this year was a hot sunny summer and no problems, the snails stayed where they were. I did not use one snail corn to kill them, although I must admit I had a small accident and the box fell out of the garden cupboard spilling the contents everywhere. Of course you can sprinkle salt over them, and then you have a slimy melting of snails due to a chemical reaction.

I eventually gave up with such methods of extermination, give them an apple to feed on and then throw the apple with the snails in the neighbour’s garden, or just pick them up and throw them as far as possible. They look slimy, but actually they are quite sticky. And if it rains, well they seem to appear from nowhere. In english I suppose these would be called slugs, but the german language has just one word for slug or snail, whether they have  house on their back or not.

RDP Thursday: Slippery

Good Morning


Nothing big happening in the sky today, just the traces of the flights passing over. The main thing is that I have returned to the normal world. Yesterday I spent almost the complete day in bed recovering from the attack of a bug which decided to empty my body of anything it might contain – no details, but it was not pleasant. Even Mr. Swiss remarked that I  rarely have such attacks. Somehow I crawled to the kitchen to fix the men with food at lunchtime and then went back to bed. I think I slept more than my cat does yesterday during the day. I hope I am now back. At least I had some breakfast (I was hungry).

Obviously I did not go places and see things yesterday, but the day before I took a trip into town. I was crossing our footbridge in my wheelchair and at last it was empty for a good photo, although at the last minute a man and his daughter came into sight with a married couple.

Rötibruck Shadows 18.09 (1)

I thought no further of it until the man on the left climbed onto the railings at the side of the bridge and dived into the river below, quite impressive. I was more impressed when his daughter, about 12 year old, also climbed onto the railing and dived after her father. It was no short distance to dive and they both swam to the bank of the river where their wife and mother was waiting. She was also dressed in a bathing costume, so probably did the same before, I was impressed, quite a family of swimmers and such a young daughter.

I like to take a trip into town now and again as there is something different happening, although not always.

Military Truck 18.09.2018

There seemed to be quite a lot of military vehicles on their way, probably a manoeuvre taking place somewhere, it is now time for the Autumn recruit schools and we have a barracks near our town.

Dog 18.09 (2)

It seems to be a bit of a lazy dog days at the moment and this one was taking it easy waiting for its owner to appear from the shop.

Mr. Swiss took care of the shopping yesterday and I do not even remember him going. Must have been some time in the morning but he got the provisions. Today I am hoping to have a normal day again with cleaning and cooking. It is funny how you miss these things when you cannot do them. I am now going to catch up on the lost day of my life and hope to be back later. Take care and beware of bugs, they are always lurking somewhere and waiting. I will leave you with a view of our cathedral taken the day before yesterday with some interesting clouds in the background.

Clouds 18.09 (4)