Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colours

I happened to be in town this afternoon, with a little thought at the back of my head for vibrant and saw this outside a shop. What could be more vibrant.

Gerberngasse 21.08 (10)

And someone decided to have some bright colours for the shop sign

Fountain 09.08.2018

Even the duck pond at the local farm has vibrant green water.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colours

FOWC with Fandango: Smart

Smart 27.01.2017

Of course, I know I must be smart
Twenty years in Switzeland and still pulling the cart
I  melt my chocolate and dip bread in
the Swiss do that it is no sin
Some people think it looks like glue
We prefer to call it Swiss fondue
They grate potatoes and make them toasty
Not called fried potatoes but the very Swiss Roasti
I still cannot yodel, but neither can my man
He prefers modern jazz of which he is a fan
But one thing the Swiss have, it is not just a cart
A car that is a Swiss idea and it is called a Smart.

FOWC with Fandango: Smart

Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Feline Crepuscle


Gather around kittens, this week we are going to test how good your sight is.

“Here I am holding up a paw, how many claws are there? What did you meow Tiddles, five? No, there are none. I only have five claws on each paw,  if I decide that I need to attack or defend, and we are now in school where we do not fight.”

“My mum said I should always have a few claws ready, never trust another feline.”

“Your mother is a wise cat Tiddles, but perhaps she is overdoing it.”

“My mum has fur hanging on her recycling box, all samples of the felines that wanted to see her claws. She also said if you don’t make me first in the class, she will also show you her claws.”

“To change the subject Tiddles, before we get involved in a claw dispute, what colour is my fur? Yes brown, and my eyes, also brown. Yes kittens we all have brown fur and brown eyes. And what colour is the grass? Who said green?”

“I did Mrs. Tabby. My mum said that all trees are green and grass as well.”

“Very good Tiddles, looks like you might become first in the class. Yes kittens everything in the feline world is various shades of brown with the exception of the plants, which are in various shades of green”

“But what about the flowers Miss?”

“No. Butch, all flowers are various shades of green.”

“But my mum said they could be red.”

“Yes red is could be, but then we are branching out into the human definition of colour. In the feline world, all colours are brown, or perhaps green.”

“Your mum is daft Butch, she is colour blind.”

“What did you say Tiddles? I will tell my mum and she will come and see you mum and they will both be seeing stars is all the twilight colours, show me your claws.”

“No problem Butch, my claws are sharper than yours.”

“Kittens calm down, we are having a civilised discussion on sight and not comparing claw lengths-”

“Miss Tabby, I have a suggestion.?=

“Yes Tiddles.”

“This is boring, can we compare claw measurements next week, my mum would be glad to assist.”

“Yes I am sure she would Tiddles.”

“But I bet my mum has the longer and sharper claws than your mum.”

“Butch, Tiddles, calm down, life is not based on claw length.”

“That’s what my mum said Miss Tabby. It all has to do with the fur samples hanging on the recycling box.”

“Of course Tiddles, five points for paying attention. And now you all go home and scratch some paw samples in the pieces of wood I am giving you for homework.”

Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Feline Crepuscle

RDP Tuesday Prompt: Crepuscule

Clouds 25.10 (9)

Who crepuscles, no, it is not me
I leave it to science to do it all to see
Sometimes you get a red sky, Santa Claus is baking
Christmas puddings very fine, the reindeer then awakening
And there are the grey ones, a lid above our head
The crepuscle has then given up, resting on a cloud bed
The sun is going South at last, the moon is not so sure
It is dazzled by a glowing sky and fears for seeing more
Young lovers (and old) are arm in arm, embracing with a kiss
I am gazing through my camera, the beauty not to miss
And then I lay my head to rest giving my  bed a hug
Awakening with a new crepuscle, another morning tug
Eight planets revolve around our sun not knowing what they missed
Only earth performs the show, the ninth, with twilight on the list

RDP Tuesday Prompt: Crepuscule

Good Morning

Morning clouds

This is a very quick good morning, the good thing being we had a nice sky with a few clouds and some sun in the background. Just to say I am alive and breathing. Mr. Swiss had an appointment at the clinic for one of those fiddly examinations this morning and almost overslept. I had the cleaning lady coming and also had to have a shower and get ready and and and, so no time for a computer.

Mr. Swiss just called to say examination over, but is still sleepy as he was put to sleep while it lasted. He is also waiting for the report from the doc. Everything a bit upside down at the moment, but will be back this afternoon.

Ducks 16.09 (2)