FOWC with Fandango: Loathe

Shopping trolley

Loathe is a bit of a strong word for disliking, although I am getting very near to loathing shopping, especially if I have to do it on my own. Usually Mr. Swiss comes with me, since we are both retired, at least 10 years, but there is always the exception to the rule and today was one of them.

Mr. Swiss was under the weather (we golden oldies have that now and again) and so I sort of volunteered to do the shopping on my own – that was the first mistake. First of all I had to conquer the fear of driving a car. Of course I can drive a car and once it is on the road, no problem. It moves and as long as I avoid people crossing the road it goes OK. Mr.  Swiss usually drives, although he has an idea that I could drive home, but that does not work.  Now I can use the word loath and I loathe driving when he is next to me, because he is giving instructions constantly.

So today I saddled up the car and was on my way. My left leg no longer functions, but no problem. Who needs a left leg when you drive an automatic and I am only allowed to drive an automatic. So I arrived at the supermarket safe and sound and all three parking places reserved for the handicapped were free, which does not often happen. I stopped loathing because it meant that I could park next to the entrace to the mini mall that we have. The shopping list floats on a cloud on my iPhone meaning that when I buy somthing I cancel it from the list and even Mr. Swiss sees it when he is at home.

I start to loathe the shopping when I begin to slow down. I forgot to take the shopping bag with me from the car, so just loaded everything into the trolley and filled up the bags when I returned to the car. Unfortunately 6 oversized bottles of Pepsi had to be bought . I just aimed and threw the packet of six plastic oversized heavy bottles and thanks to the gravitational pull they arrived at their destination in the boot of the car.  Another loathe. I drove home after spending more than an hour on my task because I was really down to slow motion. However, once in the car my loathing had almost gone to just a mild case of hatred.

The next loathe was when I reached home. I parked the car in our underground garage and could not open the door from the garage, due to fingers that are no longer so well attached to the hands. However, I piled the shopping on the trolley we have next to the car and arrived home to a worried Mr. Swiss who found I had been away a long time. He even tried to call me on my phone through worry, but either I did not hear it, or ignored it. We are still debating

How can anyone enjoy a shopping trip? Or shall I call it a loathing trip.

FOWC with Fandango: Loathe

8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Loathe

    • Mr. Swiss is 8 Years older than me. It was never a problem, but gradually becoming one. i used to leave a lot of stuff to him, but since a year I am now handling a lot more. Shopping is unfortunately a necessary necessity. Ordering groceries online is an expensive task in Switzerland.


      • There IS no way to order groceries in Uxbridge. In Boston, yes and in other larger cities. But here? No and because we also don’t have a taxi or a bus, if you can’t drive, shopping is really difficult. Today I made my Important Phone Calls. Then, I realized I’d forgotten to fill out my new form for new insurance for the new car, so I did, then realized it was faster to drop it off than mail it. THEN we went to vote (primaries) but because we are such a liberal state, it’s a bit less critical than it is in other states. THEN we went to the pharmacy and then we went grocery shopping and THEN I picked up the medications and we checked out and went home and then we hauled it all upstairs and I put it away and we both fell into the sofa realizing that anything else we had planned? Not happening. We are getting too old for life. We need servants.

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  1. I order online and get mine delivered because I don’t drive and I don’t want to be going to the shops every couple of days for things. Friends have offered to take me but I don’t like being on someone elses timetable. I don’t think I would mind doing it in person if I could drive as long as I could go early in the day. I don’t like having to unpack shopping in the early evening before I can cook dinner. I have probably forgotten how annoying the supermarket can be though with people parking trolleys in the middle of the aisle to chat and blocking the way for others. David used to do the shopping, usually alone. He preferred it and I did not consider it much of a treat to go along anyway. You can’t linger and look at the other shops when you have perishable goods in the car although sometimes we would stop for a cappacino for a treat.

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    • We always do the shopping in the morning and usuallly to cover two days. Our supermarket is nice and spacious and one advantage is that there is enough room to move. Doing it together halves the stress. I noticed yesterday that’ shopping alone is getting too much for me. I am always worried about falling as I cannot get up on my own. I see more and more elderly people with walkers. I also have one, but only useful if Mr. Swiss is with me to push the trolley with the goods.


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