Daily Prompt: Advantage of Foresight – I can play God?

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, if at all?


“Come in Wordy, make yourself at home” he always does in any case.

“Hello Mrs. Angloswiss, were you expecting me?.”

“Of course, it’s Saturday, you always come on Saturday, just like the postman always rings twice. Want some apple pie, Mr. Swiss made one yesterday.”

“Oh yes thanks Mrs. Angloswiss; just a small question. Do you have some whipped cream to go with it, I love whipped cream.”

“Of course Wordy, anything for my friend at WordPress, but be careful eating it, not that you drop it on your WordPress t-shirt. So, what little game do you have lined up for today? Are you going to put me in a rocket for an excursion to Mars, or will I be exploring the Amazon as it was in the days of the Incas, discovering new worlds. You seem to be interested in my new feline neighbour picture.”

“The sphinx cat suits the proposition I have for you. They say they have the powers of being able to prophesy. We have a new member working for WordPress. He is so talented and gifted and can make the impossible possible. He is a true prophet”

“You mean like removing all the mirrors and digging a tunnel to England.” I havn’t forgotten that yet.

“No Mrs. Angloswiss, something much more impressive. How would you like to predict the future, know what is before you. Think of the possibilities. Our new colleague can make it possible.”

“Would he be Nostradamus or perhaps Pandora? No, don’t tell me, he separates seas and walks on water. What’s the catch Wordy? And stop crying, you are dissolving your whipped cream.”

“You are so negative Mrs. Angloswiss. There is no big catch, not really.”


“Well, it might be that your life will be a day shorter.”

“It might be or it will be.”

“What’s a day Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“What if I will be struck be lightening today, then I would no longer live because it would already be tomorrow. What if I take a ride in my car and crash? What if our clever leaders press the wrong button, the one that is marked red and says termination? Then your day shrinks to nothing and I cease to exist. No more apple pie Wordy, no more whipped cream and no more WordPress t-shirts. You will lose your job and be redundant. As for the new guy at WordPress, just bring him with you on the next visit, and I will show him what a day less in the life of a supernatural WordPress guy looks like. All going well I will still be around next Saturday to meet him as I have no intention of taking you up on this wonderful prompt. I do not want to predict anything. I like surprises in my life, even a little shock now and again makes you realise how lucky you are to be alive. Forget it. Come back next week with something a little more realistic; like I can choose to play the leading female role in the next Brad Pitt film. Even Bruce Willis will do, at least there is adventure and I could give Mr. Swiss some tips on how to cut his hair.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss, promise not to tell the guys on the top floor at WordPress about my failure with this daily prompt. I will tell them you were out when I called.”

“Yes Wordy do that, and if you behave I will make a chocolate mousse for you next week, but come alone. Do not bring the new WordPress guy, I don’t think we will get along so well together.”

And Wordy left promising me to come alone the next time with a brand new sensational daily prompt to knock me off my feet. Perhaps I might get to meet Brad Pitt.

Daily Prompt: Advantage of Foresight – I can play God?