Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat – Halloween visitors have a surprise

It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

knife halloween

Halloween is here again and the trick and treaters are on their way: a fun time for everyone. Jake and his gang were determined to throw a few shocks into the unsuspecting halloween families. They approached a door.

“Look boys, that looks good. Someone decorating their doorbell with a horror name.”

“What does it say Jake?”

“Errr, ah yes, Vlad and Morticia Dracula. Let’s see if someone is at home.” and Jake pressed the bell which immediately played a tune, quite a modern one “Knocking at Heaven’s door”. There were footsteps and a man opened the door. He was tall, very tall and dressed in black. Jake thought a dentists delight, as he had two very long teeth in the top corners of his mouth. They even protruded over the bottom lip.

“Trick or Treat mister”

“Do what? I don’t do tricks or treats. It bores me.”

“Hey Joe, this guy says no treats, so it looks like we will have to do a trick.”

“Go away kids, my wife is preparing dinner and I have no time.”

“What do you think Joe. I am sure we have a trick right up the Mrs. street. What’s her name, Morticia? Sounds like something from a horror comic. Well listen Vlad, we have something special for Morticia and you.”

Vlad was becoming impatient. He was thinking of the special meal that Morticia was preparing. Halloween is only once a year and it was the dinner of the year. One of the few occasions when they could sit down to a nice glass of red wine, grand group rhesus negative, and enjoy the evening.

“Morticia, come here we have a couple of wise guys that want to give us a trick, because we have no treats.”

“No problem Vlad, on my way. Just have to wipe my hands, been busy in the kitchen.”

“Oh, come on Vlad, we have a lot of halloween victims to visit. Morticia doesn’t have to bother with wiping hands, we have a nice surprise for her and you as a real genuine halloween trick.”

“Ok, what’s the rush boys, I am here.”

And Jake produced his trick, in a small plastic coffin, just for the effect.

“Oh how sweet” said Morticia. Look Vlad a lovely tarantula and my he has more than hairs on his legs, it looks like real fur. But boys you should really be kind to such creatures, look how he is frightened.”

“You are right Morticia, poor little tarantula” and Vlad removed the spider from the plastic container and Morticia began to stroke it.

“Hey wait a minute you two horror comic figures, that is a real live tarantula with all the trimmings. It’s my dad’s prize tarantula, fed on one fresh mouse daily. Put it back in the box. I have to return it to dad, otherwise he will be sore.”

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. Young men stealing a tarantula and parading it in a plastic coffin. Look at him, he is shaking for fear. That is not the way to treat a tarantula.”

“So Morticia stop wasting time with those kids, and given them their tarantula. I want my food.”

“Here boys, take your sweet little spider, but be kind to it.”

“Put it in the box Mrs. Dracula, I don’t want to touch it, it’s dangerous.”

“Oh, you silly boy, stop shaking. You know what, as I don’t have any treats, you can all come in and have dinner with us. I just have to wipe the blood off my hands and knife.”

Morticia then produced her knife, with it long sharp blade and began to wipe it on her clean white apron, leaving red marks from the blood.

“Just a minute boys, where are you going. I was so looking forward to some company for dinner. And take your tarantula with you, but remember to feed him well this evening. He has had such a shock, I would recommend a dish of mouse liver, garnished with its eyes for an appetising effect. Hey Vlad they have all disappeared. So come and eat, I am now ready, didn’t have much to cook. You prefer it raw.”

And Vlad and Morticia sat down for their dish of the year, Vlad licking every drop from is plate. Yes, raw liver and a glass of fresh blood (from the local blood bank of course) was so ideal for a halloween meal.

“Vlad here is your halloween gift” and Morticia put a box on the table packed in nice black gift paper, tied with a red ribbon.

“Oh, Morticia how considerate. Look a pair of slippers decorated with bats. Just what I wanted. They will look so smart with my black dressing cloak. I did not forget you Morticia, your present is in the cellar. I decided it was time for a nice new coffin. It is slightly wider than the one you have, we are no longer as slim as we were, but I love you all the same.”

Yes, it was a perfect halloween despite the silly visitors, who did not really understand the meaning of halloween.

Jake arrived home. He was quite out of breath, as he ran all the way.

“Well Jake, did you get a lot of treats.”

“Err No dad, we decided to leave it for this year.”

“Where’s Priscilla?” (that was the tarantula).

“Oh she is OK, one of the nice ladies we met gave us a cage for her. She said it was being unkind to spiders to put them in a small plastic coffin.”

“Must be nice people with understanding for spiders.”

“Yes dad, very nice people. Oh, mum I don’t want anything to eat, somehow i have lost my appetite, think I will go to bed.”

Prompt: Trick or Treat – Halloween visitors have a surprise

Daily Prompt: Trio No. 3 – Fridge talk

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).

Storm approaching over Feldbrunnen

It was time to defrost the fridge. How I hate defrosting the fridge, but the door stuck every time I wanted to open it because of the pile-up of ice on the freezing elements. I think the best method is to fill a bowl with hot water and leave it for and hour or so. First of all I suppose I should empty it. It is not so warm outside, so I hope that the ice cream stays frozen.

“What do you think you are doing, take your hot hands off of me.”

“Did someone say something?”

“Yes, I did, the vanilla Megastar ice lolly. Do you want to kill me, let my voluptuous ice cream melt and mix with the chocolate coating. We are made to melt in the mouth, not in a plastic box somewhere in the kitchen.”

“Just a minute. Since when does ice cream talk? It will only take a couple of hours and then I will replace you in a nice clean fridge, without the thick covering of ice. (What am I doing talking to an ice cream?)”

“And what about us? We will go soggy. When you fry us we will not be crisp and appetising. No-one loves a soggy french fried. Boohoo, boohoo. Now look I am going soft all on my own.”

“The French fries are right you know. Imagine what would happen to us peas. Try cooking thawed frozen peas, we will develop into mashy peas. Some people like us like that, but it is not the idea. Frozen peas are as fresh as when we were picked and our flavours are perfect.”

“Oh stop showing off, although I must say that if I thaw out you must eat me today. Frozen bread cannot just hang around for days waiting to be eaten. Frozen fresh, thawed and eaten immediately we are at our best.”

“Just a minute, be quiet, I am going to de-freeze my fridge and that is an end to it. Are you crazy? Frozen food does not talk and be quiet. I am switching off now.”

“Of course we don’t talk, it is all done my food telepathy. We have a suggestion, as we will be the first to transfer into a liquid state” said the ice cubes.

“Wait until the evening. It will be cooler. Perhaps the weather will change.”

“I think you are right ice cubes, it looks like a very dark evening is developing. Perhaps there will be a storm. Ok ice cubes, no problem. I have wasted enough time on this fridge talk. We cannot have ice cubes shedding tears.”

“Oh thank you human” said all the freezer ingredients together. I decided to oblige, so I defrosted the fridge in the evening. All the members of the freezer were happy, and I heard no more. I did have a puddle on the kitchen floor from the melted ice. I cleared it away and when I was finished I celebrated by eating a Mega Star ice cream.

“What about me” said the frozen bread.

“I am leaving you out for the night. Tomorrow you will be nice and fresh and will be eaten. I hope you don’t mind.” I felt like a bread murderer, especially as I decided to cut him into slices and toast him for breakfast.

Daily Prompt: Trio No. 3 – Fridge Talk

Daily Prompt: In Retrospect – The new arrival

Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today, write your own horoscope — for the past month (in other words, as if you’d written it October 1st).

Mac book

There will be offspring in your family. You will be happy; a new arrival will signal its presence. There might be distrubances at the beginning, it will have to be prepared, be trained and filled with love and information. However, after the birth, it will run according to programme. It will be guided by a small creature, known as mouse, and this will even be equipped with rows of blue teeth to ensure that its purpose will be fulfilled in an efficient way.

Do not despair if the organisation will not run as smoothly as you wished. All beginnings are give and take, but you will succeed There will be a faithful helper to guide you on the way in human shape, although it might be that your search for answers will strain the relationship.
There will be costs involved, but using the appropriate common sense (special rebates) these will be overcome. There will be alternations to your normal daily routine, but even this will be successful by your born talent to ignore problems. Beware – do not absorb food supplies whilst handling the new arrival, it is allergic to tea stains and milk from the cereal at breakfast which may cause a hinderance to the operations.

A new star will be the centre of your virtual life. It is a power machine, fast and efficient, but take care. Do not forget, a bad workman always blames his tools and should there be unforeseen circumstances caused by a false process, remember to apply patience and understanding. Uttered profanities never repaired a lost cause. You have a helper in the shape of a Google who will answer all questions. If there is the case of an unanswered question, assistance will be offered from a well-known source known as Facebook. Just ask everyone and you will be overwhelmed with helpful answers.

We are all unique and solve problems in our own way.

After some time, it may be that you find yourself in new surroundings. Your new arrival will be isolated and you will spend days dressed in white in a horizontal position. Padded walls will surround you and people whose job it is to care for your. All beginnings are difficult, but with patience a solution will appear on the horizon.

However, with the right approach, patience, and correct application of digital knowledge success will be achieved in your life, and remember to examine your illness insurance to ensure it covers mental breakdown, otherwise an unexpected disappointment may appear.

Ignore any daily prompts in connection with prophesies and logical thinking. Make it clear to those that wish to guide your blogging creations that not all prompts lead to the right path. This will confuse you. Remember it is not all, that mean it well, especially those who continuously talk of zodiacs and astrology. You will find the correct path in your life if you ignore all this rubbish and ask Mr. Swiss. He always knows the answer, even if you do not always agree. The solution is in the stars your new MacBook that arrived today and has moved in on your life. Love him and pamper him, he will be forever thankful.

The Mac Book Pro

Daily Prompt: In Retrospect – The new arrival

Daily Prompt: Custom Zodiac – Wecome Viitulus

You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?


“I think it is time to practice my archery, it is almost the time of the year for a few shots.”

“True Saggi, although you have a month to practice.”

“But wait Scorpi, what do I see. One of my subjects has composed a new sign for her birthday on 6th December, a cow. Just what does she think she is doing?”

“Quite right Saggi, we can’t have those humans messing around with our signs. What will it come to? Just imagine if they substituted my water with a vodka sign: although come to think of it, it would put a bit of spice into the zodiac.”

“Forget it Acqui, we do not need spice, and no-one interferes with our signs. All the prophesies would be upside down. It would be predicted that today you will receive good news, and the actual result would be that your favourite football team lost all their matches.”

“I didn’t know you was into football Saggi.”

“You Virgos know nothing of the real world. It is not all pure and simple, now and again we have to have some excitement. So enough is enough, a cow in December is not my thing. Now I have a target for my arrow.”

There was a crash and Mrs. Angloswiss window was shattered into myriads of glass splinters.

“Wordy, was that you. I have had enough of your WordPress visits and now you are throwing bricks through my windows.”

“Excuse me, are you Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“And who are you, another halloween masked object.”

“No, I am Saggitarius, your zodiac sign.”

“Are you sure? It is quite a fancy dress you have with four legs like a horse and a bow and arrow in the front hooves.”

“That is not a fancy dress, it is me. I AM SAGGITARIUS”

“I heard you, you do not have to shout. And I am the Queen of Sheba. You do not have to smash my window with your bow and arrow, that is hooliganism.”

“What do you think you are doing renaming my zodiac days into the sign of the cow, Vitulus was not foreseen as a sign and he is wearing earrings.”

“WordPress told me to rename my days. MY DAYS, not yours so I decided on a cow. They are lovely animals with their wonderful big eyes and I can always be sure of fresh milk. They do not fire arrows through my windows. I am only doing this blog to join in. To be quite honest Saggi, I do not believe in the Zodiac and its prophesies.”

“But we are tradition, we have been here since the beginning.”

“The beginning of what? You are just a bunch of guys and girls that help fill up a page in the newspaper telling me what to expect. “Today is your lucky day, you will meet the man of your life” and what happened? The window was broken by a bow and arrow hooligan dressed like a horse. Sorry, you are not the man of my life. I prefer a cow, I know what I have. And I will share Vitulus with all the others on my birthday. I think the local zoo have room for a few new animals, especially if they look like a horse with a human head. It would keep you out of trouble making false prophesies and breaking windows. You would be a sensation.”

“But I am Saggitarius.”

“You already told me. Ask one of your friends to repair my window and you can stay for the evening. I think they are showing Black Beauty on the TV, I am sure that would be to your taste.”

Saggitarius loved the film and decided to dye his hair black like BLack Beauty. He stayed the night and my new Zodiac sign, Vitulus made room for him in his stall. I have no time for Zodiac signs, I live in the real world.

Daily Prompt: Custom Zodiac – Welcome Vitulus

Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger Alert (schreiben wir deutsch heute?) – They’re heeere

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?

The Finished Garden

“Looks like the new neighbours are moving in.”

My other half was inquisitive, so he was positioned at the window with the binoculars.

“Give me the binoculars, I want to see what they have. They look a bit strange, like something from that E.T. film, sort of stick people. One is the chief I think, he is giving the instructions. There is some sort of thing hovering in the air. No, wait a minute. That must be the furniture van. Now and again an armchair falls into the window of the empty apartment. Funny it looks exactly like our De Sede armchair, you know the exclusive leather chairs we have.”

“Are you sure? And look our dining room table, genuine teak, has appeared. But wait that painting, looks genuine. It is our Picasso.”

“Looks more genuine that ours. Do you think Mafia?”

“No, they seem to be harmless and Mafia speak Italian. The big stick guy seems to be giving instructions.”

“Glungo, choob, kogga wunna Klingon noH QapmeH wo’ Qaw’lu’chugh yay chavbe’lu’, ‘ej wo’ choqmeH may’ DoHlu’chugh lujbe’lu’

“Seem to be foreigners, didn’t understand a word, but it’s OK, it wasn’t Italian.”

“Do you think we can trust them. Wait a minute, look, those beds look exactly like ours. And they even have the same vaccum cleaner.”

“Must be from the Far East, the Chinese copy everything we have, although our vacuum cleaner is British, a Dyson. I think they have seen us, the guy with the wheels instead of feet is approaching us with the E.T. lookalike boss. I suppose we should be friendly. Good morning.”

The guy with the wheels turned to the E.T. lookalike.

“Earthling wogga Quapmeh chung boggle.” And he suddenly produced a sort of pointy thing in his hand.”

“Nei, nei, chumble chogga, Picasso weee” said the E.T. man. They turned and left to continue with their moving efforts.

“What do you think, can we trust them? I though he was going to shoot me with that gun thing he had in his hand.”

“Just ignore them. You cannot judge people by their appearances, they might look different to us, but they have a good taste in furniture.”

“Look one of them is looking through the window at our Tabby cat.”

“Chungle plonka  weee meow” and he pointed his gun thing at Tabby. There was a flash, Tabby was startled, but she survived. Now he was walking to their new apartment and pointed the gun through the window. There was a popping sound and there was our Tabby, at least a duplicate Tabby, sitting in their living room.

“Where are you going?”

“I have seen enough, I am not sure about those new neighbours. They might have a good taste in furniture, but what is going to happen when they point that thing at me or you, just to make their new place homely. I am not sure whether I want to live next to your duplicate, one of you is enough.”

Typical man, and I was thinking of inviting the new neighbours to Sunday dinner, just to make them feel at home.

“What did you say – No! We might be on the menu.”

Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger Alert (schreiben wir deutsche heute?) – They’re heeere

Daily Prompt: Local Colour – I’m feeling blue and so is my borage

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which colour) would that be?

“Hello Mrs. Angloswiss”

“Hello Wordy, back again?”

“Yes. we have work to do; lots of stress at the WordPress headquarters today, looking after everyone’s wishes. Mrs. Angloswiss what is your favourite colour?”

“Err Wordy what’s the catch? When you ask for my favourite colour, there must be a hook somewhere, knowing how the minds of the WordPress t-shirted guys work.”

“No catch, Mrs. Angloswiss. On the contrary, if you tell me your favourite colour, I will ensure personally that it is preserved only for your eyes.”

“Blue, but what about all the other colours?”

“That is the cunning part of today’s prompt, they will disappear and you will left with blue, your favourite colour. Now stay calm Mr. Angloswiss. You will no longer be bothered with the colours that annoy. You will live in a blue world.”

“Perhaps I don’t want to feel blue all the time. I would like to have some other colours to brighten up my day.”

“Not included in the deal Mrs. Angloswiss. Take a look at your borage plant in the garden. You know how proud you were because it was blossoming the third time this year due to the good mild weather: now the colour is preserved.”

October borage

“I see what you mean Wordy. Great idea. I now live in a monochrome world with the exception of everything that is blue.”

“Not exactly Mrs. Angloswiss. It is one colour you are allowed and one object. You can have blue borage. Isn’t that fantastic? Look how the colour is slowly disappearing. There is still some green at the edges, but that will be gone in a few minutes.

Mrs. Angloswiss, put your fists down. This is all in the cause for a clean, intellectual daily prompt. A lot of thought and design was involved in this prompt. Anyone can say “imagine your life without colour” but the brains behind the Daily Prompt were on a higher level. They said “keep one colour of your choice and one object”. That was not an easy task. There were hundreds of daily prompt people discussing how to bring this special prompt. Just imagine your blogging colleague on the next entry might only want a red pair of shoes. She is now living in a monochrome world wearing red shoes. Another blogger wanted green lawns. She lives in a black and white house with a grey sky, but … and that is the brilliancy of the prompt, she has a green lawn in the garden: oh the untold possibilities.”

“Wordy I have changed my mind.”

“You prefer to keep a different colour?”

“No Wordy, we will keep the blue, just the object changes. Your nose can remain blue when I punch it. OK? Wordy, stay here I am not finished.”

Typical! He always disappears when the action starts. I will now eat my grey apple flan, made by a monochrome Mr. Swiss and smother it with whipped cream. At least the cream is still white, but I really do not like the look of my Tabby cat. She resembles a feline styled zebra.

Daily Prompt: Local Colour – I’m feeling blue and so is my borage

Daily Prompt: Masks Off – The genuine me

We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channelled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?

Shop Window, Halloween Dress, Rochester

“It’s Saturday so that must be Wordy at the door. Hello Wordy, how are you today?”

“Eeeek, Help”

“Wordy, come out of the broom cupboard and stop hiding behing the vacuum cleaner.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss, is that you? There is a monster at the door. I am not coming out until it goes away. My screws and bolts are all shivering and I am sure a shadow passed across my little cyber heart.”

“Wordy, it is just me, I was trying my Halloween costume for next week. Don’t you think it is brilliant. The things you can do with a photoshop programme. Now I am ready to go. I am sure I am just what the vampire ordered.”

“That’s you Mrs. Angloswiss? But you are all sort of funny with red eyes and pointy teeth, with an owl on your shoulder and a spider hanging around your neck.”

“Wordy it’s all make-up, bought at the local store. I haven’t made any chocolate cake this week, but have some devilled eggs.”

“No thankyou Mrs. Angloswiss, I don’t do devil stuff. Just a glass of water will do to help me recover from the shock.”

“Here we are Wordy.”

“But that’s not water it is red.”

“Just some colouring from tomato juice for the genuine Halloween effect. Wordy you are shaking all over, take a seat.”

“B-b-but there are no chairs.”

“Sorry, I replaced them with coffins, but they are quite comfortable. I even lined them with red velvet to make them softer when you sit in them. They were quite reasonable, the local undertaker was selling them cheap, I think they were second hand.”

“But, if they are second hand, then who used them before you bought them? No don’t bother to answer that question, there are some things better not known. Mrs Angloswiss something is hanging over my head.”

“No problem, you must have brushed against a cob web when you left the broom cupboard. All part of the Halloween props. What do you think Wordy. Will I be given the first prize in the Halloween blog contest showing my genuine inner self.”

“Oh, definitely Mrs. Angloswiss, it is very realistic. I am sure you will be given the WordPress Halloween t-shirt, dyed with genuine cyber blood. What are you doing, sitting on that broom?”

“That is the final effect. I will arrive at the Halloween ball on the broom.”

“With Mr. Swiss.”

“No, I don’t think so. Since I started to get in the mood for Halloween, he decided to spend a few days at the local hospital.”

“Oh, is he ill?”

“No, just needs a few blood transfusions. When Halloween is finished, he will be his old self again.”

Daily Prompt: Masks Off – The genuine me

Daily Prompt: Out of Breath – Who???

We all seem to insist on how busy, busy, busy we constantly are. Let’s put things in perspective: tell us about the craziest, busiest, most hectic day you’ve had in the past decade.

Woodgrange Park Cemetery
What’s that? Busy, busy, busy? Yes there was a time in the dark ages when it was all happening, now I am too busy keeping my doctor appointments, having my golden oldie midday sleeps and thinking about what to write for my daily prompt. The craziest, busiest day – does not exist, they were an every-day occurrence when I was young and lovely and still belonging to the work force. It was easier to count the days that were without stress, although I think they were the days when I caught up on the stuff that I missed out on because on all the other days I had no time. Now I can take it easy, left the rat race behind me, just me, Mr. Swiss and the two felines and son No. 1 who still belongs to the workforce.

My photo is a typical example of stress. What was the grave digger thinking? Any good looking graveyard has upright stones showing proudly the deceased names and dates. This was a rush job. Just dig a hole, throw them in and cover it up. There was no thought spared to measuring out the ground, making a solid foundation and letting the stone settle. The result you can see, everything tilting and ready to crumble: a typical stress job at the graveyard. Admittedly the graves are from the first half of the 20th century and the graveyard is no longer used. They even dug my family up and removed all the evidence. Grandad is now hovering in an iCloud searching for the remains. It is one of the reasons that I will have a funeral pyre on the banks of the local river and the ashes placed neatly in an urn. Shame I will not be here to blog about it, but I am sure it will be the event of the year.

Now to the serious part of the blog: today was a sort of stress day. Not really for me, but for all the employees at the local supermarket. It was 10% day, where everything is 10% cheaper.

It all began in the parking lot. Mr. Swiss threw me out of the car and told me he would see me inside the hall of shopping. There were no visible parking places free, but I was convinced he would wedge our car into a free space somewhere. I was on my own, found a spare trolley and made a bee line to the computer department.

I had already earmarked my new computer and a few extras to go with it. I got quite pally with one of the guys who works in the computer department. We had a few technical discussions about the world of Apple and its computers, although he admitted that he still works with his Windows machine at home. He mentioned that his next computer will probably be a Mac. He had already written out an official sheet of my requirements as I had already had a few conversations with him. We tied up the deal, I paid with a plastic card and I took the extras home, such as blue tooth mouse and extra external disk. The computer will be arriving within a week which suits me fine. The real stress will begin when I fit it up (although Mr. Swiss fitted his up in half an hour). That is the difference between me and Mr. Swiss, he has all his passwords organised in a place that he knows. I also have them organised, but I forget where I put them.

The actual supermarket was not so much stress. The shoppers were acting quite civilised and there were no fights or arguments about who was there first. Yes, the Swiss are a disciplined, trained folk when it comes to special offers. Eventually our shopping was accomplished. We were tired, but happy and made our way to the car. Oh, that was a little problem, but Mr. Swiss explained that he discovered the last free parking space in the car park. It was quite a special place as it was a single parking place. It seems when they were constructing the car park, they did not know what to do with a leftover of land, so they painted it with a white stripe and gave it a number. That was our own private shopping space today. Oh and our little supermarket mascot cat was also there keeping an eye on things.

Migros Cat

Daily Prompt: Out of Breath – Who???

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done 5 – Potato Talk

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Heart Potato

Another ten minute free write which brings as much inspiration as a potato

“I am a heart shaped potato, not every potato is heart shaped.”

“I know, so what am I supposed to write about a heart shaped potato, or will you change into an artichoke if I kiss you.”

“No, not exactly, but I will get wet. You can peel me and perhaps even cook me. I promise I am tasty to the last bite and I won’t scream.”

“How can I kill a heart shaped potato?”

“That’s life. Some are born to write boring daily prompts and others are born to be eaten.”

“I suppose that is true, although I cannot cook and eat a potato that I had a conversation with. It would be murder. You were not the only potato, I bought a whole kilo. I have already cooked the others. Do you think they suffered.? It just so happened that you were heart shaped, so I saved you for a photo.”

“No, of course we were having quite an exciting conversation before we were separated about our futures, boiled or fried. You know, if I am peeled I look even better. Naked potatoes can be really sexy.”

“I never thought of you in that way, you mean that my blog might be banned if I took a photo of you without the outside layer, peel-free.”

“Try it”

“I cannot bring it over my heart to peel you.”

“If you just leave me I will dry out and shrivel and no-one likes a shrivelled potato.”

“Ok, you have convinced me. I will peel you and cook you. What do you prefer hashed browns, mashed potato, french fries or a röschti.”

“Ohhh a röschti sounds good. Really exotic, but fry me in butter. I love butter.”

“And you really don’t mind. It will be death by grating and frying. Can you forgive me?”

“Mrs. Angloswiss, forget it. I am a potato, not a living thing. Think of all the vegetarians that are convinced that eating potatoes has no negative effects on the life of a potato.”

“But we are having a conversation. Hello, hello”

Did I dream that? Or was it just something stupid for a 10 minute writing exercise to keep the guys in the WordPress t-shirts happy. I hate this Thursday prompt. Someone said it reminded them of throwback Thursday. It reminds me of a Throw-away Thursday. Oh and yes, the potato disappeared with some of its brothers and sisters in a röschti.

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done – Potato Talk

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – My own little Teratoma

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.) Based on a true story.

I did have a Teratoma and it was removed. I was born with it and it only began to grow and expand when I was 50 years old and no, Stephen King did not get the idea from me for his novel The Dark Half, although …. Who knows? Restaurant Decoration in Romford for Halloween “That is not me, I looked completely different. Typical.”

“Who’s talking?”

“The imaginary friend that you never had and never wanted, but I got my revenge, remember?”

“If I had had an imaginary friend it would definitely not have resembled something from a Halloween comic.”

“How do you know, you never gave me a chance, I could have made you famous. Stephen King would have been nothing in comparison. “OK, so explain …..”

“Remember that memorable operation you had, the one that lasted seven  hours.”

“You mean the second operation, when they discovered that what they should have removed the first time, after a three hour operation regrew.”

“Yes that’s the one, although if they had done the job properly the first time, I would have been gone forever.”

“But you were just a collection of cells, nothing special. In the Stephen King story they found teeth and hair and all sorts of human spare parts. You were just a blob somewhere in my back.”

“Yes, exactly. If you had not stifled my chances I could have been your identical twin, and perhaps even a Siamese twin. Think of the fun we could have had.”

“Then I think I am glad I did stifle your chances. I wouldn’t exactly describe being a Siamese twin as fun. You were just a normal, average Teratoma which was removed. So how come we are having a conversation. You were eliminated at least ten years ago, and why did you only appear after fifty years.”

“It was lonely just sitting around in your back, so I decided to expand. You were having all the fun going places and seeing things and I was just a passenger, although I quite enjoyed it when you had a meal. I had fun absorbing some of the treats, I love ice cream.  Are you sure there were no taste buds in the blob?”

“I really do not know, the surgeon did not give me a detailed description: how come we are having a conversation?”

“I am still sort of hovering, something like a computer cloud or a daily prompt that is there, but does not develop, for some unknown reason, when it shows 0 responses, like today. But I think you were glad. Today you (we?) were busy in the garden clearing the Autumn leaves away. I was actually glad that you removed me, as I noticed you had backache.”

“Oh, thanks, big deal. Yes I had backache bending down picking up the fallen leaves. Just a minute, you were watching me. I had you removed.”

“Stay cool, I am always watching you. Remember when you broke your arm a couple of years ago. I was only trying it out to see if I could materialise. It was just a little push and I really didn’t mean to cause problems.”

“Oh, thanks, I spent a week in hospital afterwards and it was your entire fault. I hope that experiment is finished.”

“Yes, I decided it was boring just laying around in a hospital and now I have found a much better job and I have become famous, although not exactly that everyone knows it is me/us.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I sleeked my way into the cyberworld. I decided if I can be your individual cloud, I might as well have fun and be everyone’s cloud”


“Where do you think the iPad/iPhone/I everything people got the idea of the iCloud?”

“You mean that was us?”

“Oh no, you had me removed remember. This time it was all I, me and myself. There is no longer any us or we. You do your thing and I will do mine, but do not worry, I will always be watching you.”

“No more materialisation experiments?”

There was silence, no-one answered. You are never alone it seems.

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – My own little teratoma