Daily Prompt: Zoltar’s Revenge – this is definitely not my thing

In a reversal of Big, the Tom Hanks classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid. How do you survive your first day back in school?

I don’t think I can do this, and I don’t want a 12 year old body with a 68 year old brain. It is not funny or amusing, just silly.

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“Good morning girls” said the teacher at the front of the class. She repeated it again louder and clapped her hands to get attention. I was already bored. Things have not changed so much over the last 56 years except that today we all have calculation machines and some of the girls have hearing aids in their ears. We could hear much better at school, must be due to the increase in traffic noise over the years.

“Your new” said the girl sitting next to me.

“I suppose I am new in the class.”

“Shh, you don’t have to shout, I can hear perfectly.”

“Oh, sorry I thought you had hearing problems because you are wearing a hearing aid.”

“Hey where do you come from, that is my iPod and I am listening to the latest Bobby Shmurd. He is great. Do you want to listen.”

I nodded and she gave me her hearing aid. I put in my ear, as I relised it was the thing to do and was immediately deafened by the noise.

Suddenly I was engulfed in a shadow and looked up. The teacher was standing there.

“If you would rather listen to music than my voice then OK. I give you two seconds to take that iPod out of your ear and unpack your books. You are here to learn. This is not a music lesson and if it was, you would be listening to something more approriate.”

“Sorry Mrs. xxxxx, I was just putting myself in the picture, but I realise what you mean. I prefer something more with an understandable text and a beat. The Beatles or the Rolling Stones would be my thing. Even a nice Bobby Darin song.”

“Well, I must say, for a 12 year old you certainly have a good taste in music. Stop giggling girls, she is new, but she has a good music taste. You could learn something from her.”

Looks like my bad start is improving. I have impressed the teacher, but I suppose she would be about ten years younger than me.

And so the day continued. I fell asleep during the morning school at my desk, as I was bored, had done it all before and learnt nothing new. We had the afternoon off and I was glad. I disappeared as soon as possible. I might have the body of a 12 year old but my brain was still 68 years old and I couldn’t take it. Perhaps there was one good moment when I showed the class how to write a blog. They were all totally enthusiastic.

And now I am busy. I bought myself an iPod and want to listen to some music. Bobby Schmurd is OK, it just takes some getting used to.

Daily Prompt people, please think of something else tomorrow. I do not want to become 12 years old again. It was OK at the time, but I am now 68 years old and although I appreciated my new fit body I did not appreciate the psychological side of it, sitting in a class room listening to the problems of 12 year olds who felt they were not understood by their mothers. I did not understand them either, so why blame the mothers. Blame the environment they grow up in.

Daily Prompt: Zoltar’s Revenge – this is definitely not my thing