Daily Prompt: Mutants and Hybrids – Who do you think you are?

If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

Berta sky flower

And what makes WordPress so sure that I am one part human? Have I not proved in my mystifying blog writings that I possess more than the average member of the human species. With my sharp black humour, cutting through the flesh of the prompt, I am somewhat from another dimension, hovering over the daily prompt landscape, my brain exploring every nook and cranny of the mutant world of the Daily Prompt. Are there humans behind this daily challenge or something uncanny, engulfing us in a make believe world and eventually taking over our brain? Have we already become the Daily Prompt Zombie and not even realising, feeding from the flesh of our fellow bloggers. Think about it today after completing your contribution, when the sweat is still damp upon your brow, and your thoughts are drained and empty. There is something strange afoot. Here is the real truth behind Mrs. Angloswiss, if you can bear it.

Do you really know me? Do you think I am a so-called “normal” person, of flesh and blood, with faults and perfections. The photo above was taken a few years ago before I mutated into my human shape. Probably most of us were something else in the days gone by. Yes, I was a bluey. My hands and feet may seem a little on the large side, but they were very useful. I needed no bus, train or car. Just a few steps in the right direction and I had arrived. My hands were everywhere in the supermarket, who needs money. When they saw me coming, they disappeared. I was alone to take what I wanted. It seemed that the others even feared my appearance. Mummy and daddy were always telling me to keep away from the humans, they mean no good and everything that is a little different is condemned to a solitary life, being ignored. “You never have friends amongst the humans if you are a bluey” were their words.

It was true, no-one wanted to know me and eventually I turned to stone and was perched outside the library in the Swiss town of Solothurn, being photographed for the local newspaper and generally the town attraction. Inside my heart was still beating to the rhythm of the words “let me free, let me free”. One night, I think it was midnight, there appeared a person wearing a white t-shirt with the letters “I love WordPress” written in black letters across the front. “Join me, have a t-shirt like mine and you can live again, on the condition that you write a daily prompt once a day” he said.

I blinked my large white eyes and turned my head in his direction (it was midnight, and things always seem to happen at midnight). He threw a brick in my direction, part of the magical grid, he told me and I could breathe. There I was standing on my legs with normal sized feet and hands, wearing a t-shirt just like my rescuer. He put a laptop into my hands and said “go forth and blog”, so I did, but not before I asked for a different t-shirt.

So there you have it, I have now mutated into a human, but inside I remain “Fat Berta” as I was known in my previous state. I am now Mrs. Angloswiss and when I met Mr. Swiss my fate was sealed. We were meant for each other. He too was something else once. He was a gnome in a Swiss bank. He lost his job as the profits were not arriving as they should and he was then falling in love with Fat Berta who he saw from the window of the bank. It was love at first sight. At the midnight hour we sometimes take a walk together in the local cemetery. The ghouls, ghosts and vampires like us, we are all members of the outcasts, something completely different.

You do not believe this? Just think about it the next time you see your blog appearing as a brick in the grid, are we really just another brick in the wall not needing thought control. Ask the daily prompt.

Daily Prompt: Mutants and Hybrids – Who do you think you are?

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