Daily Prompt: First Sight, the answer to all my problems

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

Migros Langendorf

No, it was not Mr. Swiss and I am not sure where and when the actual connection happened, but it has lasted 47 years, but these things are like a good wine, they develop and mellow over the years and gain in their value. Now that sounds very poetical and I am sure you are now all getting nostalgic and feeling happy for Mrs. Angloswiss and Mr. Swiss, but now for something completely different.

How could it otherwise be, my destiny, my domestic dreams, the place where I spend more time than at home since the beginnings of my twosome life, yes – the local supermarket of course. Without its eternal supply of nourishment, clothing, cleaning supplies, I would be lost. It was a long hard road to win its favours, but it was a worthwhile journey.

It all began in the town of Solothurn in Switzerland where we lived originally. A small market town, but in the centre it was there, the national Swiss supermarket chain. I will not name names, as it might be infringing the advertising laws governing the WordPress rules and regulations. Suffice it to be said that there is a branch of this supply emporium in every town and village in Switzerland, and those one-farm towns are even visited by its travelling motorised supermarket: at least it was at the beginning, but today probably not, as everyone has a car or truck.

To continue, our local town served its purpose. I was supplied with diapers when the kids were small, fresh vegetables and meat. Eventually our Angloswiss family moved out into the countryside and our local town was too far for the daily shopping. At some time I even dared to learn how to drive a car. It was a risky business, combined with some nerve wrecking moments according to Mr. Swiss. I was quite cool actually, and never had a problem. After more than ninety driving lessons (I do not think I reached the 100 border) I took the test and passed first time. Even the driving instructor made the sign of the cross in the air when I received the result that I was given a licence to kill to drive. I was now ready to go further on my shopping expedition and it so happened that a local factory decided to move its plant to another village and the empty building remained in the middle of a local village waiting to be converted into a shopping centre, only five minutes driving distance from my home.

What could be better? With time the supermarket was altered, expanded and I was even greeted by my name when I entered the food department. I was a regular, a well-known customer, they were waiting for me. They even recognised Mr. Swiss and asked where I was (or vice versa) when one of us was missing (perhaps they thought …. no forget that, we are one heart and soul mostly). That is true love if there ever was. I mean me and the supermarket of course..

I even get points when I buy something. Once a month I am given tokens in Swiss francs to support my buying power and the newest development is an app for my iPod/iPhone where I can keep a keen eye on the development of my Cumulus points (as they are known). My kitchen cupboards and fridge would be empty, were it not for this supermarket. I can even have goods delivered, but I only really do this when we are snowed in or the streets are coated with ice in winter. It is my main source of fresh air, walking from the parking lot to the shop. Sometimes I might take a drink in their restaurant, another opportunity in Summer to relax outside.

You can find your connections throughout life, but one thing is consistent, always there (except Sundays) and you will never starve, that is the local supermarket.  Even my garden is full of herbs from the gardening department. The only connction I have second to the supermarket is my washing machine, followed closely by my iron. Oh, the simple pleasures of a housewife.

Of course I do not allow myself to be manipulated by this supermarket, I still have a free choice where I buy and what I buy, but it is my second home although it seems I can now order online over the computer. Must try that, a new connection is always positive.

Daily Prompt: First Sight, the answer to all my problems

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