Daily Prompt: Just Another Day in the world of WordPress – will we be found?

Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Ducks for sale outside shop in Solothurn

Just another day thought these geese, as they were waiting outside the shop for a customer. Perhaps they would find a home, outside on a patio, or even inside in a living room. They have no daily ritual; they just stand there with a price tag around their necks waiting for a customer: all the more for us to be happy about our daily rituals.

We are now sitting and typing, constructing a new devastating daily prompt to be read by all that find it and with our new great system, the magic grid effect, we will be found. Wait a minute, I spent hours yesterday trying to find something, but to no avail. I found my contribution, I wrote it on my computer, but where were the others? The grid effect was gone, it no longer existed. Oh, come on, it is no good to cry over spilt milk. If WordPress lost it, had problems, perhaps even had a mutiny and there were dead bytes everywhere and computer components were swimming in a pool of blood, that is not our problem. Although I must admit I did a refresh (every five minutes), you know that ctrl r thingy, to see if it would appear by some miracle, but no. Was I disappointed, did I throw my computer into the corner or out of the window, no, of course not. I remained cool and placed a curse on all WordPress associates. It did not work, but today we are here again. They survived it seems.

Now to the task at hand “What’s your favourite daily ritual?” Is it the cleaning jobs that I perform regularly every morning? To be honest where would we women be without them. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a walk around the apartment with the vacuum cleaner in your hand. You may even humm to the sound of the motor purring as it sucks the dirt of the day before into its bowels. If you have a Dyson it will not be purring, but truly growl, you can hear its sensitive parts munching the remains of the feline fur and digesting the crumbs of the kitchen. Do you sing as you go about this job? I would, but it is so loud I would not hear my voice.

The bathroom is a rewarding place of cleaning, wiping away the water stains, the toothpaste hieroglyphical designs, knowing that the way is paved for the next purge of the sink and bath surfaces. Oh what joy to find that the bath drainage might even be blocked. There is never a dull moment in the morning chores.

Afterwards you might be let out, a refreshing visit to other places, a hunting trip in the local supermarket. There might even be a special offer; two for one, half price, the options are countless. You can even prove your strength by bringing home a box filled with six kilo of your favourite washing powder, and if the felines need litter for their recycling process, even better. You really feel satisfied knowing that another ten kilo of cat litter proves your strength.

Of course a supply of toilet paper might be called for. Although bulky it is not heavy and we can squeeze this in as well. We arrive home tired but happy and distribute our trophies in the cupboards, fridge and various rooms. Is our day of repetition finished? Of course not, we can prove our cooking talents to the family, our gifts of invention. You may spend an hour or more in the preparation, your family may only need a quarter of the time to eat it, but you feel satisfied, knowing that you have completed a thankful task and your family will not starve at your hands.

When all this is done, we might have a few minutes for ourselves to enjoy the remainder of the day. We can relax and watch the television, perhaps read a book or even write a blog and hope that we do not fall asleep through exhaustion when doing it.

I forgot, my favourite daily ritual? My golden oldie midday sleep of course, where I collect my spent energy to carry on regardless. I also contemplate a daily Tai Chi practice to refill my Lower Dantian with the spent energy of the morning ritual. See you all tomorrow if I survive through the battle of my daily repetition. An yes, I almost forgot, my fingers are trembling as I shoot this pingbacked work of literature into the insides of the WordPress Grid. Will it arrive, will it survive, or will it be ambushed on the way – what excitement.

Daily Prompt: Just Another Day in the World of WordPress – Will We Be Found?

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