Daily Prompt: No Apologies – we are all human

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

HESO, Autumn Fair, Solothurn

First of all I make it quite clear that my pleasures have never been guilty, they do not disturb me, they are part of my life. It may be that they would annoy others, but who cares, I enjoy them.

Being a golden oldie, you begin to pay for your eating sins slowly but surely. The waist is no longer a waist and takes a direction towards the south; the clothes are a few sizes larger and even the shoes no longer fit. As I seem to have written many dissertations on the problems of an expanding body in age I will endeavour to look on the brighter side of life.

I like to stuff myself with potato chips: my favourite are the paprika flavoured sort, but I devour any sort as long as it is greasy, full of unwanted calories and goes under the name of “finger food”. The evening is the time of relaxation; time to read a book or even watch your favourite television programme, but this is boring. There is no action, just turning pages or perhaps channel jogging. The rustle of a potato chip bag and the crumbs remaining after a munching session are part of the experience. There is nothing to compare to this, and if washed down with a glass (or two) of cola, the feeling is perfect. This is pleasure but there are always reasons to spoil this. Perhaps you are relaxing in a chair which has become an island amidst a background of crumbling remains. I do not feel guilty until perhaps the next morning when it has to be removed with the vacuum cleaner. There might even be a few cola stains on the furniture. Do I feel guilty? Not really, but outside influences try to cause guilty feelings. To avoid any disruptions in domestic peace, the potato chip eating session is moved to the kitchen. It is a short walk from the comfortable armchair and the crumbs remain where they belong, in the kitchen sink. Even the cola stains disappear from the living quarters. Yes, one of the sacrifices for a peaceful atmosphere.

Another little problem I have is after the evening meal. The sensible food such as meat, cheese, bread with a salad accompaniment has been eaten and you are finished, but not quite. You notice a glass filled with honey might arrive on the table. I love a slice of fresh white bread with a layer of butter and topped up with the sticky sweetness of honey. It is 200% sugar, with a little contribution from a colony of bees. Oh, to bite into the softness of it all, topped with a sweet lingering touch, this is a heavenly conclusion to an evening meal. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, over the years you have developed something called diabetes. This might have been caused by an overeating of carbohydrate thoughout the years (too many crisps, chocolate and biscuits, all washed down with coca cola) or it might even be something you were born with. Those born with an insulin deficiency are excused. Those with diabetes type 2 (as myself) are not really excused, but all the more fun. Of course white bread and the sweetness of honey might have a negative effect on your sugar count. However, what is the point of stuffing yourself with all these forbidden delicacies when you feel guilty about it, so the answer is do not feel guilty: eat it until someone who knows everything better tells you it is not good for you.

Guilty pleasures do not only revolve around food of course. Do we feel guilty when we regularly write our daily prompt? No, of course not. Do we feel guilty when we add a few pingbacks to our daily prompt? That is a matter of interpretation. I do not, although there are forces that would remind me they do not like them. Do I care? No, but then I like my potato chips and honey and I eat it, even if it might not be good for me and I do not care about that either.

Every one of us here toiling with our daily prompt exercise does it in his/her own way and good luck. I would never interfere and tell someone to use a certain background, a certain font, or a certain photo. We are people and we all have our own way of doing things and I respect this and find it one of the enjoyable things about life. It would be boring if we all wrote the same and used the same background. I am also sure that today we will be writing about “x” guilty pleasures and each might be different to the others. We are just a bunch of bloggers with our faults and perfections .

Daily Prompt: No Apologies, we are all human

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