Daily Prompt: Undo 2 – I am completely undone

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Somewhere in this labyrinth of prompts I find the main title *Daily Prompt” and underneath there is a text “Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck — prompts give them a push. We publish a new one every morning.” For us disciples in the middle of Europe read “every afternoon” instead of “every morning” due to the time lapse between our ex english colony over the pond. If you read this carefully bloggers you can see what good service we receive. We no longer need to sit in front of a blank screen on our computer wondering what to write. No, of course not. Regularly every morning or afternoon, as the case may be, you will receive a new prompt. How lovely, the boring days of not knowing what to write have gone as the golden blog sinks slowly in the West. We are saved, the solution to our blogless days has been resolved, thanks to ….. We all know who, or do we?

Unfortunately a gremlin has sneaked into the works. Our daily happiness blog has been sabotaged. Many suspicions have been uttered, but the culprit has not yet been found. Someone perhaps “had a dream” and unfortunately it was a repetitive dream. On 21st February 2013 I wrote my views on the subject of Undo. I spent a happy hour telling everyone about it from my point of view. It was fun, not a bad prompt and my brain resembled a citrus fruit squeezed of its juices by a fruit press after the final result. I wrote my prompt and collapsed in an exhausted heap next to the computer. OK, I might be overdoing it a bit, but this gives no-one the opportunity to squeeze my brain again. Two years later I have two years more of dead brain cells. As we all know, brain cells do not replenish themselves and that goes for all with no exceptions in the cyber world.

So here I am again wondering what to write because when I undo something two years ago, I do not find something new to undo. I could write about the incompetence of the world politicians, some war-making states etc. etc. but I will not. I am not here on a political platform, have no wish to engage in such arguments and so I am blogless again. I was tempted to warm up one of my gifted blogs written a few years ago, in the hope that it would not be ignored the second time around for a Pulitzer Prize. However, if it was again ignored, I would be disappointed and would throw my computer out of the window. This being a fairly new Apple computer, it would be an expensive way to end my misery.

If someone in our blogless world reads these words we might even go back to the good old days where we daily received a new prompt, where the small grey cells of our brains were fed with ammunition to conquer the blogging world. I rest my case and trust that my 50 Shades of blogging will return one day with new and fresh ideas. And no, I am not going to suggest a prompt, it is not my job, I am not paid for it (or am I? – which may change my mind if it would be worth while) and so I can only hope.

Not wanting to leave you with a negative feeling. I have a photo of my latest orchid triumph. It was one of the remaining special orchids from Valentine’s Day in the local supermarket, cut down to half price. I fell in love with the price at once. I was looking at them with longing in my orchid eyes when they arrived in the shop, but I found forty Swiss Francs quite expensive. I paid only 14.95 Swiss Francs today and there were even some unopened buds on this prize example. I dedicate this orchid to all the blogless bloggers in this wide Wordless universe of dead prompts.


Daily Prompt: Undo 2 – I am completely undone

Daily Prompt: Just Another Day in the world of WordPress – will we be found?

Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Ducks for sale outside shop in Solothurn

Just another day thought these geese, as they were waiting outside the shop for a customer. Perhaps they would find a home, outside on a patio, or even inside in a living room. They have no daily ritual; they just stand there with a price tag around their necks waiting for a customer: all the more for us to be happy about our daily rituals.

We are now sitting and typing, constructing a new devastating daily prompt to be read by all that find it and with our new great system, the magic grid effect, we will be found. Wait a minute, I spent hours yesterday trying to find something, but to no avail. I found my contribution, I wrote it on my computer, but where were the others? The grid effect was gone, it no longer existed. Oh, come on, it is no good to cry over spilt milk. If WordPress lost it, had problems, perhaps even had a mutiny and there were dead bytes everywhere and computer components were swimming in a pool of blood, that is not our problem. Although I must admit I did a refresh (every five minutes), you know that ctrl r thingy, to see if it would appear by some miracle, but no. Was I disappointed, did I throw my computer into the corner or out of the window, no, of course not. I remained cool and placed a curse on all WordPress associates. It did not work, but today we are here again. They survived it seems.

Now to the task at hand “What’s your favourite daily ritual?” Is it the cleaning jobs that I perform regularly every morning? To be honest where would we women be without them. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a walk around the apartment with the vacuum cleaner in your hand. You may even humm to the sound of the motor purring as it sucks the dirt of the day before into its bowels. If you have a Dyson it will not be purring, but truly growl, you can hear its sensitive parts munching the remains of the feline fur and digesting the crumbs of the kitchen. Do you sing as you go about this job? I would, but it is so loud I would not hear my voice.

The bathroom is a rewarding place of cleaning, wiping away the water stains, the toothpaste hieroglyphical designs, knowing that the way is paved for the next purge of the sink and bath surfaces. Oh what joy to find that the bath drainage might even be blocked. There is never a dull moment in the morning chores.

Afterwards you might be let out, a refreshing visit to other places, a hunting trip in the local supermarket. There might even be a special offer; two for one, half price, the options are countless. You can even prove your strength by bringing home a box filled with six kilo of your favourite washing powder, and if the felines need litter for their recycling process, even better. You really feel satisfied knowing that another ten kilo of cat litter proves your strength.

Of course a supply of toilet paper might be called for. Although bulky it is not heavy and we can squeeze this in as well. We arrive home tired but happy and distribute our trophies in the cupboards, fridge and various rooms. Is our day of repetition finished? Of course not, we can prove our cooking talents to the family, our gifts of invention. You may spend an hour or more in the preparation, your family may only need a quarter of the time to eat it, but you feel satisfied, knowing that you have completed a thankful task and your family will not starve at your hands.

When all this is done, we might have a few minutes for ourselves to enjoy the remainder of the day. We can relax and watch the television, perhaps read a book or even write a blog and hope that we do not fall asleep through exhaustion when doing it.

I forgot, my favourite daily ritual? My golden oldie midday sleep of course, where I collect my spent energy to carry on regardless. I also contemplate a daily Tai Chi practice to refill my Lower Dantian with the spent energy of the morning ritual. See you all tomorrow if I survive through the battle of my daily repetition. An yes, I almost forgot, my fingers are trembling as I shoot this pingbacked work of literature into the insides of the WordPress Grid. Will it arrive, will it survive, or will it be ambushed on the way – what excitement.

Daily Prompt: Just Another Day in the World of WordPress – Will We Be Found?

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Daily Prompt: Groundhog Day

In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REPETITION.


The Sedum is blossoming in my garden, a wonderwork of repetition.

My life is a Groundhog Day since being free in the “things you have to do” world. I do not have to go to work to earn my living; I am too old, removed to the trash can of life. No-one needs me to do the job. I was replaced a week after I left, being told it was hard times  and we have to save.

But let us not be gloomy or despair in this new situation. I am now “free” arising  around 8.00 a.m. and eat breakfast, play with my computer, clean through my living quarters. Even the cleaning through operation is a repetitive job: but wait, not always. I have a plan. On some days particular attention will be paid to a certain room, a certain article (like a window), perhaps there might be an interruption to my routine. Mr. Swiss is missing, gone on a sojourn to a far place for a music rehearsal or “to see a man about a dog” (for those that do not know – a cockney expression). Even I might be forced to go in a different direction. The doctor needs me for a check-up, or I need him because I have again had a surprise accident. I may have a dentist appointment; I might even have a social meeting with someone for a coffee in town. Life is full of surprises.

Reflecting to my treadmill days of work, they were the groundhog days. They were the days when a process of repetition was instilled in my brain. Work started in the morning at the same time, on the way drop my son off to his workplace, lunchtime in the local supermarket restaurant, afterwards a logistical shopping trip, continue with work in the afternoon at the same time and finish at the same time. The day continues at home. Prepare an evening meal and eventually collapse into an armchair with a television for company, where you might, you most definitely will, fall asleep to awake with a shock realising it is already time to go to bed.

This prompt is really food for thought, writing this wonderwork of social science, I have now come to the conclusion that life is one big Groundhog Day. Today is Sunday, a day of rest – tell me about it. Food is not prepared on its own, and there is always something somewhere to be done. The Groundhog Sunday is born and that is not something that will change.

One thing I have in common with the Groundhog, I like to sleep. One thing I do not have in common with the Groundhog is that I sleep when I want to and not when I have to.

Those Groundhogs are everywhere, they even live in Switzerland. The name might be different and we do not dedicate a day to this animal, but they influence our daily life from the beginning to the end.

They need no day, they just exist. I can hear mummy groundhog thinking “time for a sleep” being glad that she can just relax for a whole season without having to do her groundhoggy chores, bearing children, feeding them, looking after them. Daddy groundhog is also glad that he doesn’t have the moaning and gossipy voice of the wife in his ears for a whole season. He does not have to go on a food hunt and find a mate until it is time to wake up. If he wakes up early enough he might catch a partner still half asleep and defenceless to his approaches. And so the groundhog cycle of life begins again.

I did not even find the film a comedy. It was just repetition all the time, and that is boring.

Daily Prompt: Groundhog Day

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