2 thoughts on “FOTD 6th November 2021: Schlumbergera

  1. If you look carefully, you may discover other tiny buds. I’m always surprised at all those hidden flowers. To be fair, I don’t see any buds on my two cactuses now. They are very healthy (finally), but not ready to make flowers. They may skip this year. They bloomed like crazy for the last decade. I suppose they deserve a year off. We’ll just call it a sabbatical year for all the plants I repotted last spring. I knew they were going to go into hiding which is why I put of repotting them for so long. I’m hoping that they come back with enthusiasm. Eventually.

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    • My orchids have been making flowers forbalmost two years. My cactus was never great blossoming plant, butt now I have two flowers. I have not seen any other buds yet


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