Good Morning

At last a morning sky with something original. I have had enough of the plain grey lids we have had over the past week. Yesterday the day began with rain, but a lunch time the sky brightene up and it was perfect for a short excursion with my scooter to the local store..

I went for a quick trip to the new supermarket (now almost a year old) just along the road to get some fresh bread for my chilli yesterday evening. My scooter even had the parking space for bikes etc. to itself. I was the only one. Otherwise there were a few cars around and some locals shopping there. Actually I have decided to use this supermarket more. The next one is on the other side of town which adds approximately 15 minutes to my journey and this supermarket is really good. The only disadvantage is that they do not have a butchers department where I can pick and choose my meat, but they do have prepacked.

I discovered that this supermarket even has better choices for my other requirements (except for fresh meat 🙂 ). There is plenty of fresh air and natural light. The one in town has no windows and it is all artificial lighting. Their choice of items is also not so good and not enough. Probably you have to get there early in the morning to get what you want otherwise I am left with the more unwanted items. Anyhow I have made my decision and a 15 minute scooter ride along the road is the best solution. I will probably visit the store in town once a week and get the meat I like which I will freeze at home. A golden oldie must adapt the daily routine and go with the changes.

I do not get such a good variation in photos when I scooter along the road, but even the surrounding countryside has its plus points.

And now I am off. This morning I am a bit tight with the time as No. 2 son, his wife and my two grandchildren are visiting today, Have a good one and enjoy your Sunday. I am not sure if I will be back today. I leave you with a view of the local castle and a few good clouds hanging over the Jura mountain chain just around the corner to where I live.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    I know it is unimpressive to anyone else, but that long hedge in the third picture is remarkable! Swiss gardeners take their hedging seriously! In my entire career, I have seen almost no properly shorn hedges, and none of such length and perfection.

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  2. Good afternoon, many are commenting about all the rain they are getting, we still have no rain in sight. Have a good time with #2 son and family. That is a good way to break the day. Not much is going on today and I need to leave my bed and get something to eat. Stay safe!

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