RDP Tuesday: Week

Do you see a demon
Or can you hear the bones
Is something hovering in the air
Can you hear ghostly groans
Where halloween does not exist
We lead a peaceful life
We make soup from our pumpkins
Might carve them with a knife
Tricks and treats do not exist
Do not knock on doors
No painted faces or long teeth
Busy with daily chores
No-one is counting the days
Until the big fright night
We watch it all on television
Have politicians for this delight

RDP Wednesday: Week

Good Morning

At least the sky looks a little more inviting today. Yesterday it only rained once, but all day and part of the night. There was no real sky, just one dense thick layer of something probably called low clouds. I was not a happy bunny as I had to go shopping, although I only planned the new near store. If I had gone into town on my scooter, I would have needed a paddle and probably came home with webbed feet.

This was the view of the road from my scooter as it wheeled along over the fallen leaves at the side. There was even less traffic on the road. It can rain but I prefer it on Tueday or Thursday and even at the week-end. Mondays and Fridays are not my favourite rainy days, but I survived.

Today it looks like the sun has arrived again, at least it isn’t raining and I will go into town this afternoon just for a few things. The comfortable days of shopping are again disappearing thank to Mr. Covin-Corona. He has decided to arrive and cause panic again amongst the population with the second wave. The problem is more the human factor as the good old panic buying is with us again. There is less traffic on the roads and probably most are now sitting in their home office and living a life of isolation. They no longer venture to the outside world for shopping, and why should they. Just an online message to the store companies and it is delivered.

Being a golden oldie I live in semi isolation normally. No longer celebrate parties, visit local restaurants or hover around in large groups of people. I live a life of shopping, housework with an occasional wheelie in the neighbourhood with my camera to see what life is doing in the outside world. Now and again I visit the store and once a month I make an online order for various standard goods I need. Today I had a look at my online suppliers and the first thing I saw was a notice that there are longer delivery times due to the current situation and many slots were now booked out. It looks like another shortage of toilet paper is lurking on the horizon, although I have enough, a left over from the last panic buy.

The entrance to my local store looked quite empty yesterday, but I suppose everyone was busy ordering online. They say that we golden oldies are more prone to becoming a serious case if we contract the disease and should stay at home, but how do I choose the items I want. I am not yet completely immobilised and can still think and plan what I need and so I still do my own shopping, I do not have a big choice.

It is all very well for our various governments to make the decisions, but daily life is not so easy if you follow their rules and regulations. It is very disturbing currently to see the sharp increase in cases in Switzerland, but we still have no complete lockdown. We must restrict the amounts of people at meetings and only 4 people are now allowed at a table in a restaurant. There is a debate whether we should wear masks outside as well as inside.

So I eventually got my shopping completed and again made my way home through the wet streets. Actually it even stopped raining when I was inside the store and naturally began again when I was on the way home. I managed to get all I needed, so the panic has not yet reached the local store.

Otherwise it is just a normal day. My cleaning lady is busy at home doing the necessary, so at least that is a normal event without panic.

Have a good day everyone, I am now off to do some cooking. As long as I can buy the food I can cook it.