FOWC with Fandango: Jeopardize

You see some strange things at the cemetery now and again. Here there was a laid table: something to drink, a bite to eat and even a coffee pot. It was all arranged on a stone bench. Nearby there was a group of people all gathered around an older gravestone. Perhaps it was a memorial event, but they certainly would not go hungry.

FOWC with Fandango: Jeopardize

Good Morning

It still looks like Autumn outside, and now we have some rain adding to it. I took the photo this morning opposite my garden. I must say it is a colourful time of the year.

A box of eggs? It is something completely different, but yesterday I took a wheelie in my chair to the local stables/farm to visit the chickens and horses and whatever other animals. This time I met the farmer’s wife, a very nice young lady and so I got into a conversation with her. They have a small house with fresh eggs for self service, and I told her I would love to get my eggs from her farm, but have difficulties getting into the house to get them. She said no problem, and there is always someone around to help. So I made the most of the situation. I had money with me and asked if she could sell me some. And here are my first fresh eggs from the farm, I probably even might know the chicken that laid them, although they have 250 chickens at the moment. She even asked me if I had a preference in colour, but as there is no difference in taste. I said a mixture would be fine. And here they are, my 10 fresh farm eggs.

I then moved on to see what the chickens were doing, but they seemed to be interested in pecking around for what was available. These are the Silkie chickens, a special breed, and live in the grounds around the farmhouse. The other hens have their own self contained apartment further out on the land.

They are certainly a fluffy bunch.

I moved on to the horses and this one seemed to be getting ready for a ride.

The geese were also parading with a few ducks and seemed to be interested in something as they were all looking in the same direction. I just love those journeys around the farm, it is so interesting to see the various animals. Growing up in a large town like London, I missed all the pleasures of country life and today it fascinates me very much.

As I made my way home I passed the cow pastures. They seem to be looking quite well fed at the moment, or will there be calves arriving quite soon. I have no idea, but it looks like it to me.

This cow seemed to have a particular interest in my camera and somehow an Autumn leaf had got attached to her nose.

It had begun to rain, just a light rain, but decided I should make my way home. It is only across the road and not so far. Mr. Swiss was quite pleased to see the fresh farm eggs I brought home.

It really make a nice break to get out, especially when it is just in our village and not so far to travel. Today I will be off to the store along the road. I do not have so much to get and have everything organised. I like to plan that I do not have to do any shopping over the week-end and just by choice for an excursion into town. Currently we are still able to go places and there is no curfew or lock down due to corona. Our government had a conference yesterday, online, but again emphasised how important it was to wear masks and refrain from large meetings, The same advice that most countries now have to live with. It is worrying to know how this virus is rapidly expanding and we are in the midst of the second wave. We can only hope it stays away from us.

And now to busy myself with this and that. Have a good day everyone, the week-end will soon begin, although I seem to have a week full of week-ends. The farmhouse cats were also around yesterday.