RDP Thursday: Pelt

Took a wheelie to the local farm this afternoon. There is always some action there, especially amongst the chickens. They are not very good photo models. I was ready to take a nice close up of a so-called silkie chicken and suddenly he decided to pelt off, so the head was not completely on the photo. I think the chicken felt that an egg was on its way and did not want to give birth in the middle of the field.

RDP Thursday: Pelt

Good Morning

I know, the same old grey sky and nothing new, but that is all I am getting at the moment. At least it is not raining. Yeterday my online weather told me a sunny afternoon, but online weather afternoon time is from 4.00 p.m. it seems and then I was already back at home after my visit to the store when the sun appeared. I now have a slight change to my routine. I usually hugged the bed after lunch, buy my collectors organisation are having problems with delivering my shopping from the store so late in the afternoon as they are slightly understaffed at the moment, so they kindly asked me if I could organise my shopping to be picked up an hour earlier, meaning no early afternoon sleep. It means for me only three times a week, so I tried it and it does work. I catch up on the missing sleep when I get home from the store. I just have to have a rest during the day.

I still managed to have a look around in town if there is anything interesting happening when I visit the store. This time I saw two guys in front of our cathederal looking up with a remote in their hands. It was then I saw that they were guiding a so-called drone. I do not think it was a drone you could use, perhaps it had a hidden camera somewhere, but it was my first live drone so of course I took a photo. It resembled some sort of flying spider hovering next to the pillars of the cathedral, but most interesting.

I saw a live drone as I was touring around sitting on the roof of one of the town buildings. Now the time is approaching when our roofs will be crowded with pigeons and gulls during Winter.

Yesterday afternoon I was quite busy. I decided to prepare Sunday dinner in advance to save time and work which is now nicely frozen. Afterwards I made a celery salad. I found a recipe (online of course in my cooking ap). I even had a cutter on my cooking apparatus to shred it. Of course when I say celery I mean celariac and not the silly stalks which are absolutely not designed for a salad. Some people cook the stalks, but I prefer celeriac. I must say it turned out very well with some added apple and pineapple and I will probably do it again. For some time now I have been making efforts to spruce up the evening cold cuts by adding some sort of salad, although now the time is coming for an evening soup now and again. I usually make the soup from a packet, but I am also thinking about cooking my own from time to time. I do try to avoid ready made foods from packets where I can. I like to know what I am eating.

When I enter town I usually take the circular path with my scooter. It is quieter, just as fast as going though town, and the scenery is more open spaces. Here I was passing by our museum garden where you can see one of the two fountains.

The stress already began today when I had to strip the linen from the beds this morning. It is that time again for something fresh. Mr. Swiss is still hugging his bed so I will attack his bed when he rises. He does help me where he can, but the older you get the more complicated. Actually I have developed a new system for bed recovering as I am no longer as fit as I was.

The next step is cook lunch, spaghetti today with a side salad, and then I have it all to myself, no shopping. Perhaps I might venture into the unknown by scooter or electric wheelchair this afternoon, but no too far. I just hope that the rain stays away and perhaps we might even see the sun.

May the sun shine on you as well, and I hope it is not too cold. Have a good one.