RDP Monday: Ruckus

It was not an actual ruckus in town, but it was October Market Day when the stalls are out selling what they have to sell and the people are out having a look to see what is being sold. This young lady in he photo was enjoying a bag of freshly roasted chestnuts which are sold on the market place daily.

There used to be more people meeting and greeting and enjoying the general noise and contact with their friends and perhaps relations,

Today there were few groups. People now tend to avoid each other, the Covid cases are spiralling out of control, even in our little Switzerland. I drove through it all in my scooter, the people making a path for me to pass. I do not mind a ruckus, livens the place up, but today it is almost an eerie situation. You get guilty feelings if you are enjoying yourself.

RDP Monday: Ruckus

Good Morning

A bit dismal, but it can only get better. If I was again a working person, I would say a typical Monday morning, but being a lady of leisure and a golden oldie, it makes no great difference. At least it is not raining and according to the week’s weather report for my little village somewhere in the wilds of Switzerland, there will be no rain this week.

Yesterday was a Sunday at home, but I was not doing nothing.

I decided to try my new baking tin which is especially designed for pastry with fillings. The main idea is for meat, a pork filet or perhaps meat loaf enclosed in pastry, but as I have so many apples, I decided to fill the pastry with apple mixed with some cranberries I happened to have left from a fruit cake I baked.

As it was something completely new for me it was a case of getting used to it, but the result was not too bad and with some whipped cream it was almost perfect. I did not make the pastry myself, but bought it already rolled. Otherwise I was just sitting at home enjoying the view from the window.

I then heard a commotion outside approaching and saw my sweet little cat that has been visiting daily, walk passed with a mouth full of bird. I felt really sorry for the bird, not for the cat, but that is unfortunately nature and this bird did not get away fast enough. Needless to say I did not feed this sweet little cat with any feline tit bits yesterday.

There was another film which appealed to my taste yesterday on the ITV channel of the BBC. In the film series of Jurassic World. They showed Fallen Kingdom when the island where the dinos and other prehistoric animals were developed, and it was destroyed by a volcanic outbreak. I know it sounds stupid but such silly films appear to my taste. It was sweet to see how the baby dinosaurs were shown. Dinosaurs being vegetarians, were the goodies. There was a story line involving the good and bad human guys, but at the end the various giants of the prehistoric world had settled nicely in modern day surroundings in our part of the world, so instead of seeing a few lions and tigers on a safari, there were a few dinosaurs trampling around.

By the way, I am making progress with my air fryer that I bought a month ago. At the beginning I just tried the pre frozen french fries which turned out very well. In between I tried it on some marrow squash pieces which turned out quite well and yesterday I cooked some small potatoes. The picture shows only some, as I had already distributed most of them on the plates for dinner. The basic idea of cooking veg is to spice it and afterwards add a few spoons of oil, about 2-3. then mix it all and put it in the friar for about 20 minutes to cook, giving it a shake about half way through. I must say I find it perfect as I am not a follower of ready made food from the store. My next project will be today when I want to try my bratwurst (Swiss Sauge) in it. It looks quite straight forward. What I like about it is that the food is not swamped in fat or oil, but nice a crisp and tasty.

Otherwise not very much to show this morning as my photos from the outside world are restricted to some Autumn colour in my garden.

Have a good start to the week. I will be off to the store this afternoon for some meat and fresh veg. Yesterday I made a big online order for the standard supplies which will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Since this attack of the hairy peas disease, I like to have enough stocks of food at home. I am also freezing some meat now and again in case I cannot get out to the store. Life really has a different outlook today. I suppose we are all partaking in the course of history of our world. So keep safe everyone. The newest phrase is hands, face and space according to what I hear constantly on the BBC radio: wash your hands, wear a face covering and keep a distance to others. What a world this has become.