Good Morning

Early this morning it was dull and dismal, but as today is cleaning lady day I am a little later with a good morning greeting to all. In the meanwhile the cloud cover is clearing and blue sky is peeping though accompanied by sunshine so would could be better. My dinner is cooking and the cleaning lady has completed her work for the week.

Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise when I arrived in town. It was monthly market day and the stalls were there. There were more people. Now and again you see the masked faces, although it is not obligatory (yet). I only wear mine when in the store, It is certainly a different world we are now living in.

There were the usual trinklets and bric-a-brac to see but it was not as crowded as usual. Since the virus attack it seems that people are no longer crowding in the streets so I could move quite well in my scooter.

I also had to go to the store for some supplies, although they did not have everything I wanted, so will be going again today but only along the road where our new second store is. I am glad to weather is obliging at the moment. It is colder, but sunny and above all no rain. Otherwise a quiet life at the moment. Late afternoon I am expecting my online delivery from the store chain so I will be organising it all when it arrives with help from No. 1 Son.

I ordered myself a small machine for chopping vegetable and herbs which arrived yesterday. It also mills nuts. It arrived yesterday, the problem being that it does not work. After a telephone conversation with the supplier, my cookery company, she apologised and said I could take it to a large chain store, where they get them and they will exchange it for a new one without a problem. The problem is that this store is too far away for me to reach, in another village, with my scooter. However, she is sending me a new one with the labels for me to return mine by post. Mr. Swiss was listening to my telephone conversation from his chair in the living room (in my best Swiss German) and found I handled the situation quite well. I sometimes need a little support and praise as these things are not always so easy to handle, especially in a foreign language.

And that is the exciting news from somewhere in Switzerland for today. Time now to lay the table for lunch. Have a good one, look after yourselves and stay cool like I do: at least I try to.