Good Morning

My morning photo shows the rain in a continuous trickle from the gutter on the left, what a surprise.

When you sleep you hear and see nothing of what is happening in the outside world, unless there is an abnormal noise like a bang or a thud or a scream. In my world that happens very rarely, and so if it rains I do not always hear it. At the moment temperatures in the night are going down and having a bedroom window open would be an invitation for a heavy cold or even flu. Flu is not advisable as there is difficulty in getting your influenza jab in Switzerland currently Everyone wants one, another symptom of Covid No. 19. and there will not be enough serum for everyone. However in the morning my first movement, after climbing out of the bed, is to open the window. Mr. Swiss is still sleeping, so he does not hear the outside noise of the rain falling or even feel the rush of cold air. And the rain was tumbling down, a real deluge.

I have an important journey to make to the near store this afternoon, just to get some fresh bread, so I had a quick check on the weather report and to my delight saw that the rain stops during the morning to be followed by sunny spells. Perhaps it is true, you cannot trust anything today. At least I will not have to take the local train for weather protection.

Yesterday was a dry afternoon, dismal and not very friendly, but no rain when I approached the entrance gate to the town. However, I turn right before reaching the town walls and take the outside route to avoid the bumpy cobbles in the old town in my scooter. I had a few items to get in the store, mainly fresh meat for the week-end and not the prepacked stuff which you do not really know what you are getting. I like my minced meat to be freshly minced by the butcher where I actually see what is being minced. This evening I am planning on a chilli con carne.

After completing my mission at the store the return journey takes me through town which is not so densely populated, although now and again I have to slow down on my scooter to void mothers with their kids or golden oldies like myself.

There are always some interesting views through the old and narrow streets. It used to be quite a hustle and bustle, but times are changing. Who needs stores when you can get most of what you need online and specialist shops are no longer called for.

I had to call in at the chemist for something on Mr. Swiss prescription and afterwards I was on my way home. And that was my exciting Friday. My evening was again in front of the TV watching my favourite soap, East Enders, based on the part of London where I grew up, although not the reality that I knew. In East Enders every second person is a crook or having an affair with the neigbour and families are usually a patchwork of kids not growing up with their real fathers, although most of them do not realise it. Just a typical East End, although my East End was a little different. You never really saw the gangsters unless you were one yourself, and family life was no-one’s business but you own.

I then watched an hour of Gardener’s World which I especially like to see. A gardening guy shows you some tips and tricks from his garden. Yesterday it was interesting as he showed how to take cuttings from your fig tree and grow them. I do not have a fig tree, although I sometimes see them in the village. It would be an idea. Although I like figs, they do not like me. Otherwise he shows other gardens, mainly in the British Isles, and what people grow in them. It is really quite interesting to see the ideas that people have. One married couple were growing so much fruit and vegetable that they had become self sufficient. This programme gives me too many ideas.

And now my business is getting things organised for the daily life. I have a lunch to cook and an apartment to put in order although two golden oldies do not have so much to organise.

I am off for a couple of hours and will put my computer to rest until this afternoon. I have plans to bake a chocolate cake this afternoon, I am really getting into this housewife cookery stuff at the moment, the main thing being that I enjoy it.

Keep safe and well and take the covid seriously. It attacks all types of people and prominent people are no exception – no names mentioned.