RDP Monday: Handle

I was a beginner when I realised that my legs no longer wanted to attach themselves to my feet when moving. This was before I joined the ministry of silly walks. I needed a cane, a stick, something to guide me through life without stumbling on the way. Of course, not any stick. I had a look in the various stick shops in our area which were mostly there for the mountain climbers. They were not suitable for a walk along the river bank or in the woods. There were also various choices for the oldies, not even golden oldies, but already platinum. They were all in brown, dark and boring.

I have to have some sort of walking support, and the first step is a stick, but what to do. Online of course. I dived into the computer and discover a web site for your walking stick in various versions and colours. The choice was great with all colours and sizes I decided on a telescopic stick that I could adjust to various sizes. Who knows, perhaps I might shrink in age.

Colours? They had everything in all rainbow colours and the patterns were great. I now had the agony of choice, but it hit me in the eye when I saw it, although my second choice was one in a scottish tartan design. It was love at first sight, something straight from the rain forest . The handle had a gold band around it and for a small extra cost, I had my name put on it.

I decided if you have to have a stick, then even more so.

RDP Monday: Handle

Good Morning

I didn not know what to expect this morning. Although yesterday was quite pleasant, some rain was on the menu card for today, and still is in the afternoon. Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t. Amazing what a difference wet weather can make for me. When your mobility diminishes and the pleasure of a car is non existent then dry weather is a blessing. You can move independently and go where you want to. If it rains, I only get to the next store along the road by local train. Town is out of the question as I would have to walk it with my walker when arriving with the train on the outskirts to get to the store on the other side, and that is now almost impossible. Giving up my car was not an easy decision, but a sensible one. One day I will tell the actual circumstances why, but I am not ready for that blog yet.

Now I am sitting at the kitchen table with computer in front of me and breakfast on the left. The place on the right is reserved for my computer mouse. One of my local cats just walked past on his daily reconnaissance of the surroundings, for the cat excitement, for me the daily morning.

The little cat from one of the neighbours still pays regular visits every morning. He now knows that I have a supply of feline goodies and waits patiently until I scatter them around for him (or her) outside. She is quite a small one, but not very timid and waits patiently. Since I no longer have any cats myself, it seems the local cats have adopted me, although food speaks all feline languages.

This is all that is left of my chocolate cake, it disappeared quite quickly yesterday, being attacked by No. 2 son’s family with the two grand children, although the youngest is not yet in the cake group. She is still munching on a bread crust or enjoying her baby mixtures. Her elder brother decided chocolate cake was no. 2 on his hit parade, preferring a cherry cake as No. 1 choice. It was a fun day and it was good to see how the kids are growing. Time goes so fast, a three year old and a baby that will be 1 year old next month. Although they live too far away to see them daily or weekly, the contact is maintained, mainly online. Our grandchildren are really growing up in a cyber world. I am astonished to see what a development children’s toys have made, especially books. If you have a book with animal pictures, you hold a battery powered device on a photo and either get an explanation of what it is, or can hear the sounds the animal makes, according to what you press. No problem for a three year old it seems. Kids are really growing up hand in hand with science today.

My birdhouse is outside on the porch waiting for the first customers, although it is still a little too early. I enquired at the local supermarket if they would be getting bird food and she assured me it would be soon arriving. I notice one blue tit sitting on the house last week, looking a little disappointed that there was nothing on offer.

I am still debating the daily ritual. I must go on a food hunt, but am not sure where. Mr. Swiss needs some medicine, but I can order that by phone and pick it up on another day as he has enough. I also want to place an online order for delivery to boost my monthly supply.

Have a good beginning to the week, may it be a good one and remember Covid 19 does not have week-ends or holidays. Let us hope it will one day be just a thing to tell our grandchildren, without wearing a mask.