RDP Tuesday: Phenotype

Phenotype, now thats a problem
Spring, summer, Winter and the Autumn
My porch table is not a cure
Of that you can be perfectly sure
Everything is mix not match
I really should organise the batch
A place to sit and read a book
Perhaps take the computer and have a look
A basket full of apples ready to eat
Or cook in a tart, just take a seat
Forget your phenotypes, no idea what they are
Just put my feet up and gaze at a star

RDP Tuesday: Phenotype

Good Morning

How misleading can the sky be in the morning. When I stopped hugging the bed and took a look out of the window at 7.40 in the morning light, I saw a wonderful sun rising.

When I had a look at the other side where the Jura mountains are, they were reflecting the sun light in all its burning glory. And now? A good question as this all disappeared half an hour later, and now approaching midday we are left with rain, cold and grey skies, with a good portion of strong winds. Never trust the weather. I should have taken the early morning weather with me.

In the meanwhile action has come into my home in the shape of a cleaning lady busy tending to my shower and bath. The kitchen is already finished. What a wonderful pearl she is. She even climbed the ladder to have a look what I had at the back of one of my kitchen cupboards. It is quite high up and I have not been there and seen it for some time. Certain objects had disappeared. Some I know I have to my daughter in law. I was quite surprised at what she found. A wonderful backing try to fit in my oven with an attachment for measuring the temperature of the meat. Also a super cake baking tin appeared that I do not even remember buying and a few other articles. It pays to have a cleaning lady I must say. I love that lady.

Otherwise I did go into town yesterday on my way to the store. You have to pass through a passage to get into the town. I was actually planning on visiting the nearer store along the road, but although there was rain in the air I decided to chance the journey to the town store by scooter. It was raining on the way, but nothing drastic or life threatening and I arrived in one piece when the rain had paused in the meanwhile. I wanted to buy some fresh meat for today’s dinner and I also had to call in at the other store where they sell alcohol amongst other grocery items, as a large bottle of red wine was necessary for cooking purposes. Otherwise I do not drink alcohol, just like to cook with it now and again. I also wanted to call in at the chemist for some medicine for Mr. Swiss. Actually the medicine could have waited until tomorrow, but whilst the weather was co-operating I decided to take the chance whilst it was there. It looks like it will be a rainy week and I can tell you if you are in a scooter you can really get wet it starts to pour.

The restaurants are now emptying in town and there are mainly empty tables and chairs. This colder unfriendly weather is not so encouraging for a drink outside, even if it is a warm one. The steps to the cathedral were not attracting anyone to sit and relax.

I had completed my shopping, and decided it was now time to take the home path. It strikes me how many people do their travels with a bicycle in our area. They are parked everywhere in town, these outside a street café. I have never been able to ride a bike, although often tried. I always had a problem with the balance, my whole life. Perhaps my future with MS was then already decided.

Today I am living in isolation. I am not going anywhere. I have decided to bake one of my famous Swiss apple flans this afternoon. I must do something with the 200 apples I have from my tree.

I definitely will not be occupying any local benches today. Have a good one, keep safe, apart and wear the mask If you are in isolation due to the dreaded do not go for a drive in the car, even if it is a luxury limousine with a chauffeur, you could spread the your germs to others. There are always some idiots that think they are invulnerable.