Good Morning

As can be seen, today is not a good day for excursions. It is raining again although it could clear by the afternoon. It does not bother me too much as I planned more or less a day at home today. I am thinking about baking a cake this afternoon as I would have the time. In the outside world there are too many threats hovering around with this invasion by Mr. Covid in Switzerland. Masks are now everywhere, and I have begun to wear mine when I go into town and not only in the supermarket or closed space, although they are no miracle cure, but we do what we can.

I did manage to get into town yesterday afternoon for some shopping. This is the road just bordering the old town where most stores and office buildings are situated as well as the main post office. The clouds and sky were looking friendly and the sun was even shining. I sometimes long for the good old days when I could take my car to the better store in the next village where you could buy everything. Our main town has now been somewhat neglected and the choice is now limited, although we are only a family of three. I suppose I became a little spoilt for choice. They completely renovated the town store, converted the top floor completly into a restaurant and the ground floor (which has no windows to the outside world) is for purchases. I miss the good bread, as where I used to shop they baked it on the premises, and here it is delivered.

I suppose no good complaining, it will not change anything. At least I get a chance to visit our old town more often, although driving through the narrow cobblestoned streets is also not ideal.

My other feline visitor, Roschti, turned up again yesterday. He has neglected me for a few days, but when he realised that there are still a few goodies available, he paid me one or two visits yesterday. He is now becoming a senior cat, and must be now about 20 years old, but is doing well. When he realised yesterday that the tit bit supply was finished, he decided to have a look around in my apartment for more. It did not bother me so much, I have known him since he was a kitten and he left when he realised there was nothing more going for him.

Otherwise it was a television evening again, watching one of the old adventure films “Romancing the Stone” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Sometimes it is good to see the old films again. I am really becoming a genuine golden oldie. Since Mr. Swiss and I now both each have iPods to listen to music on our various iGadgets, speech has now become rare, at least during the morning. We are now lost in our separate worlds of music. I now do the housework with Phil Collins and Abba amongst others, and he spends his time with Miles Davis, or Cannonball Adderly to mention a few.

And now I am off to see what surprises the day will have. It is still raining, but I do not mind. My garden is now full of fallen leaves and I will be recruiting No. 1 son to gather them together some time next week, but will wait until they are all down.

So have a good day, rain or shine and make the most of it. I am off with my friends the vacuum cleaner and mop. We celebrate a long friendship together.

Looked a bit stormy around our cathedral yesterday, but the sun eventually won the day.