FOWC with Fandango: Magnitude

There are certain parts of town I do not visit so often. Not because I do not want to, but I am too preoccupied with buying food for my existance. Looking never really feeds you. However, this afternoon I ventured into places where I do not usually go, because our cupboards are full and I did not have to feed anyone.

It was then I saw that our “wonky” tower was in scaffolding. When the architect designed it and when it was built in 1463 they must have been celebrating quite a liquid feast on the evening before as the result was not so symmetrical as it should have been and the various sides did not meet in the middle but were slightly out of line. Now just a little more than 600 years later they have perhaps decided to make a correction that it becomes straight and not so slanted. Or perhaps they are reinforcing it to make sure it does not topple.

After all what the Italians can do in Pisa, we Swiss in the town of Solothurn can do. much better.

FOWC with Fandango: Magnitude

RDP Saturday: Strange

You see some strange objects when in town. Just this afternoon I was in town with my scooter. I had a purchase to make in a special store and as I had enough time I decided to take the route along the river.

And then I saw the shoes: no feet, no humans, just shoes and not even matching pairs. Some were for the right foot and some for the left and in various colours. They lead to a door which was closed.They were very nice shoes, leather and fashionable. If I was still a walker I might have removed a pair to wear, but that was the problem. There were no pairs. Perhaps it was someone with only one foot that left the shoes, although as sometimes the right shoe, and sometimes the left shoe was missing, only footless humans could be involved.

I decided to go home, keeping an eye open for someone searching for a missing shoe.

RDP Saturday: Strange

Good Morning

When I first stopped hugging the bed there was nothing worth a photo outside: everything grey and just a few heavy clouds. I decided to be patient and it was rewarded with the first glimpse of blue between the clouds. Yesterday was a rain-filled day and very unpleasant, especially for my shoppping.

My scooter was a sorry picture on the parking space, but I am now getting used to driving in the rain, which is not so bad. It is only when I park it that it begins to collect water, but I have a good cloth for wiping the rain away. When I finished my shopping I had two bags full and informed at the store customer desk to advise the collectors group to pick it up for me to bring it home. As I was preparing my scooter to drive away the lady in the shop came to me and said the collectors were not delivering today and whether I had a possibility to take it home. I told her no way. She then made the kind suggestion that she would bring it home to me herself when she had finished work. I was very glad, but still found it strange that the collectors were not working with no word or message to me.

When I got home I phoned the collectors. The guy on the phone knows me (who doesn’t) and said they were working as normal. They were probably changing their telephone message when the girl from the store called most and she got the wrong end of the stick. Everything was in order and the collectors picked my shopping up and brought it home as usual. Perhaps it was a good thing to be reminded that if that would happen then I should know it in advance from the collectors. The guy said they had no intentions of taking a day off, but it could be a problem if we have a lockdown due to corona virus. Then it would be a lockdown for all of us, and I can just make another arrangement for my shopping. I must say I was a little confused as I really rely on this wonderful group of helpers (although I pay for the service) to bring my shopping home to me.

Otherwise it was a dismal rainy day and I was glad to get home again. Taking photos was a little difficult in the rain although I did manage a couple this morning.

Nothing special, but I had to pack a plastic bag for my garbage which is ready for the container which No. 1 son will deal with for me when he rises. I just love those plastic bags showing a contented garbage eating face.

Talking of eating, look who appeared at the kitchen window waiting patiently for a few feline biscuit snacks. I see her/him now and again in the area, but always heading somewhere with a feline idea in her head. I threw out a few tit bits and then she left again, satisfied with her gains.

Today should be a sunny day with no rain, and I am glad. If it has to rain, then rather not on a Friday when I really have to get some supplies to finish the week-end food. Today I can please myself if and where I go. I might just make a short pleasure trip into town. Otherwise my week-end will be filled with the joys of cooking and perhaps a cake.

I am hoping that this scene will be a thing of the past over the week-end. I have had enough of the rain at the moment.

Have a good week-end, hopefully no stress, and just take it easy. See you around.