FOWC with Fandango: Finagle

“What do you think Russell, is it time to swoop. The farmer has finished clearning this part of the field and now it is all up to us.”

“Stop calling me Russell, we crows don’t have names, I caw and you come. You watch too much of that human TV when you are looking through their windows. I am not Russell Crow, You can call me carrion if you want to, suits me much better.”

“OK, but what about the field.”

“Don’t ask silly questions. Swoop and take I say, first come first served. Look at all those sunflower seeds that the farmer didn’t see.”

FOWC with Fandango: Finagle

Good Morning

I am later than usual this morning, but the cleaning lady is here and I had to make a parcel of a kitchen cutter I have to return because it does not work. My wonderful cleaning lady will take it to the post for me. I am so glad as it is a little complicated to bring anything to the post when you have to park your scooter somewhere. The postage is already paid, so it should work out OK.

Otherwise I spent yesterday at home. I had a slight accident in the morning, falling, not being able to stand again and calling for the ambulance people to help me. I did explain it all in a blog yesterday, so will not repeat it all.

We also had a problem with our tap in the kitchen at the week-end. The top part separated itself from the bottom part. Mr. Swiss fixed it temporarily but yesterday I called our plumber. He arrive in the afternoon and after about a quarter of an hour had already replaced the broken part. He is another one of those wonderful people that you keep on your telephone list if you have a plumbing problem. He said that the fixing screw had broken and somehow disappeared.

As I did not go anywhere yesterday I depended on the food I had in the freezer. I had enough reserve for the evening meal in cold cuts and made a so-called Russian salad to go with it. That is a composition of cooked vegetables in a salad sauce.

It mixes well with the cold meat, especially if you serve it warm. My No. 1 son brought some fresh bread from the store as I had none left from breakfast. It was a well organised logistic event yesterday, but we all survived. Today I was still feeling a little dizzy, but during the morning it worse off.

If there are any orchid experts here, perhaps they can tell me what is happening on this stalk. The orchid flowered last spring and is now producing new leaves on the stalk. It looks like it could develope into a new plant and I am wondering if it would be a good idea to remove the leaves and plant them to see if a new orchid would form.

Otherwise this beauty is still not finished and producing yet another few buds. It flowered the second time this year and has still not stopped.

Today I must be on my way to the store again as my reserves on frozen meat are gradually diminishing. I defrosted a portion of veal for todays lunch, but I usually keep such such expensive meat for a Sunday, or high days and holidays and my mum would say. Although Mr. Swiss is quite happy to eat veal even during the week (and so am I).

The weather is getting colder, but the sun is shining during the day and I am managing OK to go outside. And now I must move on. I am again multi tasking cooking lunch and blogging and I now have a portion of bramata (a coarse sort of corn, to cook).

Have a good day, make the most of it. I leave you with another of our Autumn trees.