Daily Prompt: It might come in useful


Since our home has become part of a building site, we are living willy-nilly, although it is not really a word belonging to my vocabulary. My garden has become a collecting site for willy nilly. There are all sorts of various objects that suddenly appear between blades of grass. It is advisable to wear shoes when entering the garden, you never know what you might encouter with bare feet.

Only today Mr. Swiss found a long screw, a nut and something undefinable, the purpose of which we have not yet discovered,  a veritable willy nilly assortment. Mr. Swiss was examining these objects when I asked him to show me what he had found.


“I want to take a photo.”

My next question was “can we use them?”

This is an important part of the discovery. Workmen hae strange bits and pieces, built to their requirements. A long screw? Something like that has been missing in our tool box for some time. There are always reasons why the screws you have are too short and at last we have found a long screw nesting amongst the weeds. We are convinced it will come in handy one day and so it it placed into the box containing lost builder’s objects. Somewhere we even have a wooden measure, marked with centimeters. We did leave it for a week in the garden, thinking that it would be retrieved, but it was ignored. We decided it would come in useful one day.

Nuts are always good to have because you will definitely have a  screw that will fit somewhere. And if not? You can be sure that in a few days another object will drop from the sky above searching for a fitting nut. And so life goes on,

Yesterday we heard a crashing noise, followed by an profanity uttered by a workman, but unfortunately nothing arrived on our back porch. Shame really, we are sure it would have been something that we could add to our collection of nuts and bolts, together with screws. We noticed a workman afterwards searching outside on hands and knees. Perhaps he was looking for the unidentified object that we found.

And so life goes on. If you ever find such objects, keep them. Never throw them away, they might be willy nilly, but even willy nilly can be useful.

I noticed that WordPress are having a willy nilly at the moment as there are no answers to this prompt. They again have lost the connection, the grid is locked, but no problem. The are bound to find a word that will suit the situation.

Daily Prompt: It might come in useful

Good Morning

Renovation Balcony 14.08 (2)

Our neighbours on the two upper floors are at last getting their balconies again. Yesterday a truck arrived piled up with the balcony gates and by the end of the day they were back in place. It is getting to look a lot like normal again, but the net remains at the moment. It seems that in a week or two one troop of builders will be leaving us forever as their work will be done with the first layers on the building. The painters move in afterwards to put the final touches and by the end of September we will be almost back to normal, but not quite. The scaffolding will probably remain into October and there will be some garden work to be done.Today is a holiday in the catholic parts of Switzerland, including our Kanton of Solothurn, for Asumption Day which says nothing to me. However, it is a quiet day on our building site and no-one will be disturbing the peace with hammers and other noise making machines. I can put my plants on the scaffolding again. It looks like a heat wave day, but this morning quite pleasant.Road to Langendorf 14.p08 (5)Yesterday was a shopping day so as usual Mr. Swiss drove us to the supermarket and I was snapping a few photos on the way, there always seems to be something completely different to take a photo of. As we live in a catholic Kanton, the bishop of Basel (which is the next bordering Kanton) has his palace in our Kanton. He probably wanted to be fair to everyone. Of course he lives in a nice big mansion, but I only get a quick look when driving past and managed to take a photo of his main gates.We finished our shopping, thinking that today the shops are closed for the holiday. We piled our tropies into the car and Mr. Swiss said, in an after thought, “do you want to drive”. The thing is I never actually want to drive, it just happens now and again and I tend to say no when asked. However, it had been a couple of weeks since I last held the fate in my steering wheel hands. I said “no” at first, but at the last minute decided why not and so I drove all the way home. Basically all went well, although I almost took the wrong lane towards driving through town. Mr. Swiss corrected me and so we were back on the right road again. He continued to give instructions, and I continued to ignore him, I had a road to concentrate on. We arrived surprisingly safe home, although there was a slight misunderstanding when I parked the car. With a reverse from the parking place and a forwards correction, we were soon nicely parked.

There were a few clouds hovering around at the top of the mountains yesterday, but otherwise it was blue skies. I could even see our house mountain “Weissenstein” restaurant peeking through the clouds at the top of the mountain.

And now to enjoy the peace and quiet of today’s holiday. For me it is a normal golden oldie day, combined with the delight of an intensive clean of the bathroom to prevent boredom. I will plough on with my book “Game of Thrones”. Now everyone is having a battle but only 150 pages to go thank goodness and I will be finished with this epic boring book. Why am I bothering? Why not, at least I can say I did it when I have finished the book.

Enjoy the day and be kind to your computers.