Daily Prompt: Game of Organisation

Road Machines 12.07 (2)

It is all in the name of “earth warmth”. You want to know more, so do I. Our region is playing a game of organisation on the roads. Your daily trip to the supermarket becomes an obstacle course. The road is filled with machines being guided by a human being, they have not yet employed direwolves or dragons, that part might come.

We are delivered into the whims of the local authorities. They have discovered earth warmth which is something necessary to our existance. Of course there are a few interruptions in daily life. You might find that a normal road is no longer normal, and only negotiable in one direction, but no problem, we will be getting earth warmth. As  I only get this inormation in the german language, I asked Mr. Swiss what it was all about. He studied for a few seconds and decided I should google it. First of all I had to translate the german phrase into english and found the expression “Erdwärme” did not exist. OK I know that “Erd” is earth and “Wärme” warmth, but earth warmth did not make sense.

However, it seems to make sense to those spending money on the project. They are making progress. What began with a hole in the road has now developed into a system of trenches with wooden walls and even pipes have appeared. Somewhere there is a notice telling everyone it is all being done for us.

Road to Langendorf 26.07 (7)

Driving to the supermarket has now become an adventure and Mr. Swiss is working out various escape routes to avoid the building work, although I had to protest. What else does a golden oldie have in life if she does not have an opportunity to take a few good photos on the way.

The last journey on Friday morning was the  highlight of the events.

Road to Langendorf 11.08 (11)

The experts had arrived, the planners, those that had to ensure that the holes were deep enough and above all made in the right place. The grand maester placed a measuring rod in the ground (excuse the expression, I am reading “Game of Thrones” and there are certain similarities). The Hand of the King was armed with his measuring sword, I believe they have the name of theolodite, this was precision work. I noticed the sweat on the brow of the grand maester of the measuring sword, trying to keep it straight – under the threat of being punished by being buried alive in the next shovel of earth. The Hand was judging the distance with his sharpened weapon, standing in concentration: one false measurement and the complete conquest would be in jeopardy. Not the arrow pointing  the way to the local police (Anmeldung Polizei).

The King had not arrived, he was still recovering from injuries caused by an overspill of earth warmth.

Unfortunately we had to move on with the car, but we will be back on Monday morning to see how the work is progressing. Mr. Swiss says the idea is to get warmth from the earth. Switzerland is well known for ice and ice capped mountain peaks, but who knows: perhaps they might discover an extinct vulcano somewhere in the depths.

Daily Prompt: Game of Organisation

Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 11.08 (16)

This just about sums up our current weather situation, grey in grey with clouds covering it all. Looks very romantic with the Jura mountains as a back drop, but after almost a week of continuous rain you do wish it would stop. At first we were happy, no need to spray the garden.

Watering the garden 31.05 (1)

But even there the novelty wears off because everything is dripping wet. The builders have now spread a plastic over the tiles outside on the porch and that is developing into our own private little lake where the water is collecting. What do you do on a rainy day, so many possibilities, like staying inside and cleaning the place. When the cleaning is done you can play with your computer and of course read a book.

I am still ploughing through “Game of Thrones” wishing everytime I take the book into my hands, that I had never decided to read it. Last week I watched a british TV magazine programme and they were featuring the TV series about the book. They interviewed one of the main actors and asked if he had read the book. He said he decided to, to see what it was about. He began the first book, as I have, and was enthralled and captivated, could not put it down and was enjoying all 800 pages. I felt that I was missing something. I began to read this epic because it was there and everyone is talking about the TV film which is now in season 7.

I prefer books. Perhaps the TV show is really something spectacular. All I know is that the book is basically death and destruction and not very nicely done, quite brutal. If someone is in the way they are usually dealt with by sword and the descriptions are quite graphic. I will finish the book, but am not encouraged to read the others in the series. The guy that wrote it is completely take in with descriptions: everything is described to the last detail on many pages. Everyone seems to have a “bastard” somewhere from a lady that earns her money in the sex business. I really cannot understand the interest in this series. I might try one of the episodes on the TV, but it is not really my thing. I think I would even prefer Dr. Who, although the new Dr. Who is a lady, which really seems silly to me. I suppose you have to do something different to get the public interested.

In the meanwhile real life soaps are continuing and Mr. Trump and Kim are still writing new instalments daily. Even our news station no longer bothers with the updates, as they are all the same. If you throw a bomb in my garden I will throw one in yours etc. etc. and it’s still raining here.

Mr. Swiss is going shopping this morning and I am staying at home, what a great exciting morning this will become. I should really get out more, but it’s raining.

See you around later, perhaps it might stop raining. Even our street flags, remaining from our 1st August national day celebrations, are hanging and dripping.
Road to Langendorf 11.08 (3)