Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

Sparrow 11.06 (1)

A sparrow perched on a very fine wire. He looks as if he would be floating in the air.

Young grape vines

At the front the beginnings of a vineyard.These are very small fresh vines and it seems they are packed in tubular material for protection before they grow big and produce grapes.

Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn

A collection of jewellery at the local monthly market.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

Daily Prompt: Unfurling time

Renovation 22.05 (3)

Renovation time is unfurling time. Since April we are being unfurled. There is a problem. What do you do with unfurled material when it is no longer furled. Of course builders have an unfurled  burial site where unwanted goods disappear.

Flower Box

Today we unfurled our planting box. This is made of asbestos cement. It appeared some years ago and served its purpose well for various plants. However, due to the renovation, it had lost its use in the garden. Since April it has been shifted from here to there, my tulips even flowered. In the meanwhile this sort of plant container is forbidden, no longer sold and classified as being unwanted due to the asbeston content. They used to unfurl asbestos everywhere in building programmes, but it has been discovered as a danger to health.

Since the builders have arrived with their various operations, this box has been shifted from here to there I even began to empty it, weekly. I no longer have the energy to do things in a couple of hours. The hours have now become days, weeks and even months. However, I had time and finished the job a couple of weeks ago. I was now left with an empty asbestos box leaning on a garden wall.

This type of  material is unwanted and cannot just been thrown onto the rubbish dump. We called our gardener, a very nice guy. He told us, no problem, but they have to pack it in special material before they bring it to its happy hunting grounds which would have to be paid for – not an exhorbitant sum. Today our gardener arrived. He carried the box on his own to his truck and it is now disappeared.

Another problem solved.

I now have to unfurl a few blogs as again and again WordPress have a probem with the grid. They call us to write, to blog, to join in the happy experience and we are confronted with a nice big fat zero on the gridding page. However, if you return a few hours later, and the blog gods are favouring you. you can re-enter your blog and everything is back to normal.

Daily Prompt: Unfurling Time

Good Morning

Road to Solothurn 16.08 (16)

And so I arrived at the hairdressers yesterday afternoon. There is always something interesting in the hairdressers and this time their dog was making itself comfortable. The dog is part of the environment in the saloon. As they have an outdoor entrance to the small garden at the back, it has enough exercise places. I am now glad to at last been shorn and comfortable on my head. Of course, I even took a few photos of Heidi, my friend and hair stylist, doing her job. They have so many mirrors in the saloon for an interesting back and front view: note I did not need an aneasthetic, it was a painless job.

Road to Solothurn 16.08 (13)

The whole process did not take longer than half an hour and I can now relax for the next 6-8 weeks when the process will be repeated.

The whole excursion was combined with a visit to our local town of Solothurn, so I made the most of it. It is not often that they let me go so far as I tend to make places insecure armed with my walking stick and camera.

Road to Solothurn 16.08 (7)

The town was founded by the Romans whilst they were passing through many centuries ago. Later it acquired its own style of buildings and they remain, protected, today. You do not mess around with old Swiss towns, but preserve them. The modern buildings are all on the fringe of the town. On the way home I took a shot of our Swiss reform church which is quite a modern conception.

Road to Solothurn 16.08 (24)

Although the area is predominantly catholic, we celebrate both Swiss religions. In was in this church that both my sons were christened.

Yesterday our happy builders were at work again. When I decided on my midday sleep I discovered that I could not open the window in the bedroom, as some sort of strange work was being done and they were sealed: actually all windows on the East side of our appartment. I do not like having a sleep with closed windows and went in search of the workman who was hovering around outside by the entrance. I explained my problem (in italian because it works quicker) and he assured me it was only for the day and he would unseal them when he left in the afternoon. Either my italian was not good enough or he forgot, but the windows were still sealed after he had gone home. Needless to say with the help of a sharp object, the paper seals were cut as we did not intend to sleep at night with sealed windows.

We also noticed that yesterday the official building leaders were on an inspection tour, which is never good. Our roof is now completed and it was again being filled with revegitation which no-one will ever be able to see, except perhaps the Google camera if it happens to fly over.

Today would be a window cleaning day, but I am not sure. I seem to be continuously wiping over windows lately, removing the skyfall of polester foam which tends to cover them in between. Oh, how I look forwards to the day when we will be builder free. There must be another world somewhere out there without metal staircases and bars in front of the window.

Enjoy the day wherever you are and do not forget, never trust a builder.  You never know their intentions.

Road to Solothurn 16.08 (9)

Noticed this postcard hanging outside the book store with others as I was drinking my coke.