RDP Thursday: Wrapped

There was an artist called Christo
An expert at wrapping
In our town it happens
No need to start clapping
If something is dirty
and covered in grime
Just pack in in plastic
And leave it for a time
As you walk past
You hear lots of noise
Water is rushing
Builders playing with toys
One day by magic
The plastic disappears
The building now shines
In Pure white for next years

RDP Thursday: Wrapped

Good Evening

I actually saw a little bit of blue in the sky this afternoon, but not for long. There were even clouds hanging around. It is still very cold and I am glad to be at home in my own surroundings. I just spoke to Mr. Swiss and he is OK. He is making progress with his walking and manages 30 meters with his walker. I can be glad if I manage 30 meters with mine. I am managing OK at home with my No. 1 son.

I booked him for his booster jab and they said they only had time in February as all the dates in January were now fully booked. However, they said if someone would cancel they would let me know. Today I got a call that they had a space and could do the necessary. My son was on his way home from work, so I called him and said he should go to the chemists immediately. Luckily he had his identity card and sickness insurance card with him as well as the record of his first two jabs on his telephone. He arrived home an hour later and had been jabbed. I was so glad. It is really very important with this new Omikron virus that is circulating. We are even getting one or two cases in our little village daily.

And how is this for a flight demonstration. Whilst the tit looked on, the robin descended on its way to the cocoanut shell for some birdie delights. Another unexpected lucky shot.

Today Mrs. Blackbird arrived. She is the one with the plain black beak.

Mr. Blackbird was not far behind sporting his nice yellow beak. I noticed that Mrs. Blackbird was slighly larger than her other half.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, our big day at Christmas time. We have our large celebration with toys for the kids and festive meal in the evening. Christmas Day is just a day with good food and family. My family this year is just myself and No. 1 son, but I did get a nice piece of beef filet for our meal. Mr. Swiss will be celebrating in his rehab home and I am wondering what he will be getting for food.

And that is my exciting day. At least the jay arrived to add some colour to the day.

I wish you all the best wishes of the season. I realised on my journey through internet there are a few colleagues there that are also having a bit of a lonely Christmas, due to pandemic or family problems with health. I am thinking of you all.