Good Morning

It has been so long since I have been here I almost forgot how it works. I will probably not be here very much this week, but now and again I find a few minutes .As you can see the snow has hit us and going anywhere is almost impossible. Yesterday amidst the great snow, I had to go for my booster jab. I tried to postpone it, but I would have had to have waited until end of January. Luckily My wonderwoman cleaning lady picked me up and and waited until it was finished and brought me home. She has so many talents and is a great driver. Snow made no difference to her.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has had his operation to mend his hip joint and now has a plastic-metal hip piece or whatever. His next problem will be to learn to walk again, although he can stand and sit in a chair. I have still not seen him, but hope to go this week. At the end of the week he will be transported to the Bernese Overland in a place called Gunten where there is a rehab clinic to get him walking again. He will be away for a few weeks and will return next year. It is really a wonderful place to be on the Lake of Thun, although now quite covered in snow. I have been so busy with the daily tasks like paying the bills and completing forms for the sickness insurance as well as other chores that Mr. Swiss usually dealt with. At the moment I am on a real learning curve.

Before the great snow arrived I managed to get into town. I really had to get some items as I had not been anywhere for two weeks. It was the last snow free day. The town now had its Christmas lights.

I have not neglected my birds in the meanwhile and since the snow days they are even more dependent on the food, although sometimes I think they look fatter than in Summer.

And now I must go again. I have a form to complete for the insurance and two other forms for other business – all in the name of my patient in hospital. I really do not know when I will be back again, but am hoping for a quiet week-end. I really miss my blogging days and this morning I had to think twice about how to do it. You can forget so quickly. Stay safe and keep well.