Good Evening

It was such a dull day today, I am glad that the neighbour has these Christmas lights in his trees to brighten things up in the evening. I had a nice relxing day today, just pottering around at home. Mr. Swiss seems to be making progress in his rehabilitation process and tells me his walking is improving. They seem to have fantastic menus where he is with wide choices. I am wondering what he will be getting for his Christmas food. I am hoping that he finds his appetite again.

Our robin apeared today in the garden. Again on his own, they never seem to mix with the other birds.

The blackbird was also here. He really seems to be putting on weight

Not forgetting the sparrows who always appear in groups.

I was busy putting new linen on my bed this afternoon. I now only have one bed to care for which is perhaps one advantage in the whole miserable situation.

I thought I could distract myself with some TV in the evening, but they seem to be bringing the same old stuff all the time. Perhaps I should stick my nose in a book. At the moment without Mr. Swiss, my life seems to be paying bills, answering official letters and dealing with the daily chores of life. Of course I have done it all before, but with the difference that I had someone to ask that speaks fluent German. Now I really have to get the ropes of official German, My No. 2 son is a help, but at the moment he is driving through part of the night from Switzerland to Germany with his family to spend Christmas with his wife’s family. He and his family had to take a few Covid tests to qualify for the journey. They are all vaccinated with the booster, but laws have been adapted in Europe.

And now I am off to the next step in my evening computer tasks. Stay safe, keep well and avoid the floating hairy peas that tend to swim around in the air.