Good Morning

I am here again. At the moment things are more settled on my side. I had two weeks of stress and I now have to settle down. Mr. Swiss came home from the hospital and I became a full time carer. I will not go to details. He is my husband, so I did all I could for him. I had support from our Swiss assistance group and they were wonderful. They would come in the morning to get him on his feet but naturally were not here all the time. Caring for sick person is not so easy and then the problems began. He fell three times and I could not get him back on his feet. I had the ambulance each time to help and the third time they took him back to hospital. He had terrific pain in his leg. He had broken his hip bone and they discovered there is still a remainder of the pneumonia. First of all they will have to clear up the pneumonia problem and then afterwards they will operate the leg. This is not an easy time for all of us and my husband is 82 years old. He realises what is happening. His problems are physical and not mental. After the treatment and operation he will go to a holiday home for about a month to recover. I can no longer do this at home. I had a week of nights where I could no longer sleep through the night looking after his needs, changing bed linen etc. etc. He could no longer stand on his feet and I have my MS problems with mobility. So enough of my problems. I now need to rest and try to lead a normal life again. I also have my autistic son at home to care for, although he was a great help. My other son, who lives in another part of Switzerland, also helps where he can. We naturally now have the extra problems in Switzerland with Covid and my son no longer works in his office near where I live, but now only does his work in his home office. He will be coming next Monday to visit Mr. Swiss and see what he can do.

I have naturally not been so busy with the camera but now and again take a photo of local sights. The neighbour has again mounted his Christmas lights in his garden and they make a wonderful show.

Our other Christmas decoration is this crane which was assembled last week for the building site of a new block of flats. I watched how they pieced it together and now it stands in our back yard probably for a year until the building is completed. I have absolutely been nowhere since Mr. Swiss came home. I could not leave him alone. I had all my groceries delivered, although I must venture out again.

There were so many problems to solve. We always split our responsilibities and discussed them but now I had to deal with it all, especially the financial matters, but practice makes perfect. I could not ask him so much. I have even had to relearn blogging as it is almost two weeks since I touched the computer. I must get to grips with my life again. My private life was non existent and I need my little hobbies. Thank goodness my orchids manage without my constant help, they just grow and flower.

And now I have bored you long enough with my personal problems. Today my No. 1 son will visit Mr. Swiss in the hospital and bring him a few things he will need.

Keep safe and well and have a good week-end.