Good Evening

What a miserable day it is, and the rain has only fallen once, but all day. Mr. Swiss called me this morning and was completely miserable, because he wants to come home. I reassured him that it would be better for him to stay in the clinic until he really felt better. In the meanwhile the doctor from the clinic called me and asked how I felt if he would be released at the week-end. It seems he has made good progress and he will be brought home next Saturday by invalide transport during the morning. I have a feeling that he was complaining so much, they will be glad to say goodbye. Naturally he will be glad to be home again. I will be getting help to cope from a Swiss organisation, but will only need them in the morning to help with a wash and getting out of bed. It looks like things are going upwards.

I told Mr. Swiss on the telephone that our computer printer was not printing.This morning my cleaning lady was here. She is such a wonderful person and so practical. She is an expert at repairing things and of course within ten minutes she had it working again perfectly. Somehow it had lost the connection to our computer. She also orgnanised the printer in another place which is much better. She said she has been living alone for so many years, she just has to learn to do it herself. I have decided that I will no longer rely on Mr. Swiss with such jobs. I have learnt a lot from my days of solitude.

Although it is raining constantly today, it does not seem to bother the birds so much, although perhaps they gather a little closer together. I had my grocery delivery this morning and already sent off my order for Friday to make sure I get my delivery slot for the morning. It is New Year’s Eve and probably everyone will be ordering. Now the holiday stress is at last over and I can relax and take it easy.

The sparrows were gathering in the trees opposite, perhaps hoping to star in a remake of the film “The Birds”. And I am now off for the evening. I wish you all best wishes.