RDP Monday: Breathless

There used to be a time, a few years ago, when the Clause would be in town at Christmas with his donkeys giving nuts and Christmas sweets to the children, but that now belongs to the past. Christmas is spent indoors with no contact to others and Covid has taken over. Every year we are told it will get better, but this year it is not better and the donkey stays in its warm stable. All you can leave out for the Santa Claus visit at Christmas is perhaps a bar of soap to wash his hands and he is only allowed to enter if he shows his certificate that he has been vaccinnated.

RDP Monday: Breathless

Good Evening

So here I am again after getting the day behind me, all on my own in he evening, although No. 1 son is also here but in his room. It was another cold day, but some sun in the afternoon. The snow has now almost completely gone and I do not think we will be having a white Christmas, although it would not bother me too much if we did as I am not going anywhere. It is getting towards the end of the year and various Swiss financial matters have to be settled. I have alreay received my letter from the Swiss Pension authorities requiring the amount I paid my cleaning lady this year. I have time to complete the form until end January although I have all I need already. Based on the information I supply they work out how much I should pay to gurantee her pension money when she is retired. I am slowly becoming a finance expert. I spent most of the afternoon working it all out. I am not looking forward to January when we begin to complete the income tax details for next year and this time I am really on my own.

Bird life was really a bit on the slow side today. They seem to have had enough to eat and were just sitting in the trees waiting for something to happen.

The blackbird was foraging around in the ground but with no stress.

I was kept busy with cooking for me and No. 1 son. I should not really say it I suppose, but with Mr. Swiss not here I can really cook what I like. Tonight we enjoyed a beetroot salad with the cold cuts. Mr. Swiss does not like beetroot.

Covid cases reach their highest level in Switzerland today. It is certainly no looking so good in the world. I have been jabbed and boosted so what could possibly happen I think, but you are never safe. I do not mix very much with others.

At least the local Jura mountains in my back yard were showing themselves from their better side with a layer of snow. And that was another day without Mr. Swiss.