Good Evening

It really is evening now. I took this photo in the afternoon when we still had some daylight, although a very dull day again and raining constantly. If this continues, that guy with the big boat will appear and begin to collect the animals in pairs. Luckily we are on higher ground and the river runs below.

The birds stayed under cover to sheltering from the rain. I also stayed at home. I think it must be at least two weeks since I ventured outside. At first we had snow and now it is wet. I spent the morning cooking lunch and this afternoon I tidied up the desk. It has always been Mr. Swiss desk, but I have now taken it over with my computer as he no longer does so much with the computer. He has somehow lost the interest. He really did have a lot of junk and I have now cleared it away and there is even room for his computer as well at the side. I am quite pleased how it is now organised. I also sorted the printer in the other room and there is room for my Apple computer and Mr. Swiss other two computers. They actually work, but he never really used them for the last few years.

Otherwise I was busy uploading some photos and now it is almost time to prepare something for the evening meal. This evening it will be smoked salmon on toast with some garnish of chopped shalottes and horse radish. It will make a change from the cold cuts.

I called Mr. Swiss who was relaxing in his rehab. His bed is next to the window where he is and they have the same dull weather as we do: no fantastic views over the lake, everything grey in grey. He cannot wait to return home again on Saturday. He found the cost of the invalide taxi to bring him home is quite expensive, 450 Swiss Francs. On the other hand I cannot pick him up as I do not have a car and he is about 1-2 hours away on the motorway. Basically the sickness insurance does not cover the home journey, but they said I should send the receipt to them in any case and they might cover part of it. Basically I find you can spend your money on worse things.

The blackbird arrived this afternoon and decided to have a bird’s eye view of the surroundings by perching on the bird feeder, although I think he got a little wet from the rain.

And that is all I have to say today so keep safe and warm and stay dry, although perhaps you have no rain as we do.