Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening

Not that I am deserting everyone again, Mr. Swiss is safely tucked up in his hostpital bed and it can only get better. It seems that the pneumonia problems are now disappearing so now he has his broken hip to concentrate on. When he will be operated I do not know.

It seems we are now approaching the snowy days of Winter as our local mountain, Weissenstein, now has its customary coating of snow which will probably remain until next year. Here everything is clear. I woke up to a few small patches of snow, but during the day temperatures rose and it melted away. We even had sun all through the afternoon. It would have been warm enough to venture a trip into town, but alas a few things cropped combined with telephone calls and I had to give up my idea of going places. There is always tomorrow I hope.

My No. 2 son arrived yesterday and visited my husband in hospital. I was so glad as my son could help him with setting up his telephone and sorting his clothes out. He had received it all but did not find them. Now we can at last communicate by face time at least. My son told me that only one visitor is allowed per day (although for married couples and parents two people are allowed) and you can only stay for an hour. These are Covid times and there are rules to be obeyed. Mr. Swiss had his covid test and passed with flying colours and has no covid infection.

My son stayed for the evening food and afterwards made his way back to home in Schaffhausen which is a 2-3 hour journey by train from where we live.

I also had a visit from a neighbour we once had. He has now moved to the next village and brought me a lovely flower arrangement as it also happened to be my birthday yesterday. I must admit there has been so much happening here with Mr. Swiss in hospital etc. that I really forgot that it was my birthday. He also said that when I wanted to visit Mr. Swiss he would pick me up, drop me off at the hospital and collect me again afterwards. What a wonderful person he is.

My cleaning lady arrived today and made me the same offer, so now it looks like I will be seeing Mr. Swiss in flesh and blood again. She will also pick me up on Friday and bring me to have my Covid boost at the chemists shop in town and bring me home again afterwards. I am so relieved as otherwise I would have had to go with my scooter, or in bad weather with a taxi. She is a wonderful person and very practical. She also repaired my towel hanger in the kitchen and had brought some screws to do it with. I also had a picture which my son managed to knock off the wall. She hung it back in its right place and now I am feeling a little more at home again. It is those little things in life which make you feel better.

We now have a new arrival on our estate and this crane will be present in most of my photos. I took this photo just as the sun was thinking of setting for the day.

My visits will be a little irregular at the moment according to what I have to do. I am now waiting for a call from our computer friend. I cannot get into Mr. Swiss computer as I do not know the password and he has forgotten it. I also want to organise his computer as he will not be online for 1-2 months and I want to look in now and again and clean out the rubbish that accumulates. At least I have his bank account under control. There is so much I now have to do when he is not here.

Have a nice evening everyone, or day or morning or whatever according to where you are.