Daily Prompt: Inefficient

Apple Computer

These are all the possibilities I have on my apple computer to have efficiency. I have the same possibilities on my Windows computer. It just depends which computer I happen to be working with. I also have an iPhone, which is coupled with my apple computer, so what could possibly go wrong? I have learned over my computer years that nothing is perfect. Computers do not live for ever, although we are led to believe they do. I have lost a few things over the years in mysterious ways and have set priorities.

Most important are dates and times that must be maintained with no exceptions. One of these are my MS injections which I should apply every second day and where I inject is also important. It is not good permanently injecting in the same place as that could cause an infection. And so it goes: right and left stomach, right and left leg, right and left arm and right and left in the most sensitive and difficult parts to reach (no details). If I keep this routine, no problem. My reminders are important, no matter where they are, all electronically guided with a peep, a lit up screen and whatever and this in my Apple appliances. What happens if your computer organisation goes on strike. Suddenly the reminders disappear. Yes, it happened to me once on my telephone and the iPad and computer followed, hanging all in the same cloud. I went for a search in Internet and found that this is a possibility. I managed to re-instate my reminders file, but there were no more reminders in it.

Unfortunately I depend on this organisation and possibilities are not my solution. I have my solution for this inefficiency which could happen. I bought myself a wonderfully bound notebook and when an injection is due I enter the date and place for the next injection. These injections do not cure, there is no cure for MS, but they stop the rapid progression of the illness.

Never rely on a computer, they have human qualities of not always being infallible, after all they are machines made by humans. I always have a backup in good old fashioned writing. A lost telephone number is not so bad, you find it somehow. Just saying.

Daily Prompt: Inefficient

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Inefficient

    • My problem is being able to reads my handwriting afterwards. I can no longer hold a pen in my hand very well. That is why I rely so much on the computer notes.


    • I think Switzerland is so small that you do not really need a map, although they have the record for changing street specifications. Today it is avaialble on both sides, and tomorrow it will be a one way

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  1. For the last 25 years I’ve had a land-line phone that came into my home through the same cable as my TV and internet. It always worked well, with one exception when there was a brushfire along the line. Suddenly, earlier this year, I received a notice that the provider, Cox, was making changes — they needed to install a modem in my home so I could still have a phone with their services. The cable now feeds to a modem, and the phone plugs into that modem; the phone is digital! For the last week I’ve had issues with not receiving a dial tone when I wanted to dial out. Last night I had a dial tone, but the connection was so bad that the person I was calling couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman leaving a message. I could hear him, but he was getting a garbled message from me. The tech people say they are working to repair whatever the issue is, and I may continue to have outages today. Iif I cannot use my phone to make calls, that is completely unacceptable, and I will seriously consider leaving Cox for another provider. Efficiency? — I think not!

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      • If I had kids, or a husband, or even a roomie that I needed to keep in closer touch with, I would switch to a mobile phone. I have one, but keep it in the car to use in emergencies, rather than using it as a regular phone. I’m actually beginning to look even more digital — to a VOIP technology, which I don’t yet understand, but which has been highly recommended to me. If Cox can’t get things together, I may well switch!

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