Good Morning

Clouds 25.03 (2)

I am a little later this morning, but had to re-organise my timing as the cleaning lady should arrive this morning. I say “should” as you never know: a quick breakfast and shower and clean through what I can physically clean and here I am. Since my broken leg has decided to attach itself to my body again, things can only get better. I took the photo yesterday afternoon from my garden as I departed for yet another wheelie in my chair. It looked a bit stormy, but the sun was shining here and there, and I could wear my light spring jacket, so what could possibly go wrong. This time I decided to head uphill to the local castle known as Waldegg.

Feldbrunnen 25.03 (6)

I was not the only one with this idea and notice some happy troopers already on their way. As I am on the road with electricity, I overtook most of them on the way. I notice a sign pointing to the village museum. It is a museum, consisting of one room with a few agricultural exhibits, but nothing spectacular and is situated in a old chalet. I eventually  reached the castle and here is a full photo that I took from the local burial ground.

Castle Waldegg 24.03.2018

I moved on to the path leading to the chickens. On this photo you can see the new movable chicken house perched on the grass at the left front.

Chickens 25.03 (4)

This time it seems that the chicken was more curious about me and was a little suspicious as I was sitting there taking a closeup photo with my zoom lens.

I decided to make a detour on the way home along the main road and not a direct crossing. The direct crossing to the castle is a bit bumpy for my wheels an so I crossed at the lower part of the road where it is more flat and I can avoid the islands in the middle of the road. When you belong to the walking population you never think of these things. I now have a mental impression of the sizes and heights of road crossings since having my wheelchair. I was rewarded with an  alternative path as behind the fence there are pastures for horses.

Horses 25.03 (10)

This one was particularly curious to see what I was doing. If the weather continues to remain warm they will soon let the cows out and so I will have yet another animal for photos. I seem to live in the middle of a domestic zoo.

I decided to return home, today is another day for adventure. This morning Mr. Swiss is shopping for lunch and this afternoon I will accompany him to the store to buy more food and for the first time I will risk it with my walking stick without my fo. It will help relax the Easter stress. Oh how I dislike these holidays that have closed days in the stores and disrupt the daily life. Even if today is Monday, try to enjoy it all the same, it will soon be the week-end again. Have fun with your computers and enjoy the day. I will leave you with a photo of the village church, also on a small hill, complete with burial ground.

Feldbrunnen 25.03 (13)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The photos are from my surroundings, Feldbrunnen, which is the next village to the town of Solothurn, I have been living here and a few years in the town of Solothurn almost 50 years and have never tire of it. I love this area.

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  1. I actually bought my holiday food — a ham that is much bigger than we need, but even a half a ham is huge for us. On a more positive note, the leftovers will make good sandwiches. Every holiday, something is made especially cheap. Turkey for Thanksgiving, corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, ham for Easter. If I wasn’t the only Jew in town, they might put lamb on sale, which both Garry and I would like even better — but lamb is never on sale.

    Still, at $0.97 per pound, an 8 pound lamb costs less than $8 and you can’t argue with the value for the money. The ham is taking up the whole bottom of the fridge. I was thinking of inviting guests … but then I thought better of it. All that cooking an cleaning.

    We did a major cleanup yesterday. Garry lost a bottle of pills. Duke has developed a fondness for chomping on plastic bottles and while I had no proof, I was pretty sure he was at the bottom of the mystery. So we shoveled out the crate where all the dogs store their “goodies.” And sure enough, all of Garry’s pills were under the pile of blankets. The bottle was crunched to pieces, but he wasn’t interested in the pills. Phew.

    It’s a lovely day today here, too. Still quite cold, but they are promising warm weather by next week — with just a tiny bit of snow in between. We may yet get some spring weather!

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    • We also have a ham for Easter Sunday, one of those special pre-cooked sterilized hams in a special airtight wrapping. We are only three people eating it. Actually I was going to ask. Being jewish, how come your actually eat ham. In area where I grew up in London, it was about 40% jewish and we had many jewish restaurants with the speciality of salt beef. I remember when we arrived in New York. Our first meal was in a jewish restaurant, there were bowls of pickled cucumbers on the table,but they served ham and eggs. I was surprised.
      We are not inviting anyone for Easter. We stopped inviting some time ago, I cannot manage the big cooking so much. It is a good job you know your dogs. I remember many many years ago when a pill was missing from my antibaby pills. We were on holiday. It seemed that my youngest thought it was some sort of sweet. We were worried and asked the doc, but he said no worry, as there is no danger that he could get pregnant. Funny, unfunny doctor.
      The butchers department in the supermarket is full of special offers for lamb at the moment, but I am going for stuff that I can buy in advance.


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