Share Your World – 2016 Week 16

And a few more secrets from the Angloswiss chamber of horrors.

If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts?  Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected?

glassesHere they are, together, my two pair of Vari-focal glasses. Why two, a very good question. It just sort of happened. I got the one on the right, was not very happy with it, although Mr. Swiss found it looked good on me. I went for something lighter and got the one on the left. On a day where I present myself to the public I wear the one Mr. Swiss likes and otherwise for the general housework and playing with the computer I wear the glasses on the left. It never entered my mind to have cotacts. My son also wears glasses, but he had a problem when playing pool. either he would have to get the special glasses which are sort of upside down balanced on the nose to prevent them obstructing his pot shots, or contacts. He settled for the disposable contacts because he otherwise did not need them.  I mean you have to make sacrifices if you want to be the Paul Newman/Tom Cruise type of player.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

bovi stop
I do not know if you have this sign in the States, or anywhere else for that matter. A “Bovi” refers to one of these,

He posed for his photo

meaning that if you are on your way somewhere in cow land, in the swiss mountains usually and you see this sign it means that the cows have to stop. As cows cannot read it is for the humans to tell them the cows now have their own path to take. The path looks like this


and with my experience, it is not easy to walk across. The cows manage quite well, might even make a recycling stop on the way, but it just drops through the metal slits. What does this have to do with me? I am accident prone and taking a walk always has its dangers. My last fall was about 6 weeks ago where I arrived in the ER. Luckily no bones broken. I just happen to make a false step whilst taken a photo of a horse. The horse survived but on my way down I gripped his fence which was unfortunately under an electric current, but luckily a weak electric curren. This made no difference, you get the pins and needles feeling all the same. Now you know what a bovi stop is. I have seen many. By the way the cow is my photo and the other two Internet, but I knew what I was looking for.

Was school easy or difficult for you? How so?

Lawrence Infants school

Third from the right with the side bow in my hair (my mum had a thing for bows) in the second row from the back at infants school, age about 5 probably. Of course it was easy, no problem. Just no gymnastics, then everything was OK. As the years progressed I discovered I could speak foreign languages better than my own, and was quite good at maths, beause it was all figures and no grammar. I still hated gymnastics and at last mum gave up the idea with the bow. Nothing was really difficult, I just found some of the teachers were over taxed with my genius.

Would you rather take a 1 or 2 week vaction with an organized tour or take a cruise of your choice?

At my age, no thankyou. I get sea sick on a boat on the local river and being organised is not my idea of a holiday. I now spend my holidays in the garden, and on a good day I have a view of the Bernese Alps.


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

My father, who is now 100 years old, has been in hospital for the past month and I was grateful to my friend in england who visits him regularly and keeps me in the picture.

At the moment I am taking things day by day.  I am satisfied with my life, could not wish for anything better, but just hope that everything goes well next week, especially with my father.

Share Your World – 2016 Week 16

Colour Your World: Violet (Purple)

Me in Marrakesh

Now and again you are surprised by a young beautiful lady relaxing on cushions, somewhere in Marrakesh in Morocco. Now who could that be? OK, hope I am not cheating, photo taken by my husband but with my camera. I don’t think selfies were so possible in those days, when I didn’t have grey hair.

Stones, market, Solothurn

And some crystals on a market stall in our town.

Colour Your World: Violet (Purple)

Daily Prompt: Closet

Cabinet, Castle Waldegg, FeldbrunnenAs an ex Pat/Brit the only place I can think of as a closet is, yes, a Water Closet – W.C. in the english jargon. I do not know how the inhabitants of our ex colony across the pond would refer to it. The water closet  has been around since caveman Ug decided to dig a hole in the ground to hide the remants of a mammoth meal, which was probably mammoth in more than one sense of the word with various names and shapes. The soldiers in the war called them “The deser Rose” because the desert probably did rise according to what was deposited there. Even the river Thames served its purposes when the Londoners disovered that it was all on their doorstep, so who needed a WC. Today the sense of the work has taken another meaning, and closets are everywhere. They now have doors and shelves and used for storage. The water closet had no storge, Who would want to store anything like that. The idea was to hide it from the eyes (and noses) of everyone and send it on its way to a dark place, mainly beneath the ground, flowing into undewater streams known as sewers. there are even towns that now proudly have opened their sewers as a tourist attraction. There is a sign Visit the Paris Sewers System, entrance fee €4.30, so they even make money out of it.

We Brits tend to have cupboards, other than closets Seems words change when they cross the poind. By the way the photo is not one of my closets (note plural form of the word) it was taken in our local castle. They had much nicer closets. I decided not to show a photo of my closet. Even with the doors closed it would be an infringement into my private sphere. It is big enough to accomodate my hanging clothes and also my laying clothes. The ones that hang are trousers and blouses and jackets. The laying clothes are the t-shirts. I have a side compartment with shelves where my home dress is and nightdresses. Home dress is necessary as it is the “doesn’t matter if it gets stained or creased” appearance. If they let me out I wear the more respectable garments, the ones that are more or less kept clean and don’t have to be ironed before showing in public.

Of course I keep my seasonal clothes in the appartment. In summer the off the shouder look and just below the knee pants, whilst the winter clothing is having a hibernation in the hobby room in the monster closet. However, as time goes, the amount of clothing diminishes and to save shifting everything twice a year, I have reduced the seasonal changeover somewhat. Mr. Swiss has the same amount of room as I do, plus an extra closet in the spare room for ….. I am not really sure what, but I know I have my fondue rechaud in this spare closet and he has a few non-clothing objects.

As the years go by I seem to have made a hobby of organising. I used to be a chaos person, although it was an organised chaos. I always found what I was looking for eventually, although it needed to be ironed before I could wear it. These days are now gone. I have become a tidy person, no longer Mrs. Chaos, I even put the freshly washed and iron home t-shirts at the bottom of the pile. At the top are those that were freshly washed and ironed the last time, just to ensure a perfect rotation of the goods.  Yes, I have home t-shirts and away t-shirts according to the purpose for which they are needed.

Writing this makes me realise how Swiss I have become over the years. In England we always seemed to have a mess, and never room for everything. Since being retired, it seems I have nothing better to do when not writing my Pulitzer prize suspicious blogs, as to keep my closets tidy and organised. This reminds me I noticed I still have a winter jacket hanging on the rack in the entrance hall which should now be in the hobby room with the other Winter items. This is taking up unnecessary space and so I will remove it today.

The only problem I have at the moment are the shoes. I do not want to throw away the old shoes, they might become fashion again. The unwanted shoes are in three large paper carriers in the hobby room, so they are no problem. My daily shoes, which are comfort pure, all adida lookalikes, mainly Sketchers, are in my bedroom closet at the bottom. I should actually remove them and apply the vacuum cleaner to remove the earth remans of my walks. I do have at least 3 pair of nice shoes, but I never seem to need nice, just comfortable. On the other hand they might come in useful for a special occasion. Special occasions seem to be few and far between as you become a golden oldie.

And now to clean the closet – but which one?

Daily Prompt: Closet

Good Morning

Derendingen 14.04 (24)

Yes, it is still raining, now into the third day. No floods up to now in our area, but it is quite possible in others. We live higher up from the river so the water stays below. Last week we decided to organise the gardener to prepare everything for the year. He wanted to come last Friday, but Friday is never a day for me for doing stuff. I have my own timetable and the gardener did not fit in. He re-scheduled for today, on Sunday evening around 7.00 p.m. we got one of those SMS messages that he would have to postpone it until Tuesday.

I don’t blame him, I would also not want to do garden work when you get wet boots and it rains on your head. Actually life is quite simple today. If something crops up on Sunday, no problem. Just send a text message on the phone beginning with perhaps an apology for it being Sunday evening, and within a few minutes you reply with a text message. No more starting up the computer, going to the e-mails and writing something which the receiver might not even see until the next day. Life gets faster daily, sometimes a little too fast for my golden oldie head.

So what are we going to do today? There is a trip to the local supermarket for food supplies. Looking at my iPhone (again) where I have the shopping list, I see there is only one item written “weisswein”, which is white wine. Not that we live on wine, but I like it to add to certain meat dishes when I am cooking. Why is the list in german you may be asking, the lady has an english mother tongue! Yes well being an organised cyber golden oldie, and Mr. Swiss also being of the same tribe, I usually send him my list per SMS before embarking on the shopping safari by message from my phone to his, adding perhaps a little heart on the message. I think there are at least 100 various heart designs on the phone. He speaks and understands english perfectly, but to obtain a quicker result, it is always better writing german.

In the meanwhile the real life conversation between Mr. Swiss and me will consist of items to be added until we depart into the unknown. Today is Monday, and whether you have duties to perform at a paid workplace or not, Monday remains Monday. The taste is still in the brain. In a way we are all Pavlov Dogs.

See you tomorrow, same time, same place, unless my monotonous life is subject to something completely different.