Colour Your World: Yellow Green

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Walnut Tree with Catkin - planted by me from a walnut

I once planted a walnut in a large pot and it grew. I even once had two walnuts. A year later it produced this strange growth, which sometimes happens on walnut trees. My walnut tree is not longer. It gave up one year, but I still have a few photos in memory of my lost walnut tree.

Romford Cemetery

Romford cemetery, Essex, East of London

Colour Your World: Yellow Green

Share Your World – 2016 Week 17


shopping listWhen writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?

Neither nor, it seem that over the years, due to the influence of the cyber world I no longer am able to move my hand in a way that my writing can be read and understood.This is my shopping list. I add to it now and again. It is on my iPhone and the advantage is that Mr. Swiss no longer has to scribble notes of a piece of paper about what to buy. I cannot read his handwriting even after 47 years. I make my list, send it to him by SMS to his iPhone and we both walk around in the supermarket with our iPhones. I would add he keeps his in his pocket away from prying eyes, but I have mine in my hand for all to see. I am an iPhone addict and my name is Anglowswiss.

candycrushWhat’s your choice: jigsaw, word, maze or numeric puzzles?

I quite like jigsaws, part of growing up. Otherwise I must admit I am a CandyCrush Fan on my computer and its related objects. No addiction involved, just fiddle around and get a few rewards. I am now on level 245 and have been since Christmas, but it doesn’t bother me. Just keeps me occupied in dull moments.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? 


At the moment I am going for longer again. I have had short for many years, it is handy to wash and just let it dry and am not blessed with the thick head of curly locks. It keeps it in better condition. However, I have had my long hair days as a teenager. I might let it grow or might have it cut again. At the moment I can live with it. On the left the new me. For the shorthair version you can see my WordPress photo.

List five some of your favorite blogs.

Well what did you expect? I just wanted to be fair to everyone.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful that everything went well with my father’s transfer to a good care home with no problems.

Up to now it has been a good week, no accidents on my side, weather been ok, and I am still alive to prove it all. At my age you are thankful for small mercies.

Share Your World – 2016 Week 17

Daily Prompt: Solitude

Derendingen 14.04 (22)

Perhaps you are looking for solitude to have time for your thoughts, to think about the meaning of life, or it might just happen. Even this lonely bridge was not left in peace, someone had to scrawl some messages on the wall.

When you move house, to another counry. you are alone basically. For me it was not a big problem, I had a lot to organise, had a job and contact with the family of my boss.  You are in a different country, which does not mean that you immediately find friends of your own age, are invited to parties and shopping trips, no – you have some lonely moments.. I did feel lonely now and again, but soon found some contacts.

It was different when I move from Zürich to the smaller market town of Solothurn. I knew no-one, just the people in my office and they had their own families and friends, and were certainly not waiting for me. You have no-one to laugh with, no-one to accompany you into town and no-one to share those moments of discovery when you decide to go somewhere on a train. You have to do it all by yourself. You long to talk to someone, laugh, discuss, but there is only I, me and myself. I had moved to a new place and was living in a village in a room in a house. I did not even have facilities to cook. During day I could eat lunch in the canteen where I was working, but it is a lonely life searching for somewhere to eat in the evening. There is a lot to overcome to sit at a table alone in a restaurant and order a meal. Afterwards you leave, but there is no evening entertainment. You go home to your lonely room and the next day begins again. This was pure solitude.

Of course now and again someone might invite you somewhere, but afterwards it is back to lonely square one. One day I met Mr. Swiss. I met him on the first day of my new job, but all beginnings take their time. After just over a year I was married and had two step children and a growing bump which would become No. 1 son. My days of solitude were finished and now I had to search for the quiet moments between the diapers, baby bottles, and taking children to school, as well as fitting in some cleaning and shoppng. Me time had now grown scarce, but the solitude had disappeared. As I write this I realise that there is a difference between solitude and being alone. Solitude was what I experienced when I was living alone. I now had  a few “alone” moments, but I no longer craved a return to the solitude. My kids are now grown, it is just me and Mr.Swiss and Tabby our feline. My oldest son still lives at home, but he has his own life.

Mr. Swiss respects the fact that I now and again like to be alone in my “office” to write a blog or deal with my hobby of photography. I respect his wish to visit our hobby room in the cellar and have a drum practce or go into town where he has his own rehearsal room. It is his hobby, and unfortunately the neighbours that really enjoy having someone living in the house playing drums are few and far between. We do not seek solitude, just a few minutes to do our own thing.

A Sunday afternoon walk through the Einsiedelei, Rüttenen

EinsiedeleiWhat you see on the picture above is solitude pure. It is a small ravine in the village of Ruttenen about five mintues drive from our village. A stream runs through it and there are a couple resturants, but only one person living there, our local hermit. Some even choose to be married in the ajoining chapel. The person that wants to be tbe local hermit can have their solitude in this place. I have lived in this area for 47 years and have seen many hermits come and go. They do not stay very long. They were all seeking whatever hermits seek but unfortunately never really found it. At the moment it is empty, the last hermit, a lady, decided it was not the life of solitude she was seeking.

A Sunday afternoon walk through the Einsiedelei, RüttenenEven hermits have problems today. You want to be alone, live your life doing whatever hermits do and above all enjoy the peaceful surroundings for your meditive moments. They even renovated the house as some hermits found it too damp for their rheumatism. And now we have no hermit. The herit left because she found she was not alone, too many tourists waiting at the end of the path to her house with a camera, waiting to see a real live hermit. Too many dogs barking and running out of control. Arguments occurred, loud voices and the hermit got quite angry. Hermits do not get angry of course, they are peace loving people. Eventually the hermit left, returned to her convent or whereever hermits live when they want to get away from the maddening crowds. You see today even if you seek solitude you no longer find it. Anyone looking for a job? There is one available in Ruttenen in a lovely little house with stream and chapel attached. You just have to be a dog lover.

Daily Prompt: Solitude

Good Morning


Today it is one of those days. Mr. Swiss just said it is one blue sky. The sun is still rising and I think it will stay. Temperatures are still low, but they will hopefully improve during the day. Our farmers were quite worried. After the good weather we had, the trees were showing their blossoms and then the cold spell was approaching. Panic broke out, it would mean the fruit havests were in danger. Apparently they had their methods of warming the ground and some sort of heat treatment that would help to prevent too much damage, although not the complete solution. Now it looks like the main danger is over. My apple trees still have their flowers, but we live in a faily sheltered place. Beneath my garden there is the underground garage which keeps the ground on the warmer side. We do get ground frost, but only during the real cold Winter months.

Today is holiday for me, I love Thursdays. No more big housework jobs to deal with, just the usual whip around and that is OK. I cannot just sit around and play with my computer all day. Even Mr. Swiss does me the favour of leaving me for an hour or so in the morning as he has one of his drum lessons. Of course, it is also bed linen day changing day. That is a combined effort. I stripped the beds and now my work is finished. I am not allowed to put the clean linen on Mr. Swiss bed, he prefers to do it himself. As I do not want to interrupt the process, I let him cover my bed as well.

I have a few office jobs to deal with today on the computer. It is just like being at work again, dealing with stuff, with the difference that I do not get paid for it. However it keeps me in the routine and prevents my grey cells from diminishing.

As the Pulitzer prize man has not yet arrived with my nomination it will probably be a day like any other day. Keep well everyone and spare a thought for the bloggers that do not know what to blog.