4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Finale

  1. The old tradition was to burn the tree in one’s fireplace. But of course, most of us don’t have a working fireplace anymore. We have two fireplaces, but stopped using them a while ago. One needs repair and the other is huge but the room it’s in is small, so you put up a fire and then you have to go stand in the hallway because the room becomes a sauna. The guy who built this place didn’t seem to know very much about building houses.

    i do remember, way back when we really DID burn the trunk. But it was a ton of work, cutting off all the small branches, then cutting the trunk into fireplace sized pieces — all of which had to be done outside inevitably in snow or pouring rain. I’m happy to pretend at this point. There’s enough real work that needs doing without adding more.

    My your new year be much better than the last few! Lots of love from us to you over the sea.

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    • We just put them in the garden collection. They used to throw them in the street from the balconies. But that got a little dangerous. May you see the new year in in a good way and may the next year be a good one for you both.


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