Good Morning

Although we just have sprinkling of snow here is the lower land, up on the local Jura mountains they have they usual Winter dress. This is the view from my front garden.

Otherwise I am alone at home and gradually getting to grips with the situation. My No. 1 son went to the hospital yesterday to bring Mr. Swiss some clothing and other bits and pieces, but it has become something like a state prison. At the entrance there was a guard from a security company. My son had to show his Covid vaccination certificate and identity card but was not allowed to see my husband in his room. They took the items and will give them to my husband. No-one is allowed in the ward. My husband has a broken hip and the remains of pneumonia and not Covid, thank goodness. I do not know how the situation will develop further. My second son is coming today, so he might find out more. All I can do is sit and wait at home. I cannot even call my husband. His phone is not working and when I called over the hospital reception this morning I got the message I could not disturb him, so I just do not know what is going on. In the meanwhile I will just continue with my normal day (if you can call it normal) and hope.

My birdy colleagues are still visiting, which is obvious when I am always feeding them, but it helps with ther antics to distract me. This jay has really moved in and is a regular customer. He appears as one of the first in the morning. They are really lovely birds with their blue feather tips on the wings.

Of course the tits are always hanging around. They prefer to peck from hanging objects or just sit on the bird table.

I decided on a TV evening yesterday but had the choice from a football match or the British snooker championships. Snooker is something like pool, but with a lot more colourful balls and a bigger table with more pockets. My dad was quite a good player and he taught me a lot. I can play it and know all the rules, but am no expert. I watched the game yesterday eventually and got quite interested being able to follow all the moves and knowing the tricks of getting someone snookered by blocking their path to a good shot.

I was looking for a good film, but they were only repeats and the CBS true crime gets a little boring when you watch often. I was glad when I had emptied the washing machine hung up the damp items and went to bed.

And that is all I have to say this morning. I now have a few telephone calls to make and deal with a few odds and ends. Stay safe and well

27 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Do you have a tablet you can get to him? Can you Zoom to each other?

    I remember from when I was in hospital, he will likely be bored out of his brain, especially if he is immobile.

    Also, everything in UK hospitals happens in the morning. Doctors etc. There are therapy sessions that happen throughout the day, but generally, the afternoon is a void. Maybe try calling him after lunch?

    Nobody ever hurries in a hospital, either, which is frustrating. It’s always manana.

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  2. Lovely photos of your Jay and clever bird feeder. I’m sure you and your husband are both frustrated by the hospital restrictions. Would it be possible for the nurses to wheel your husband over to a window so that you or your sons could wave at him? That is something they do here for patients in a hospital and also in nursing homes during the pandemic. That might bring a smile to him, not to mention to you, too! Continuing to wish for a smooth convalescence for him. In the meantime, be gentle to yourself. Take care.

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    • The hospital is new and not built for waving at windows. At the moment he is isolated because of the pneumonia to make sure he does not get more infected. He is not allowed to move from the bed due to the broken hip. He sleeps most of the time.

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  3. Good Morning!
    Although, it seems to me that it is more difficult than your positive attitude portrays it to be. I know how excruciating it is to be unable to contact someone in the hospital, and that your situation is even more difficult than anything that I ever experienced. (For me, contact was avoided just because it was too difficult for the patient to use the telephone, and because rest was very important. I was able to visit briefly at particular times.)

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    • We have now decided that he has to call me until his telephone is working again. It just does not work when I call him. At the age of 82 these things are no longer so easy to handle I suppose.

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  4. I am so glad to read that you relaxed for a little while to watch TV — even if it was only snookers that you were watching, that “me time” will help you get through a very difficult situation! The birds will become friends, too, as will the neighborhood animals. My thoughts are with you, and I send you love and hugs!

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  5. I am sorry to hear Mr. AS is having such a rough time and hope he will improve very soon and easily. Is that a dried orange in the bird recreation area, or something else…? I am the slave of our backyard birds and would put out citrus or other things if I knew they liked them and that it is good for them. Thanks and best wishes

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    • At least my husband is Covid free, they did a test today.
      It is a cocoanut shell filled with a mixture of seeds in lard. They sell them in the store and the birds love to peck on it


  6. So pleased that your husband is on the mend and that things are so obviously improving and it is great news that your transport problems have been sorted out. How lucky you are in your friends and neighbours. Incidentally, my husband who was a good snooker player (in fact we had a snooker room in our basement) and thought Pool was a much inferior game, used to say that Snooker had big balls and small holes whereas pool had small balls and big holes.

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    • Tomorrow Mr. Swiss will be operated for his hip and afterwards will be off for a couple of weeks to a holiday home in our local town, so I will be able to visit him now and again. My dad was quite good at snooker. He taught me a lot, but I think I was more gifted in ripping the baize on the table with the cue.

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      • Sadly, my hand to eye co-ordination has never been more than useless so I couldn’t play snooker although I love watching the game. Or I used to when my husband was alive and we watched together. It’s not the same watching alone, it needs someone to make comments to! Regards to Mr. Swiss and hope all goes well tomorrow.

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