Good Morning

Walk Through Feldbrunnen

Let’s begin with something different this morning. Spring is springing and the iris leaves are showing. The sun was shining and we had reached 20°C temperature, so what could be better. I had charged the battery on my wheelchair in preparation and was ready to go. It is at least three months since I last went for a wheelie, so was just a little nervous, but once I was on my way there was no problem. I decided on the part of the village in my immediate surroundings: no roads to cross and everything under control. No point in overdoing it the first time out.

My first problem was getting dressed for the occasion as I had been living in comfortable expanding trousers and t-shirts since my accident and now I had to dress for the public. Putting my socks on was the most complicated part, especially the left foot which still objects to being moved. I was soon ready and was directed out of the appartment by Mr. Swiss. I had my mobile phone with me in case of emergency.

Walk Through Feldbrunnen

As I turned the corner this was the first sight that greeted me, what could be better. The atmosphere was right and I got a panorama of the Bernese overland as I looked South. The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the three mountain giants, were all there as if to say welcome back. This really lifted my spirits.  A lady then walked past, also a golden oldie. She greeted me with a smile and commented at last we have an opportunity to enjoy some warmer weather and the surroundings.

One thing lead to another and we had a discussion. Another enjoyable moment of spirit lifting. We talked about how nice it was to live in our village and discovered we lived quite near to each other which is not difficult in our village as it is a smaller village.

As I wheeled along afterwards I saw that various neighbours were now tending to their gardens. It was the weather to begin: just a little pottering about and having a check on what was growing and planting new stuff to grow.

Walk Through Feldbrunnen

I also noticed that the crane population had increase in the village. New appartment buildings are appearing and a senior citizen luxury residence with various appartments is also being built. They will not be cheap, but they will be perfect for a retired life. Of course they will also maintined the low tax rates we have in the village.

Walk Through Feldbrunnen

After an hour it was time to return home before Mr. Swiss sent out an alarm for me.  I felt fine and discovered that even life in a wheelchair now and again has its advantages. I was mobile, and could take photos with no problem. I even took my zoom lens with me in my bag, but did not really need it. Today we are back to cold and freezing, but yesterday compensates. We even have some snowfall ahead of us, but today remains dry. Perhaps I might make the great escape again, who knows. There is a cemetery, stables and a chicken run waiting for my visit, as well as some geese and ducks.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have heard that the chickens and ducks have been preening in anticipation of Mrs AngleSwiss taking their photograph. So glad you were able to ‘fly the coop’ and have an enjoyable time outdoors.

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  2. Congratulations! How great to be outside again. Love the fresh green shoots and your mountains are, as ever, breathtaking. I’m going to the doctor and right now, snow is melting. Unfortunately, there’s another freezing weather pattern on the way and possibly, more snow, too. But it will end. It always ends, right? No matter how bad it is, spring comes eventually. Meanwhile, it is COLD out there.


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