Daily Prompt: How not to forget

Case Lock

Going away on holiday and travelling by plane? Did you lock your case before it was put on the plane? Of course, you have one of those numerical locks that you can twiddle to hide the opening number of the case. Eventually you arrive at your desitnation and so does the case. You are now ready for the holiday, just open the case an sort everything. Now what was that number? I changed it last week just to be sure, but was it Fred’s birthday, my birthday or the cat’s birthday. There is a solution: put it on your smartphone.

The phone goes everywhere and so do the codes. Of course, you do not write “my secret code for the lock on my case”, but use a title like “travel” perhaps. No-one would realise it was the code to the case. Of course if you forget what “travel” actually means with the three numbers afterwards, then there is no hope.

My mobile phone is full of secrets, although I only have the case code. As I no longer travel to far flung places, I can tell you, but I will not inform the secret number.

The Smartphone has become my memory. I know when to take my medicine, I know when certain ailments have appeared, I have also registered my diabetes readings as I am now over 70 years old and my doctor says it is advisable if I have a car accident as the police want to know the state of my blood sugar. I also have a strange list of flower names. I often take a photo of a new arrival in the flower store (for one of my blogging challenges) and when I arrive home forget what the name of the flower was. I now have a small list and as soon as I name the flower in my photo file I removed the name on my phone list.

I even have a list of various accidents that happen to me now and again, you never know.  On 28.02.2017 I fell in the laundry room or on 24 & 25.07.217 I was deaf and had to go to the doc to have my ears syringed. These memories are now engraved on my smartphone.

Of course it carries my shopping list, but that one is on a cloud connected to Mr. Swiss mobile phone. If I forget he remembers, and if he forgets I have remembered. If we both forget? Well that smartphone has not yet been invented, the mind reading phone, but someone always remembers somewhere.

So always take your phone with you and before leaving ask your partner whether he has his phone as partners tend to forget such things, they have more important things on their mind. Of course, I have all my passwords on a memory stick, not on the computer. However, where did I put the memory stick?

A funny thing just happened. I am working on my Apple computer and I have an iPhone which is also Apple. I just pressed a button somewhere on my phone and Apple showed me its file with all my iCloud notices on the computer. Isn’t it a clever computer, although I am not sure about that one. Must have an apple to apple talk with my online devices and remind them they should not be so free with sharing my memories.

Daily Prompt: How not to forget

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: How not to forget

  1. I use the Notes feature on my iPhone, but then I forget to look at it!!! I am trying to train myself to use it, but it is so hard to develop a new habit. Do you use the Notes or a different app?

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    • I use notes under different headings that I create according to what is there. I also use reminders for appointments and stuff I have to do regularly (like me MS injections). I have a different tune for everything in reminders to tell me I have to do something. However there are some reminders I also write on a pad as iPhones are also capable of losing an app now and again.

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  2. My google account travels to all my devices, including my Kindles. It is more accurate everywhere except my phone where it doesn’t know what year it is. It’s probably because I turn my phone off all the time. It gets lost in darkness.

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    • I don’t use google so much. I rely on my own reminders and notes. I also find the timer good on my smartphone. I programme when I want to do something and I can forget. It buzzes when it is time. I notice as I get older I tend to forget stuff


    • They do a random selection at London City. I once had to take off my shoes and stand barefoot in front of one of their machines. They never let me go without keeping my toothpaste. They said the tube was too big.


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