Good Morning

First of all thankyou for the well wishes from yesterday’s Good Morning blog. I was really not feeling  so much up to it, but these things happen now and again and today I am more or less back to the usual me,  full of life in my fingers on the keyboard and with the camera. Everything else is just an extra.



Actually I wanted to show a photo of the stomy grey clouds this morning from the porch, but a spider stole the show. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time for a photo, or perhaps for a human the wrong place. As the season goes towards Autumn, the insects begin to get nervous. Their good days of food and plenty are slowly disppearing and it is time to lay on a reserve for the colder days to come. Somewhere there may be eggs brooding waiting for the next Spring and Mrs. Spider has to take care of the survival of the species.

Bees in Sedum 30.08 (2)

The bees have also begun to buzz around. My sedum opened its flowers a day ago and there is already competition for the best place in the pollen show. It is quite an attraction for insects in striped pullovers. A moth just flew in through the kitchen window, probably a late home comer from the night’s pleasures in the light of the street lamps. I did not manage a photo of the moth, he was too fast and flappy and he has left.

Apples 30.08 (2)

And it is apple time again, although we will wait a week or two before picking the tree. I have two apple trees: a Fiorina which I bought as a sapling almost 20 years ago and gives at least 100 apples a year if not more and a Gala apple from the tree I planted from a seed when I was a working lady in the office. I always had a plant on my desk and put a couple of apple seeds into the pot left over from my morning break. They began to grow, so I took them home and replanted a couple in the garden. One managed survival although I never really expected any fruit. Three years ago the first weak attempt was made with a couple of small mouldy apples, but now the tree is a regular customer annually. Perhaps just a few apples, but it is improving every year. It can only get better.

It is strange how noises can remind you of an almost forgotton childhood.  In the renovation work being carried out in our appartment block, they are now replacing the floor tiles on the balconies and they have to be cut to size. Somewhere there is an electric saw operating and I am reminded of where I lived in the working class area of Bethnal Green in London in England. There were a few saw mills in the area, not for stone but wood, and they would be operating during the day. The noise was ever present, but living in the area it was never really noticed. With time the mills closed and the workmen left. The buildings were empty for a few years and many families of feral cats moved in. The noise of the saws was replaced by cat fights – so back to nature. The sound of the saw on the upper balcony reminds me of those days: the daydreams of a golden oldie.

And now to the normal daily chores. I might even risk cleaning windows today. During the week we were under siege from the builders that were doing things to our windows and covering them with plastic for protection. The plastic has now been removed and it looks almost normal. The workman told me yesterday they were now finished with out windows until the painters arrive, so I will make the most of the time in between and do a wipe over.

Enjoy the day, have fun. I will leave you with some more apples from my other tree: wait – do I see a snail on one of the apples?

Apples 30.08 (4)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I missed your post yesterday as it is usually evening here when you put them up. Normally I’m on the computer a lot in the evening but yesterday a I had a sore back I deserted the computer and spent the evening on the couch knitting a doll dress and binge watching an Australian comedy show called “The Ex Prime Minister” which turned out to be very funny. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling more like your usual self today. Here we are not quite into apple blossom season but it can’t be long.

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    • Hope your back is better. You are waiting for the apple blossoms and we are almost ready to pick the ripe apples. I usually switch my computer off early evening and read a book.


  2. sorry for not having been around yesterday. Am glad you’re better today. That snail – and a biggie it is – on yOur perfect fruit!!!! 🙂
    Had, for the first time ever since living here, a decent offering of the most perfect pears. Ate all of them with our guests ….. and some cheeses for dessert, the same evening. Gr8 ´thanksgiving’ …..

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  3. Our town has no apples this year. My neighbor and I do not agree as to why that is. I’m saying the late killing frosts did the buds in. She doesn’t think so. Great bugs! I love the spider. 🙂

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    • We always have apples on our tree, but some years more than others. The tree is no longer so young, so perhaps it gives up with time, but it looks like 100 apples this year. The red apple is an experiement, but it worked. After 10 years growing from a seed, it has begun to produce apples. The frost does ruin the apple harvest, as well as hail and heavy rain when the tree is in flower: no flowers, no apples.

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  4. Not long until my apricot tree is covered in blossoms that always look pretty. Then comes the fruit that is always wasted since I don’t eat it. I know it’s terrible. What you said about sounds bringing back memories made me think of lawn mowers. The sound of their motors makes me think of playing in the back yard or the street with friends on a sunny afternoon when I was a kid. We had good times way back then.

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    • Sounds like you are down under, as our apricot harvest in Switzerland is now being sold in the stores. I quite like apricots, but I have to do things with them like a tart, so I wait for Mr. Swiss to do it, he is better at it than I am. Our lawn mower has been out of action this year, it is a robot and does it all on his own, but we had to suspend operations because of the building work here. We are lucky to still have a lawn to mow.

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