FOWC with Fandango: Camera

panaMe in the car window 16.06 (1)

Mr. Swiss was always ready for something new. He got himself a digi camera and I did not even know they existed. I think I was still helping the kids with their homework for school. So a few years later Mr. Swiss got himself a second digi camera and I asked what he is doing with the old camera. Of course, he said i can have it. Up to then the only photographs in my life were from various holidays, but taking photos, just for the sake of it? That was until I had my first digi hand-me-down camera from Mr. Swiss. I discovered not only do I not have to wait for the film to be developed at the chemists, but I could even upload my photos instantly to the computer.

My new hobby was born. I was taking photos everywhere. In the meanwhile I had even visited a camera course with my new Panasonic bridge camera and discovered that all the others had something called DSLR. I was really a bit naïve at the beginning. Although the teacher of the course was a good guy and showed me a lot of new stuff, but when the course was finished the seed for my next camera had been planted and a couple of months later I was the proud possessor of a Nikon D7000. As I was still a naïve beginner I bought a kit with two lens for near and far.

And today I am the lady with the wheelchair that travels with the camera. In the meanwhile I had bought a Nikon D3000 as it was a lighter model for taking photos on a daily basis. Mr. Swiss would drive the car and I would keep an eye on camera food (see photo).

Today I have two Nikon cameras, a zoom lens, micro lens and the usual basic lens.


I have a walker, but I need my wheelchair for longer distances as I can no longer walk unaided, but it has its advantages. I can sit in my wheelchair with my bag containing my heavy Nikon D7000 and my zoom lens. I no longer have to find support to stand and take a photo. Being a wheelchair candidate is not really fun, but everything has its silver lining somewhere.

Yes, my camera is not only my camera, but my friend.

FOWC with Fandango: Camera

The Great Escape

Feldbrunnen 12.02.2017

 I have been in semi hibernation from November until now. The only break outs I did were the visits to the supermarket. Today was the day, I decided this morning I would escape, throw my cares aside, ignore the daily prompt, and take the camera for a walk. The sun was shining, nothing luke warm here, it was cold, but with a warm coat and shoes there was no danger of freezing. I even managed to coax Mr. Swiss to come with me, but which way? We decided to take a short walk to the stables and visit the horses, the chickens, the ducks and the geese.

Jura from Feldbrunnen 12.02.2017

There were still some remaining patches of snow left on the Jura mountains, but not too much and I managed to catch a murder of crows winging their way across the landscape. I could say flock of crows, but it seems they prefer to be called murderous, although we survived with no pecking injuries. It is not so easy when you need a cane for support and have a camera to handle at the same time, but I can be very inventive. I can stand on my own, so I hang my cane into the opening of my jacket at the top of the zip and find a comfortable tree to lean on. I then manage to take my photo. As we moved on there were no more trees to lean on, just bushes where I could hand my cane and eventually there were no bushes. That was when Mr. Swiss insisted that I give him my cane to hold to prevent any accidents happening.

Ducks 12.02 (2)

We soon arrived at the stables where they now have a few additional ducks, but not just any ducks: sort of special ducks. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but there is a fence in between under electricity, although a few chickens managed to stray out without getting roasted  and ducks can fly in any case.

Chickens 12.02 (6)

They still have the chickens producing eggs for the village population. I should really try them some time. When you know the chicken that laid the egg it gives it the personal touch.

Pony 12.02 (1)

They now have a pony in the stables, a male pony it seems, for giving rides to children.

Horses 12.02 (1)

This horse got very curious as I took out my camera, so I decided to do him the favour of taking his picture.

Mr. Swiss decided after almost an hour it would be time to return home. My left leg was giving me a signal by not keeping up with my right leg. The ducks and chickens and the horses all waved goodbye to us. It was a real re-union after so long. Although when arriving home, we were both tired, but happy. It really made a change to get out into the fresh air.

I have now been busy uploading my photos, all 70 of them. That was the main reason I really wanted to get out, to take photos of something different.

We had a voting day today in Switzerland today, nothing dynamic as we have them often, so as soon as we arrived home the TV was switched on to see what the politicians felt about the results, although I retired to my computer.  In such a small country, results arrive quickly. I will not go into details about why we voted, because I do not have a political blog here. My idea of blogging is too have fun and not discussions.

I am looking forward to some more excursions into the wild, now the weather is becoming more sociable. It seems this week will remain snowless.


One Word Photo Challenge: Camera

Brownie box camera

Mum’s Brownie Box Camera which I managed to rescue from home and which I still have. It no longer works, but probably could easily be reparied. It must be sometime from the 1930-40’s and is not valuable, there seem to be many still in existence, but I am proud to own it.

Original Camera used

Taken on a trip to the Zürich Criminal Museum. One of the old cameras they used to take photos of the villains.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (29)

In a local museum, a camera from the first days of Swiss Television.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

One of my photography experiments taken some time ago with my first digital camera inherited from Mr. Swiss. Our bathroom has two mirrorred doors inside and outside. If you open both and stand in the middle, this is the effect you get. The mirrors of inifinity.

One Word Photo Challenge: Camera

Daily Prompt: But no Cigar – and definitely not for the WordPress daily prompt people.

Tell us about a time things came this close to working out… but didn’t. What happened next? Would you like the chance to try again, or are you happy with how things eventually worked out?

Bee in wild flowers

“Are you following me?”

“Sort of. If you remain still and don’t buzz around all the time, I could take a very good photo.”

“I am not a model for your camera, I am working on these flowers.”

“I noticed, but you don’t seem to be having any success. You buzz around from flower to flower.”

“I am a bee, it is my job. I might not earn a cigar for my work, but I am collecting enough pollen to feed a whole colony, including me.”

“I see, I thought you was collecting the pollen to fertilise the flowers, so that they would make more.”

“You think. That is only a side line, I am not Pestalozzi, I am doing this for the family.”

“If you keep still, I can take a photo.”

“I do not have time for photo tourists, I have better things to do with my time. You cannot eat photos.”

“But I can show everyone else how great you look when you are doing your job. Do you think I could have a pose from below.”

“For what reason?”

“To show everyone more of your wonderful legs with their nectar pouches.”

“But I am busy.”

“I know you are a busy bee, but you are a very good looking bee.”

“And who compensates for the pollen I miss whilst I am posing for a human photo?”

“But you can carry on afterwards.”

“I do not do afterwards, now go away and don’t bother me. I have finished with this group of flowers and have to move onto the next group. I still have space in my storage room for some more pollen.”

“You have a storage room?”

“On my legs. Look.”

Bee in wild flowers

“Got you.”

“You took a photo of my pouches.”

“Yes and very nice pouches they are. Do you still have room for more?”

“I think I will be buzzing home now to empty them, but I will be back.”

“Then I will wait for a few more shots.”

“Forget it. This patch is finished, I will move on to another place.”

“Hi Fred.”

“Hi Joe.”

“Anything left for me here. What’s that human doing with that camera?”

“She is taking photos.”

“Great, shall I smile?”

“No, you have no time You must be new on the job. We bees do not hover around or smile for a camera, we have work to do. Think of all those hungry mouths waiting for their food. Queenie will not be happy.”

“Oh, Queenie is never satisfied. She always wants more. She has done her job and now we have to feed them.”

“What about me?”

“Human go away, you have taken enough photos for today and are disturbing the process. You know what, go to the local shop and buy a jar of honey and take a photo of it, the finished product.”

So I left Fred and Joe to their work, although Fred had a heavy load to carry on the way back to his home. Joe had now taken over and was pollinating the remainder. Oh to be a bee, although there are really no rewards, except for a few photos in my camera.

Daily Prompt: But no Cigar – and definitely not for the WordPress daily prompt people

Daily Prompt: Object Lesson – My Favourite Things

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?

My Objects

This was a stress prompt. I was rushing around collecting everything associated with me. Unfortunately I could not find my blog of the year Pulitzer prize. It would be one of the objects to associate with me, but it must have got lost in the post. My WordPress t-shirt would have completed the arrangement, but there seems to be a problem with size XXL. I am sure this prompt will be repeated sometime in the near distant future. I had to use my smaller camera  to take the photo as my Nikon camera was on the photo.

I always have a camera with me. You never know – my big break might arrive and I would shoot the picture of the year in the local supermarket. “Disappointed customer strangles butcher as her favourite sausage was not on sale” or “Last packet of special super Totally Clean washing powder sold – customers ransack the store emptying coca cola bottles on the shelves”. They would be the photos to remember. I wanted to put Mr. Swiss on the photo, as he is really an object to be associated with me but he is busy watching the Tour de France bicycle race on the TV. It only takes place once a year, usually in summer. I do not know what the attraction is? I like to watch it and see those lovely muscular cyclist legs peddling away through the nice French landscapes, but I think his interest is more in the sporty line of things like speed, technique and all sorts of man things.

Let us move to the lovely blue handbag. “Look Mrs. Angloswiss is coming, the lady with the bright blue handbag” you hear from all my friends. My bright blue handbag is a trade mark, although I am not really the handbag type and prefer to stash my valuable belongings in my pockets. Unfortunately the summer dress, trousers or whatever has not yet been made with enough pockets to accommodate everything I take with me. My Nikon camera would be too big for a handbag. I thus have a smaller version. Many are the times when Mr. Swiss has lost me on a shopping expedition or visit in town because I make a photo stop. He knows the routine, retraces his steps and finds me perhaps squatting in a corner fixing the angle of my super shot. These things cannot be achieved in two seconds, I need more time. I have tried to explain this to Mr. Swiss, but he finds I should concentrate on the importance of the excursion and not risk an accident by precariously positioning myself for the shot of the day and continuously being lost. He just has no understanding for my artistic, creative vein.

Back to the handbag, I love this handbag. I accompanied my daughter-step when she was choosing goods for her boutique. “Mummy you must have that bag”, “Oh no, but do you think so?” “Of course” and she put it together with the pile of boutique clothes selection that she had chosen. She gave it to me as a present and I have used it since during the summer months when I have no large accommodating pockets in the jeans or winter jacket. I have grown to love that bag and I never seem to forget it. “Where’s my bag” and then my eye spots it shining in its bluest blue. You never lose a bright blue handbag. Since having this bag, I choose my clothes to match the bag, although actually everything suits the bag. I am a blue person at heart.

What else is on this wonderful patio table, which is large enough to seat five people. I can even extend it for a dinner party to accommodate seven guests but usually it is just I, me and myself when I am blogging outside. For meals I am joined by Mr. Swiss and son No. 1, although he is on holiday at the moment. My cats sit on the floor forcing me to share some tit bits with them. I am digressing. My computer is on the table. I do not go to bed with it as it would take up too much space, but it is otherwise always near. I check my e-mails, my Facebook page, my WordPress page, my forum page, my Google page, my LEO dictionary German-english page, but I am not addicted, by no means. If the computer is too large to rest at my side, I have my iPad to consult. Perhaps I should have included this in the photo with the WordPress t-shirt that is four sizes too small.

The whole concept of my object lesson is completed by my orchids. I love my orchids, talk to them every day and threaten them if they do not flower regularly. They are part of me. I should have included my two felines, there were three, but Nera departed for the eternal corn chambers just over the rainbow bridge and is now serving Bastet. She sent a message to say the food and accommodation is much better where she is now: no tuna fish, but plenty of meals on feet known as mice.

I am never lonely with my trade marks, the photo seems to be too small to accommodate everything. Oh I fogot the ……..

Daily Prompt: Object Lesson – My Favourite Things

Daily Prompt: Finders, Keepers? – The paths are strewn with souvenirs if you are lucky

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?


We do not have beaches in Switzerland, at least not with an ocean to accompany it. We have lakes that have beaches and the only things that might get washed up are empty cans, bottles and food wrappers. The jewellery and money are all nicely kept in the banks.

However, we do not despair, a Swiss active pastime on holidays is hiking: walking on paths through forests, up and down mountain slopes and it might be that something is laying on the wayside waiting to be found.

Some years ago when the kids were still kids and Mr. Swiss and I were active members of the human race, we went on such holidays in the Swiss mountains. One of our favourite places was the village of Gstaad. Your might have heard of it. It is where the rich and famous spend their holidays in their luxury chalets or five star hotels and they are waited on hand and foot by the normal people. The village has quite a few shops, mainly in the exclusive line of things. If you want caviar for tea or smoked salmon for breakfast, they have it. They have shops selling exclusive watches which only the rich can buy. Of course there is also a supermarket for the common people. Curd Jürgens, Gunter Sachs, Julie Andrews, Roman Polanski are just a few of the chalet owners of Gstaad, their chalets resembling wooden palaces. I have been there and seen it all and it is a pleasant Sunday afternoon walk in the exclusive areas where the gardeners are busy attending to the gardens which resemble parks.

Of course there are normal working people, as me and the family, that spend their holiday in a rented chalet somewhere on the edge of the village that can perhaps afford the cost for two weeks. That is the situation, so what does family working class do during the day? We go for walks in the countryside, all the paths nicely marked with a yellow sign. Yellow means for the beginners. If you stumble upon a red and white marked path, then ensure that you are wearing hiking boots for a good grip, as that would be a mountain path. Basically we all wore hiking boots with nice thick comfortable socks to keep a grip, whether a footpath or mountain path.

It happened one day that family Angloswiss with two sons departed around tenish in the morning (we liked to take it easy, no six o’clock morning tours for us) and took a planned march to one of the smaller mountains. They are not all snow-capped, that is reserved for the mountaineers. On the way Mr. Swiss made an exclamation. I checked to see that he had not fallen into a crevasse in the rocks and broken his leg. This was not the case he was standing quite firmly on the ground with a watch in his hand.

“Look what I found on the path” he said “it is quite a nice watch, but not such an expensive watch” and he put it on.

“You are not planning to keep that watch, it must belong to someone” was my answer, thinking of the owner now furtively searching in the nooks and crannies of the Bernese Overland for his timepiece.

“I cannot see anyone looking for it” said Mr. Swiss. I could not believe my ears, thinking of a tired wanderer without a watch. Before I could reprimand Mr. Swiss, we heard footsteps coming closer and a family approached us with their noses turned towards the ground, obviously searching.

“Are you looking for this?” asked Mr. Swiss.

“Yes” they answered with thanks in their voices: not exactly tears in their eyes, but it was only an average watch and not exactly a Patek Philippe, Rolex or Cartier. They thanked us for finding the watch, not knowing that it almost became a holiday souvenir: after all, you can always use a new watch. You do not just throw them away and let people find them, leading them into temptation.

There was another occasion; this time also in Gstaad (yes the paths are strewn with keepsakes in this mountain village) and family Angloswiss were marching to the Launersee, and well-known lake in the area. On the way we decided to take a rest on a bench. They often plant benches on these paths for tourists dying of thirst or exhaustion. It was my turn, I found a camera on the bench. Before someone could say anything, I put it in the rucksack (another part of the tourist uniform) and told Mr. Swiss when we reach the restaurant I will ask the waitress if a customer had missed a camera. We arrived safe and sound at the restaurant: I remember there was even a Puma helicopter parked there from our army, the crew probably wanted a beer before flying further: or was it just for the tourists?

We ordered our refreshments and I told the waitress of the camera. Did she thank me, did she praise my honesty? She told me I should have left it where it was as the owner would return to find it. It was none of my business to take it with me and I was being very stupid. Oh yes, we Swiss are so logical when it comes to honesty. I was speechless (a rarity for me), but said nothing. Mr. Swiss was ready to say something, but we kept our remarks for afterwards. After returning to the village of Gstaad I called in at the police station, manned by one solitary policeman, and gave him the camera. He thanked me and took my particulars. I think he was the only policeman in Gstaad as an hour later I saw him directing the traffic on the main road.

I thought no more of this event. After a few days we returned to life in the lowlands, with some happy memories of two weeks spent in the Bernese Overland, the playground of the rich. I received a telephone call from the camera owner, praising my honesty and happy to have his views of the mountain scenery and family again. He even wanted to reward me. It is actually custom; almost law, in Switzerland to refund 10% of the value of lost property. This is something I have never claimed as I find it insulting. The man who had lost the camera showed his gratitude with some sort of gift, I think either chocolate or a bottle of wine by post.

So there you have it, the Swiss are an honest nation basically, if you find the owner of the lost property otherwise, we are just human.

Daily Prompt: Finders, Keepers? The Paths are strewn with Souvenirs if you are lucky


Daily Prompt: Going Obsolete – Why not?

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

Waiting for the rubbish disposal unit

A normal Swiss rubbish disposal container, the end station for all things obsolete. As I am still here writing my daily blog, I have not yet been disposed of, I am still necessary to impose my ideas and thoughts on the world, and Mr. Swiss still needs me to cook the dinner. It would not be fair to list other daily duties I take care of, as the “I” becomes a “we”. We live in a democracy, a partnership: after having established this fact that neither I nor Mr. Swiss has a wish to dispose of the partner. I now turn to the task at hand, which technology do I miss most?

I came to the conclusion that I do not miss any. I remember the old 78 rpm records, the only ones available when I was a kid. I might even have one somewhere in the cellar, but compared to a CD (which are slowly becoming obsolete) or an iPod they were not something to be mourned in passing. They did have another use. When heated you could bend them into the shape of a pot, useful for flowering plants.

I do miss the lemon tartlets my grandmother made. She passed on many years ago and took the secret to the grave with her, but they made an impression on my childhood mind. They would now be obsolete as no-one knows how she made them. She grew up in the country and did not know modern technologies, it was around the time when the railway arrived in her village, blowing steam into the countryside and polluting the atmosphere, so I do not miss the steam trains.

I do not miss the Brownie camera I have in the cellar, inherited from my mother. I grew up with this camera, shielding the little window from the light as you slid the lever and hoping that a white stripe of light would not spoil the photo. It was a box camera and patience was required until the finished photos could be picked up at the chemist’s shop. Today we have digital, everything is digital. The photos are pixilated, instantly ready for observing and load them onto the computer. Play with them in a photo programme and you have your Pulitzer prize winning photo. Poor old Ansel Adams had to apply his secret mixture of developing liquid to achieve his perfect black and white results, and in the bargain collecting some burns on his hands. So long live the digital camera.

Brownie box camera

My felines are also happy with their vitamin enriched pellet food mixture that they are served. Their dishes are always full.

“Who said that Mrs. Human?”. I was interrupted – again – by my big fat black long furred cat Nera with the sharpest claws.

“I did Nera, any objections?”

“Of course, imagine a human life where cooking became obsolete and you were served with the same dish of food every day, the only difference being the flavour. Mine arrive usually with chicken flavour. That reminds me, you never asked us felines which flavour we would prefer. According to my pawpad they are also available in tuna, beef and rabbit.”

“Oh, Nera, basically they all look the same.”

“Yes Mrs. Human and also taste the same, So imagine sitting at the human dining table and daily crunching away on hamburger pellets, or roast chicken pellets.”

“Nera, you cannot compare human food to feline food. We have different needs.”

“Exactly, so what about our feline needs for a fresh tuna fish dinner garnished with caviar, or chicken breasts with a pinch of tarragon. No, we felines have to do with vitamin filled dried pellets. They are not as pleasant in a hairball moment to recycle as genuine meat and fish. I think I will report you to the RSPCC (Royal society for prevention to cruelty to cats).”

“Forget it Nera, clinically prepared pellets are now the thing, and all other food items are gradually becoming obsolete in our house.”

“Correction Mrs. Human: “in our territory” so what arrives on our special feline dishes is determined by us felines, we were here first – think of the Egyptian corn chambers running alive with real mice. You should be ashamed of yourself Mrs. Human”.

She walked off swishing her long black furry tail and I was still trying to work out what that was all about: made a note on my shopping list “two tins of tuna fish”, just to be on the safe side.

Going Obsolete – Why not?

Creative Challenge #226 – Junkyard

YMCA from Grenfell Avenue, Hornchurch

It was not really a holiday, but time to visit my dad who lived in London. Not exactly the tourist version of London, more the real world, people working for their living or just enjoying the senior years of life. On my way to my father’s house in the morning, combined with a bus journey, I walked along a residential street leading to the main road and bordered at the top with a few offices and small industries. Did I have my camera with me? Of course, a camera is part of my dress, I feel that something is missing without the camera. I then approached this “interesting” yard at the top of the street. The local YMCA was just around the corner and I found this a subject for a contrast photo, old and new.

I stood poised with my camera, focusing to what I needed. If I had been more interested in the details of what I was taking a photo of, I would have noticed him marching towards me with determined steps. My only remeberence is now the man you can see in the middle of the photo.

“Are you taking photos?” a  voice said, making me look up into the eyes of a young man, with a definite somewhat foreign appearance. His next question quickly followed “Are you from an insurance company?”. He was glaring at me and I thought now it has happened. What my other half is always telling me. “Be careful with your photography. Not everyone understands or likes being the subject of a photo.”

“I just found it an interesting subject, with the YMCA building in the background. I am on holiday in England and like to take a few photos of the area where I am staying” was my feeble answer, hoping that my camera and I would survive.

“I see, you know we sometimes have inquisitive people here with a camera prying into our private business.”

“No problem, but I was really just taking a photo. I can show it to you” and I made a feeble attempt to show him on the camerea screen. “I can even delete it from the camera”, I suggested, although it was not my genuine wish, but I was slowly becoming a unsure.

“No, not necessary” was the answer “but just don’t pry around too much. Not everyone is as understanding as I am”.

We were having our conversation at the entrance gates to the yard. In the background I could see another figure standing at the entrance to the “office”. I was really not sure if it was an office, imagining a smoky den with overflowing ashtrays and a gangster wearing dark glasses and of course the local river backed onto the office. Not the cleanest of rivers, brown muddy water, but flowing and even a few ducks found their nourishment in the waters.

“Jack, what is she doing. If she is causing trouble, I will pull in the boss. He will soon deal with a prying skirt and her inquisitive camera” called the voice from the office.

“No problem Sharpy” was the answer from my inquisitive friend (friend?). “She seems to be one of those arty farty camera people, taking photos to make herself interesting.

Ok Miss you better be on your way, before me and my partner think otherwise. Just take a  bit of advice and ask first before you take a photo. OK?”

“Ok” was my answer and I moved on, taking a photo of the river on my way to the bus stop wondering what those murky depths might be hiding.

River Rom

That evening I returned to my friend’s house where I was staying and told her and her boyfriend about my experience at the Junkyard in the morning. Her boyfriend laughed so I got curious to know what the joke was.

“It’s one of those places where they deal with second hand cars. Where they get them from and who they sell them to, or for what they are used is a bit doubtful. The place has always been there, and they are probably not too keen on insurance men, or paparazzi photographers.”

I decided to take a different route to the bus stop in future. I had visions of landing in a river with my pockets full of stones to weigh me down, or trapped in an old car and submerged, forever a murky secret of the River Rom. One thing did interest me, why there were so many telephone wires leading from the junkyard to the post outside – probably just the english way of doing things.

Telephone wires in Grenfell Avenue


Original Camera used

I saw them all
Thieves, murderers, arsonists, rebels
Crime does not pay, they say
I proved it to all
I saw criminals through my eye
Fixed them with my lens
But now I am forgotten
Am now out of date
Collecting dust of the years gone by
In this museum I just wait
to be photographed by others
astonished by my shape
Digital is all they want
Yes I am tired, so just take my photo
For memories’ sake.

Taken on a visit to the Swiss Police Criminal Museum in Zürich