Blogger Creative Challenge #287: Void

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and no animals were harmed during the writing of this challenge.

Once upon a time there was a small country surrounded by many other countries that were much bigger. The bigger countries decided to stay together, and the little country stayed on its own. There were no problems. The little country was very proud of being democratic. The government of this little country allowed their people to make their own decisions. If someone had a good idea, he just collected signatures in support of this idea and permission was granted to vote. And so it came to pass one day that a leading political party had a wonderful idea, collected many signatures and it was voted.

The voting day arrived and decisions were cast, but there was a problem. There was one person more that said “yes”, meaning that it was accepted. This little country had a new law. All the people that said “no” were not happy. The politicians that wanted this new law were clapping their hands, smiling for the television cameras and were satisfied with the result. There was a small problem in incorporating this new law into the country’s ideals, as the actual government were not so keen and the surrounding big countries found it would not be in agreement with their ideas. The chief politician who wanted this in the small country was asked how this new law would be brought into effect, but he was a clever man. He said it was no longer his problem, the democracy said “yes” with one vote more and it was now for the government to discover how to do it.

Eventually all the people that did not want this law in this small country decided they would go, move to a country where the laws were better. All the big countries surrounding this little country were happy, as this little country was quite wealthy. Half of the population in the little country, plus one remained. As time passed, the little country shrunk even further and was forgotten. The population dwindled and they had even forgot why they were so alone. One day the people in this small country disappeared, no-one knew where they had gone. Instead of this small country there was just a void on the map.

There might be a moral to this story, the politicians have not yet found it.

Migros, Langendorf

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Blogger Creative Challenge 285: Imagination

A sign from above

“No way Bog am I going to guide our ship through that hole in the clouds. I do not like the look of that planet.”

“Chib, how do you know what the planet looks like when we have never landed there?

“BogI saw enough on the telescreen and the biological breakdown of the cells. No thanks, that is a dangerous place. They even have animate beings that live.”

“Chib we live as well and we are friendly. Just because the objects living on that planet have only two legs and two arms that does not mean they are bad, they are just different and you know our great leader Glog tells us not to be racial.”

“Glog tells us a lot, but he has never been on one of our inter planetary discovery expeditions. I remember when we landed on that planet with the three rings. No-one lived there we thought, until we discovered they were invisible. Feeling those sticky fingers all over one of my heads was weird, especially when you do not see anyone.”

“That was an exception. This planet has no rings, just one moon and the inhabitants are not invisible.”

“Bog, they have hair growing on their bodies. I do not like objects with hair. Remember planet Chong?”

“Chib planet Chong only had hairy objects. The inhabitants had one eye and three noses poking through their hair. On this planet they have hair growing on their head and their noses and eyes are hairless”

“Bog they only have one head. Let’s go before it is too late. I do not like beings with one head. They might become jealous of us and try to steal one of our heads.”

“Chib, your imagination is running away with you. Only one head means only one brain, so do not worry, they are a primitive race.”

“I do not like primitive races. What is the name of this place anyhow?”


“Earth? But that is where they have that place called Downton Abby. I have seen it on the TV in our intergalactual programme. I love that programme. If they had three heads like we do it would be just like life on our planet. Perhaps it is not so bad after all.”

“Have you ever seen an earth news programme Chib?”

“You mean???”

“Yes Chib, that is not Downton Abbey, that is reality. Let’s go Chib. I have decided I do not want to land on this Earth place either. They might not like us because we are different.”

“See, Bog, I told you. This planet is not made for us.”

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Blogger Creative Challenge: Flowing

Photo taken at the local graveyard, just around the corner

Stream in local cemetery, Solothurn

Is the blood still flowing through your body?
Has it not frozen….. yet
Avoid walks in the graveyard in the cold dark weather
The stream is flowing, its icy fingers licking at the banks
You think you are alone?
Look again carefully
But perhaps it is all a figment of the imagination
or a figment of Photoshop

Who knows?

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Blogger Creative Challenge 278: Every Picture tells a Story

Where's the bird

“Excellent Mrs. Human, that is what I call a laid table, just a little correction perhaps, not that I want to intervene with your composition, but I would alter the height of the food station.”

“That is not a food station Nera, that is a bird house where I put seeds for the birds to eat, so that they do not starve in the cold Winter months.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I am fully in agreement with your wonderful idea. We have to keep the birds nice and fat and thriving. I just thought that the food station, sorry bird house, might be placed more to a feline advantage, perhaps within paw distance.”

“Paw distance?”

“Of course. When the winged dinners arrive I will have to jump. If the bird house as you call it is a little lower, I can just make a grab with a paw. ”

“Nera I don’t think you get the idea of why I have a bird house in the garden in the cold Winter months.”

“Of course I do Mrs. Human and I find it commendable how you look after our feathered friends and fill them with food, very tasty.”


“I mean the food you give them of course Mrs. Human. We will see how the feeding station develops for the feathered dinners, sorry birds,  and us felines. In the meantime I will keep a careful eye on the situation. Oh, look Mrs. Human, I can see the first victim approaching.”

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