RDP Sunday: Horses


I like to see horses, but riding is not my thing. Within a few minutes from where I live we have horses on both sides of the road and it is one of my first stops to take a photo if they are out in the meadow.


On the other side of the road there are stables and I would even have the opportunity to learn to ride. Some years ago I was in Interlaken for a few days with Mr. Swiss on an excursion organised by his company.  There were varioius activites to partake in and one choice was at the local stables withe the basics of learning to ride. Silly me decided to go for it. We arrived at the stables and the learning sessions began.

My first problem was actually mounting the horse and sitting on its back. I cannot remember exactly but I believe someone gave me a push and with one foot in the stirrup I managed to sit on the horse. It was then I realised that a horse is warm and breathes, it was alive. Luckily the lady at the stable lead the horse with me on the back and we did a few rounds together in the stables.  I did not fell really comfortable. I was not sure about the horse, but I decided that horse riding was not for someone that might have a touch of vertigo.

The next obstacle was the descent from the horses back. I remember the cowboy films where they just seem to jump down to the ground, but I discovered that the ground was at quite a distance from the horses back. The next instruction I got was when descending was that I must be careful not to disturb the horse with a kick and movement in the wrong place. That did it for me. I had visions of having to organise a crane to get me down. I think it took two people to release me from the horses back. It was a new experience and I never regretted it, but I decided that horse riding was not a new career.

Horse 23.03 (1)

I was also not so keen in coming into contact with the horse feet with their hooves. It really must be easy when I think of the past generations where everyone was riding a horse.

Horse 29.05 (2)

Those girls that look after the horses make it look so easy.

I am surrounded by horses, but have decided they are not for me, with one exception of course.

Rocking Horse 14.10.2018

RDP Sunday: Horses

Daily Blog -Nice weather, nice walk

Mistletoe 16.02.2017

It was another wonderful day today in the Swiss flatlands, so I took my camera, grabbed my cane, waved goodbye to Mr. Swiss, who was clearing the remains of the birdfood in the garden, and I was off. However, before I left I gave Mr. Swiss a few short instructions about my helleborus plants which really now need the old leaves being cut away, as the fresh new shoots have now appeared.

This time I had the zoom lens on the camera as I wanted to get some close-ups of the ducks, chickens and geese. The photos I took last time were OK, but a bit unclear because of the fence in between. With the zoom I  can focus  better and of course, can get better close-ups. When I saw the tree in the photo, I found it looked strange with the light green growths. When I uploaded the photo at home (1-1/2 hours for the work uploading 70 photos), I discovered that the light green growths were fresh shoots of mistletoe. Although it is a parasite, we have a lot of mistletoe spread on our trees in the neighbourhood, and yes, they make a good photo.

Ducks 16.02 (7)

And now to the ducks. They are new arrivals since last year and now I managed to capture them in their full beauty. I think they belong to the Mandarin Duck category, although I am not an expert. Anyhow they are really colourful and posed for a group photo for me.

Geese 16.02 (10)

I then moved onto the geese. They still have the same two geese, who were busy pecking in the ground. Now and again they had a conversation, quite loud, but I could not understand what they were saying. I just love those geese. Perhaps some goslings might arrive this year, who knows.

I then met my friend Billy on my walk. She often takes a walk to the stables in the fine weather. She also needs support when walking, so we always have a lively intereaction about our walking problems. We are both diabetic as well, which gives even more to share. She is a lovely lady and we get on well together. She is actually a long known friend of Mr. Swiss.

And then I heard a cluck, so I knew that Harold, the rooster, must be near.

Chickens 16.02 (18)

And there he was testing the air for a visit. His ladies were already outside and I supposed he was missing them and had to make sure they were not up to any mischief, like trying to cross the road. As you can see two hens were waiting for him, probably his favourites of the day.

Horses 16.02 (1)

I moved onto the horses. They were all ourside in front of their pens, or whatever you call them, sniffing the air and generally enjoying a horsey life. My friend Billy always has an apple or carrot with her to feed them. There are signs telling people not to feed the horses, but Billy is an exception. She has been doing it for many years. When she arrives they know that there is extra food and she can enter the stables to let them have their extrras.

I then heard the church clock signal that it was time to go. Mr. Swiss did not want to come with me, but if I take too long he gets worried, although I am always connected with my iPhone. It is now still quite light in the late afternoon, which gives me more time for a walk.

I made me way home and took a last look at our “house mountain” the Weissenstein in the Jura.

Jura Feldbrunnen 16.02 (3)

The Great Escape

Feldbrunnen 12.02.2017

 I have been in semi hibernation from November until now. The only break outs I did were the visits to the supermarket. Today was the day, I decided this morning I would escape, throw my cares aside, ignore the daily prompt, and take the camera for a walk. The sun was shining, nothing luke warm here, it was cold, but with a warm coat and shoes there was no danger of freezing. I even managed to coax Mr. Swiss to come with me, but which way? We decided to take a short walk to the stables and visit the horses, the chickens, the ducks and the geese.

Jura from Feldbrunnen 12.02.2017

There were still some remaining patches of snow left on the Jura mountains, but not too much and I managed to catch a murder of crows winging their way across the landscape. I could say flock of crows, but it seems they prefer to be called murderous, although we survived with no pecking injuries. It is not so easy when you need a cane for support and have a camera to handle at the same time, but I can be very inventive. I can stand on my own, so I hang my cane into the opening of my jacket at the top of the zip and find a comfortable tree to lean on. I then manage to take my photo. As we moved on there were no more trees to lean on, just bushes where I could hand my cane and eventually there were no bushes. That was when Mr. Swiss insisted that I give him my cane to hold to prevent any accidents happening.

Ducks 12.02 (2)

We soon arrived at the stables where they now have a few additional ducks, but not just any ducks: sort of special ducks. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but there is a fence in between under electricity, although a few chickens managed to stray out without getting roasted  and ducks can fly in any case.

Chickens 12.02 (6)

They still have the chickens producing eggs for the village population. I should really try them some time. When you know the chicken that laid the egg it gives it the personal touch.

Pony 12.02 (1)

They now have a pony in the stables, a male pony it seems, for giving rides to children.

Horses 12.02 (1)

This horse got very curious as I took out my camera, so I decided to do him the favour of taking his picture.

Mr. Swiss decided after almost an hour it would be time to return home. My left leg was giving me a signal by not keeping up with my right leg. The ducks and chickens and the horses all waved goodbye to us. It was a real re-union after so long. Although when arriving home, we were both tired, but happy. It really made a change to get out into the fresh air.

I have now been busy uploading my photos, all 70 of them. That was the main reason I really wanted to get out, to take photos of something different.

We had a voting day today in Switzerland today, nothing dynamic as we have them often, so as soon as we arrived home the TV was switched on to see what the politicians felt about the results, although I retired to my computer.  In such a small country, results arrive quickly. I will not go into details about why we voted, because I do not have a political blog here. My idea of blogging is too have fun and not discussions.

I am looking forward to some more excursions into the wild, now the weather is becoming more sociable. It seems this week will remain snowless.


Daily Prompt: Menagerie – I live in one

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to? 

I find that a silly question, it insults my intelliegence.

Cat at the Migros supermarket entrance

I have animals everywhere, even when I go shopping. See our supermarket feline watching as the people arrive to shop. They had an exhibit outside showing how you can have a nice cozy b-b-que in the garden with all the trimmings, but the feline moved in and took over. This felines have now become so well-known that a national free newspaper known as “20 Minutes”. have featured them. Apparently there are 2 of the species, both being of the Ginger race. Here is a link to the article The Supermarket Cats, in our local language, German, which I have partially translated. I myself have many photos of the two felines and it seems they have names, Max and Hugo.

It seems that even the police have been called in as there are days when they feel so comfortable in the various departments, especially the bed and bathroom areas, that they do not go home and remain unnoticed.The supermarket has an alarm when it is closed and the felines tend to take a walk when they are left to themselves which gives a signal at the local police station and so the police have to investigate.

However  they are shop trained cats, do not smell and visit the outside parks for their recycling process. They also realise that they are not welcome in the food department. They live in one of the neighbouring houses and Mr. Swiss and I have often watched them on their way home. They walk across the large car park, wait until the entry road is free and cross to jump over the fence into the garden of one of the houses. Their favourite place in the supermarket definitely seems to be the restaurant where they make themselves comfortable on a seat and wait for a few edible rewards.

Otherwise I am allowed to live with two felines, Tabby and Fluffy. There was a third, Nera, but she left us last year for another dimension. My felines have their own site in WordPress where they daily report the happenings in their lives and in the casa Angloswiss The Cat Chronicles.

I don’t want to earn bonus points for adorable animal photos or double bonus if taken with my phone. I have a perfectly good DSLR Nikon camera and a Canon camera so rarely use my phone. I am actually surrounded by animals. My main animal in my collection is Mr. Swiss without who I would be lost. Our neighbours have cats. I once counted 10 cats in the area where I live. There are only a few dogs which generally stay at home unless they go for walks with their masters. We have a path crossing our area which is the dog walkie path, but only if they are on the lead. We have enough forests and country to let them loose.

A five minute walk brings us to a stable where there are approximately 8 horses at the moment and cows outnumber the population. We have a murder of crows (I know, but that is the collective name for crows it seems) that like to go on collective flights waking up the neighbourhood. We have many hedgehogs. When No. 2 son lived at home, in the far gone days, Friday and Saturday nights were the night out and he would return home in the early morning hours. He told us that there was an array of hedgehogs (another collective name I did not know) around our home. Lately Mr. Swiss has reported the sighting of the regular visit of a hedgehog on our patio. It seems that Tabby our chief feline, sits on a chair on the porch and watches the movements from a distance. There has been no fraternisation up to now. I think hedgehogs are not a feline thing. I am naturally waiting for the chance to take a prize winning photo, but I am not as nocturnal as hedgehogs.

And so as the golden sun sinks slowly in the West, I come to the close of a repeat prompt, but being me I am never lost for words. See you all on the flip side tomorrow.

Daily Prompt: Menagerie – I live in one

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My worms live in the garden

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

The last time I did this prompt was on 24th January 2014, so why should I write it all again. I am not quite yet so senile that I change my mind after a year and personally speaking, I am good, I am great, and I find that my last answer was completely sufficient, so what more could I possibly say, except perhaps “Get Stuffed Daily Prompt” because they annoy me with their rehashed lazy prompts. Sorry, I am not a newbie, been around for many years and like to have fun writing.

In the meanwhile, No. 2 son just asked me why I have not got WhatsApp on my phone. I always felt I was completely covered with my iPhone SMS, although I noticed that my fingers are too big for the keys. It seems that WhatsApp is free, costs nothing, so what could possibly be better. It was a matter of a few minutes and WhatsApp is now on my iPhone. I was warned by a certain person we do not wish to mention, that it could contain all sorts of spam, virus, attacks from outer space could now reach me over my iPhone. If you hear no more from me in the future, blame it on WhatsApp. Up to now I seem to be safe. So now to something completely different again.

The way home past Castle Waldegg

This would be the long walk home after one of my memorable marathon walks on a nice day in the country. It is the path leading from the cemetery which is an uphill path. I am not so keen on uphill paths, but I did not build the path. It was a matter of natural geology. Anyhow as you can see on the left there is a castle. It is our local castle known as Castle Waldegg. It was shining in the light of the sun so I decided to take a photo. I think I have at least 20 photos of this castle in my collection. In the background you can see the first chain of the Jura Mountains (there are 7 in all stretching to the Northern Swiss borders). If you survive to take the curve in the path, you arrive at the local stables where the horses are impatiently waiting for a visit from me and my camera.

“Hello Guiness” I called to my favourite Shire horse. “How’s Life?”

“Fine thanks, take my photo.”

Guiness the Shire Horse

“Do those flies bother you whizzing around your head.”

“No, not really, it is just part of a horse’s life in Summer. Don’t you have flies in your human stable.”

“Yes, but we just kill them with a fly swatter.”

“You see, we have a tail, so do not need a swatter. I do not have a big problem. Daisy and Bluebell, my favourite cows, are now in the field and with time the flies will arrive in their recycling processes and build a permanent home there, that’s life.”

I walked on, glad that Guiness, my horsey friend, explained some of life’s logistics. The next time I swat a fly I will have a completely different perspective. Perhaps it was born in Bluebell’s pancake on the field.

I released today how life can be so lucky. I have an online friend, english, married to a Nepalese and has lived a few years in a village near Katmandu with his Nepal family. Only a couple of weeks ago he moved with the near family back to Europe for various reasons. Today there was a strong earthquake in Nepal, the epicentre being around the village where he lived. He has been trying all day to contact the relatives in and around Katmandu and has now heard that they are safe, although there is a lot of damage and some injured. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Sometimes in our little online world we are jolted back to reality with such events.

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My Worms live in the garden

Have a look at these as well
Beware of Deranged Bookworms Too by Serendipity
A Beautiful Sadness by Martha Ann Kennedy

Daily Prompt: Ripped from the Headlines – and a new walk

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

All followers that are interested in reading about a family that are about to be evicted from their house in Obergerlafingen because they own 14 husky dogs hold up their hands. I see no hands, I am not surprised, but it was in the news. They can stay in their house if they keep only four of the huskies. Anyone want to adopt a husky? They have decided to move after living in their house the last fourteen years. Now that is doggy love. I have two felines and would keep my home if threatened with such steps. On the other hand my home is not my home, the felines took over when they moved in, claimed ownership sealed with a paw print. And now to continue to something more interesting. It did not arrive in the local newspaper, or in the internal headlines, but it was big in my headlines.

From Feldbrunnen towards South with bernese overland

Mrs. Angloswiss and Mr. Swiss pulled on their walking shoes again. It was just a small step for the Angloswiss family Golden Oldies but it was a large step for their boots that were made for walking. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Unfortunately there was a strong cold wind blowing, a local thing know as the Bise, but casting all cares into the shadows of walking feet, they continued undaunted on their merry way.

Dressed in a wind protective jacket with the long blue jeans and with a camera around her neck Mrs. Angloswiss asked “Why do I do these things to my joints” or was it the joints that were asking “do we have to do this”. Nevertheless it was a short rewarding walk. It was the first walk that we could actually see the alps from our path. Mr. Swiss said “look the alps” and so I unzipped my protective jacket, withdrew the camera suspended around my neck and took a few prize-winning shots. Unfortunately this was the only successful shot. The high mountain on the right is the Eiger, famous for its North Wall which is an overhanging upright climb and the death of many mountaineers. One disappeared into a dangerous crevice known as The Spider, and many years later he decided to reappear after a storm in the North Wall. He was still standing upright in a frozen state. Another reason why I do not do mountain climbing. We spent many holidays in Grindelwald and these mountains were an hour’s hike from our holiday apartment. Mr. Swiss and I engrossed ourselves in books about the local mountains and their successful climbs. We also visited the local cemetery where the more unsuccessful climbers were buried after a failed attempt.

The master walker, Mr. Swiss, decided on a route passing the stables to the cemetery. All the horses came out to greet us.

“We were waiting every day, but you didn’t appear. Do you perhaps have an apple or carrot for us to munch on?”

Mr. Swiss, with his Swiss animal experiences, said “Do not feed them with anything. It might be they also take a few fingers with the first bite to enrich their fruity meal with something meaty.”

This was new, up to now they were happy with a photo, but I think it was climbing to their horsy heads.I noticed the horses had spruced themselves up realising that they were now famous through the blogging world. See my prize winning close-up photo of a horse head, complete with sexy eyelashes.

Eye of the horse

And so we waved goodbye to the horses and continued on our merry way to …..yes, the cemetery. There were few visitors today so the cemetery population were left to their own thing. We walked the normal path and we noticed that the graves had been spruced up with spring flowers. The gardeners that are paid to care for the graves had been hard at work.

We arrived home, tired but happy, and found how refreshing it is to again be out in the fresh air. I noticed during the evening that my throat became sore and I was sneezing a little more than usual. However, I slept well and am now ready for the next walk. Will it be today?

Daily Prompt: Ripped from the Headlines – and a new walk

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line – yes every day

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

And it’s another daily prompt day today, so let’s see what we have to say. The only code I have to live by is the one that the tax authorities need when I pay my debts to my country. Principles and sets of values are not something I dream about applying in my life, but wait a minute, these are old cooked up prompts, so what did I say the last time? I should know, it was not even a year ago when this one cropped up. No, I was wordless. Did I refuse, did I have nothing to say (which is a rarity with me) or was I locked up somewhere in a padded cell trying to get out. Neither, nor, I was in England with my dad on a visit. He had just moved into a new extra care apartment and Mr. Swiss was doing it all on his own at home. So now I have the opportunity to catch up on this old prompt. I have now dusted off the cobwebs and polished the edges, but no, it still does not inspire me. To be quite honest none of these second-time-round hand-me-down prompts inspire me, but I will carry on regardless and hope that one day it will all be different, that we will get new prompt, never before seen, filling me with inspiration and new hopes for my Pulitzer/Nobel prize instead of the garbage can of the year. So let us begin with something completely different.

I am still walking, protecting my moveable parts from an attack of eternal rust and it can only get better. Two days ago Mr. Swiss let me out of my own, so armed with my camera, my trusty walking shoes I departed. I had to take my iPhone with me in case anything happened. Now what could possibly happen? My feet never leave my ankles and I have everything under control. I had to think this walk over. Should I go right, left, up or down? I decided a straight path towards the castle, but noticing it was all uphill, I changed my mind and turned left for a visit to the stables.

“Neigh” the horses said as a greeting. I neighed back and they snorted.

“What about a photo” said Guiness, the shire horse.

“No deal” I answered, “I have so many photos of you, it wouldn’t be fair to the others. And so he poked his tongue out in annoyance.

Cart horse Feldbrunnen

“What about me, you never took a photo of me.”

I turned in the direction of the new neighs and saw a horse I had never seen before.

“Ok, stay still and smile” and here is the result.

Black and white horse, Feldbrunnen

“You are really something special with your pretty pattern on your back.”

“Thankyou Mrs. Angloswiss.”

“Stop showing off” said Guiness the shire horse “I am bigger than you and have more charm.”

I decided to leave before a horse fight began. I the chose the route through the top part of the village, past the castle and on the downhill stretch to home, where Mr. Swiss welcomed me with relief that I survived.This was my last walk for two days as the weather has changed. It is colder, raining and I noticed a new layer of snow on the top of the local Jura mountains.

Today I decided it was time to let my orchids out. It is warm enough for them on the porch and they are now settled in a sheltered corner. I told them if they behave and make some flowers, they can stay there throughout the summer, otherwise it will be the happy orchid hunting grounds. They told me they would do their best, so I gave them their weekly dose of water and left them to it.

Mr. Swiss has now given up with our robot mower. He had a look at the instruction manual which has about 80 pages and as many instructions and he actually got it moving. He programmed it to start at 3.30 p.m. for thirty minutes mowing. It was a success, but our robot lawn mower, known as Mowey, was having so much fun that he didn’t want to stop. Mr. Swiss had to make him stop, otherwise he would still be mowing now. The next attempt was ok, but Mowey started to mow thirty minutes earlier than he should. We have now made contact with the human than installed Mowey and he will pay us a visit for a reprogramming session. Needless to say a few profanities were uttered in connection with the antics of Mowey.

I will see you again tomorrow, when we will probably have a repeated prompt from last week – yes they are running out of ideas.

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line – yes every day

Daily Prompt: Ha, Ha, Ha – I don’t see the joke, so am writing my own thing as usual

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!
Why should I tell a joke, Daily Prompt brings them every day in their weak efforts to keep a dying idea alive. And now for something completely different.

White Horse

Yesterday we did another five kilometre walk, or was it a little longer. Anyhow no problem, for real professionals like myself what’s in a kilometre? “These legs were built for walking” and so I walk, although I have to fit in a break on a bench now and again, for Mr. Swiss of course. He needs his rest.

We paid a visit to the local stables, armed with my camera, and this interesting horse came out of his box, realising that Mrs. Angloswiss was there and he so wanted to be famous across the pond and other places. The lady who owns the stables informed us that this horse was a fluke of nature. He was supposed to be brown, but arrived a few shades lighter and this is apparently because one of these hereditary genes was involved, being carried through generations and turning up now and again. She told us you get all sorts of mixtures in colour with this particular gene: a white horse mixed with shades of brown in the mane and on the tail for example.

Shire Horse Guiness

Here is our friend the Shire horse again, who goes by the name of Guiness. He has a white patch above the mouth, like the froth on the well-known Irish beer sort and hence the name. Guinness actually comes from Ireland. The stable lady told us she brought him from Ireland 23 years ago, when he was three years old and has been her faithful companion ever since. He has now been put to pasture to live his remaining days. He is 26 years old, but could reach the age of 30 if everything goes well. Sometimes she lets a child ride him, but otherwise he is no longer the riding horse. They do give riding lessons at the stables and they have an area where you see people going for their daily practice. I said to Mr. Swiss “do you think….” and before I finished the sentence he said a decisive no. My golden oldie years are now too many to learn how to ride a horse, and I never did learn to ride a bicycle.

Horse, Feldbrunnen

This horse was being taken for a walk on the field, which was the perfect occasion for a photo. I find many perfect occasions for photos, as you may have noticed. Interesting is the white mark on the forehead. I then noticed that there is another horse in the stable with the exact same white mark, somewhat smaller. I was informed by my horse lady that they were mother and daughter – a real horse family.

We are now becoming regular visitors to the stables and when the horses see us coming they leave their boxes, wave with their tails and smile for the camera.

Tomorrow I will surround you with duck and swan photos from one of our hikes along our local river, the River Aar. Actually the river Aar flows through our Kanton/State of Solothurn from the capital city of Bern where it eventually enters the Rive Rhine in east Switzerland. Its source is in the Bernese Alps and it is the longest river completely in Switzerland. It is quite a clean river, has fish and also beavers, in our area, although I have never seen them. Now that would be worth a few photos. If you want to know more, I am sure there is something in Wikipedia.

Daily Prompt: Ha, Ha, Ha – I don’t see the joke, so am writing my own thing as usual

Daily Prompt: 32 Flavours – all in the fresh air

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Stables, Feldbrunnen

My flavours are walking flavours at the moment, for as long as I can do it. Of course I can do it, ask Mr. Swiss. It seems that he has been measuring the length of the walks that we have made together. Up to now it has been an average of 3 1/2 kilometrers daily but today we beat them all.

Along the river taking photos of swans, up the path to the cemetery photographing various graves and as a climax, to the stables where we had a very interesting discussion with the lady that owns the stables. The photo was taken on the side where some of the horses live, full of various flavoured horses. She told us where they come from. She has a couple with American origins from Maine (are you reading me Marilyn) where they apparently have the best horses in America. I think she mentioned the town of Burlington. There are a few Swiss mixtures and the daddy of them all the Shire horse with the furry bits on the legs which she brought from Ireland 23 years ago. The Shire horse is called Guiness and is now 26 years old. She noticed my camera, so made him stand for a good photo.

No photos yet, they are still in the camera and I will prepare them for another day. She also told us about the chickens, which are in the field next to the horses. There are 60 chickens and a rooster. They lost six chickens to the fox, but the rooster bravely defended his harem, losing his tail feathers in the process. What those roosters do for their womenfolk.

I have lost the thread. Afterwards we made our way home. Mr. Swiss checked his iPhone and said that today we had done a record walk. It was five kilometres. He checked his iPhone? Yes, he has some sort of devious app that measures how far you walk. I did not realise I was under observation. I must admit there were two bench sitting breaks to regain our energy, but I did it. There was a point on this walk, although I did not mention it to Mr. Swiss, where my energy was waning, but after the second bench I was ready to go.

And now to the flavours of life. Does life only consist of ice cream? I eat it once a week on Saturday evening, vanilla flavoured. Today I absorbed the flavour of stables, very aromatic, although not easy to define. A mixture of hay, more hay and I suppose the scent of the horse waste disposal. The cemetery had no definite scent, but the gardener was digging over some earth for some reason. Actually I noticed there was a lot of empty space in the cemetery. Perhaps cremations are becoming so popular that no-one wants to occupy space. Just one of my down-to-earth morbid thoughts.

We took a walk along the river. There was a sort of watery scent in the air. Today was a sunny warm day for a change: time to wear a t-shirt and no jacket and three-quarter trousers. There was a strange scent in the air when we passed a group of young people on the river bank. They had lit a fire and were enjoying themselves with a couple of cans of beer. There was an aroma in the air, but very biological. It seemed to originate in the joints they were smoking, but all part of nature I suppose.

Eventually we arrived home and after changing into my home dress I ran to my computer to write the daily prompt and tell everyone all about it. Just to show that Spring is in the air, here is a photo of some catkins I discovered on our marathon walk.


Daily Prompt: 32 Flavours – all in the fresh air

Daily Prompt: Study Abroad – I prefer taking a walk

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

I no longer do abroad. I did it 46 years ago and am still here in Switzerland. Once a year I go abroad to visit dad in England and this year I will be going abroad for my son’s wedding in Germany. Not really so far away, but too far to drive so we take the train, a mere 8 hours one way – fun. No, at my golden oldie age abroad is a journey to the next town, or a walk in the local countryside.

Balmfluh, Solothur Jura

Yes, I did it again and survived. The photo is of Balmfluhköpfli and surroundings, take just across the road from where I live and the beginning of my afternoon survival training with Mr. Swiss. Today I had stress. This morning the gardener arrived at 7.30 a.m. and began the revival work on my garden. I am still happy to see the fantastic results and I did not have to raise a finger, arm or anything else. I just watched. Now and again I offered the gardener some advice. I am good at giving advice, but people do not always listen. Such is life.

After my golden oldie sleep at lunchtime I had my Thursday half hour cleaning session on the shower. I needed another half hour to recover, but then I was ready to go. Mr. Swiss was waiting and so I put on my special walking shoes and athlete style trousers and t-shirt and we were away. This time I needed a warm jacket as we had our so-called Northern bise wind, which is more like an ice cold mini hurricane.

We again took the path past the chicken run and the stables. This time I was lucky. In the local stables they have many horses, but there is one particular horse I saw this week before he disappeared into his private apartment. Today I was lucky, he was outside hoping for the chance that I might pass by and take a photo. I took three photos. All were quite good, but on two he was sticking out his tongue. I was lucky with the third photo, and here it is.

Cart Horse Feldbrunnen

I am not so good at horse names. Mr. Swiss calls it a hollander, but if I remember rightly it is what I know as a Carthorse. Those lovely horses that used to pull the beer wagons in London with the long fur over the foot. They represent the real horse for me and I believe a very old breed. Each farm would have its carthorse to pull the plough in the earlier days. They are strong lovable horses and it is no longer so often that you see them today. The horse gave me a goodbye wave with his tail and we moved on, propelled by the strong wind. The next stop was the cemetery, but Mr. Swiss decided to take the side entrance for a change which meant instead of beginning by the cremation graves, we were amongst the kingsized bought private family graves.

It was a quiet day today at the cemetery, after all not everyone is a cemetery tourist like some people. Mr. Swiss took my photo on the cemetery bench and I took his. When I uploaded the photos onto the computer I marked mine private, for my eyes only for a good reason. I had the idea that being tall you are relatively slim. I will not go into details but I asked Mr. Swiss have I really put on so much weight? For this reason my photos here are of the local scenery and a horse and not of me, although the horse is nearer to me.

We continued and were soon on the home stretch. I ask myself whether these daily walks are really worth the effort. When I arrive home I need ten minutes to recover. I also notice that I have muscles in places where I did not know they existed. After spending an hour uploading photos, giving them names and organising them it is time for the evening meal. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself on a fresh breezy walk.

Tomorrow is Friday, another afternoon with nothing to do, so perhaps it will be another venture into the unknown, anything is possible. If you do not see my daily contribution tomorrow, I might be taking a walk up the local mountain. I did suggest it to Mr. Swiss, but he found I am overdoing it somewhat.

Daily Prompt: Study Abroad – I prefer taking a walk